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Want a decent analysis of #Brexit from an EU view?

Chris Skinner

Another key theme of the weekend conference was Brexit, best summed up by one panellist as a decision made by a confused population about an issue their politicians can’t agree with, don’t want to implement and has no support.

Envel uses AI to redefine banking for Generation Z

Mobile Payments Today

Envel uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help young adults control their spending, manage their expenses and save for a rainy day in a way that traditional banks can't or won't for this segment of the market

A Marketplace For Stolen Fingerprints Has Emerged


Security researchers at Kaspersky Lab revealed at the Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit in Singapore that a dark net marketplace in which hackers are selling digital fingerprints has emerged.

Things worth reading: 10th April 2019

Chris Skinner

New Wire Fraud Scam Reroutes Direct Deposit Paychecks


A new type of phishing scam targets the HR departments of companies and asks for reroutes on direct deposit accounts, CNBC reported. Once the changes are made, a paycheck will go directly into a criminal’s account.

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Amount, a Fintech Startup, Signs Deal to Help TD Bank in Digital Personal Lending

Bank Innovation

The speed at which financial institutions are expected to meet changing customer demands drove Chicago-based fintech Amount and TD Bank into a strategic partnership that will have the bank using Amount's platform to make personal loans.

China May Move To Ban Bitcoin Mining


China could move to ban mining for bitcoins if a draft list of activities the country’s state planner wants to ban becomes law.

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AI Enters The FI Fast Lane


It’s hard to find fault with one of the latest tests of artificial intelligence (AI). Medical diagnostic technology built by Google and a sister company can detect diabetic retinopathy — an eye condition that can cause blindness — with as much accuracy as a human doctor.

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'It's time to rethink how we manage the cost of cash'

ATM Marketplace

According to research firm McKinsey, the cost of cash — which represents 5–10% of a bank's overall operating cost — is rising, even as the use of cash is declining.

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How A Subscription Nutrition Brand Aims To Help An Aging Population


eCommerce innovators are offering plant-based nutrition beverages designed for baby boomers and their parents with the help of the subscription business model.

AVCA 2019 private equity and venture capital conference in Nairobi


The 16th annual conference of African Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (AVCA) was held from 1st -3rd April 2019 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Nairobi. A guest post by Marcela Sinda. This flagship conference event for the African continent had a fantastic kick-off and turnout, bringing together private equity and venture capital investors […]. The post AVCA 2019 private equity and venture capital conference in Nairobi appeared first on Bankelele.

Will Disbursements Put Payday Cycles Out To Pasture?


The rise of fast-acting payment solutions is changing the way businesses and governments issue payments to consumers and citizens. Demand for instant payments is also increasing in the workforce, and has the potential to change how workers view concepts like payday.

Banks become target for growing cybercrime syndicates

Bobs Guide

Internal audits and endpoint security systems won’t protect banks against increasingly dangerous and numerous cyber terrorists, say security experts. “These international crime syndicates operate in the same way any business does,” said Caroline Paddle, director at Skybox

Why Card Replacement Is Every Bank’s ‘Moment Of Truth’


It happens. An issuer suspects a card has been compromised, or a consumer remembers that their debit card is in their jacket pocket only after leaving it at the cleaners. Either way, a card is cancelled and replaced with a new one.

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Medical Thrillers and Digital Transformation

Perficient Financial Servies

I have been listening to an audio book called “Cell” by author Robin Cook. This is a medical thriller about a doctor, George Wilson, whose life revolves around an innovation that is devastating and plays a critical role in his entire life and the people he loved.

Square Rolls Out Online Store For UK Sellers


Square , the payments provider, announced Tuesday (April 9) the launch of the Square Online store for U.K. sellers. In a press release , Square said the Square Online Store provides small and medium sized enterprises with one solution for their omnichannel or online-only business.

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[Guide] Top 5 Digital Health Trends for Providers – The Challenge

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This blog series highlights the top five digital health trends for providers. This post looks at the challenges providers face. Healthcare continues to face fundamental disruption as the industry navigates an uncertain path toward value and outcome-based care.

The Convergence Of Trade Finance And Trade Credit Insurance


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Secure, Standardized Data Sharing Empowers Consumers & Promotes Innovation


Data is being used to improve all aspects of a consumer's life in our increasingly digital world. eCommerce companies use data for a number of purposes, such as to personalize the experience of users across mobile apps and the web, suggest purchases and make it easier to find high-intent products.

Accounts Of Millennial Sobriety May Be Oversold


Have millennials started starving a segment of commerce in a socially positive way? That is the recent question on minds of trend piece writers, with the publication of a recent Atlantic article that postulates the latest trend sweeping generation Sriracha is sobriety.

Bank Brand Value: Calculated!

Jeff For Banks

I ask and ask and ask: what does brand get you? Does it get you pricing power, shorter sales cycles, better employees, more loyal customers? Or does it get you increased expenses without measurable results?

Amazon’s Big SMB Focus in 2019


Small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) drive the sales of more than half of all units sold on Amazon, and today (April 9), the eCommerce giant announced that it has launched 50 new tools and services since the start of the year to help them more of them sell even more.

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Emirates NBD launches WhatsApp Business Solution

The Paypers

(The Paypers) Emirates NBD has launched the WhatsApp Business Solution to offer customised mobile banking services to its customers

SWIFT Set To Shutter Data Matching Tool TSU


Payments messaging company SWIFT is gearing up to close its Trade Services Utility (TSU), a workflow engine aimed at facilitating value-added supply chain services. Reports in Global Trade Review (GTR) on Monday (April 8) said SWIFT will switch off its TSU in December 2020.

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Identifying Points of Concern in the Financial Process

Perficient Financial Servies

Last week, our blog series featured steps to crafting an effective financial system process. This week we change gears and point out a few areas of concern to be aware of in the process. Financial processes are not static. Changes to a firm’s business model (management, organizational structure, acquisitions, products, markets, countries of operation, etc.), regulatory environment, or technology platforms can necessitate workarounds in order to meet reporting deadlines.

Uber Introduces Vouchers To Capture More B2B Market Share


Uber has introduced “Uber Vouchers,” a new product that helps businesses offer discounted or free rides for customers, according to reports.

The Importance of OCM to an Office 365 Implementation

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In my preceding blog post , we discussed some examples of increasing success and managing disruption with change management. Today, we’ll discuss the significance of organizational change management (OCM) to an effective Microsoft Office 365 (O365) implementation. Consider the implications that change management can have on implementing a solution like O365.

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FinTech Firms Make Inroads In Switzerland


In any number of countries spanning the globe, FinTech firms continue to make inroads into financial services, with at least some encroachment onto traditional players’ turf.

Best Business Books: 50 Small Business Owners Share Their Picks


Need a good book? Find out the best authors from other small business owners


mPOS Providers Cater To SMBs Amid Contactless Payments Surge


Mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) providers are catering to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as the use of contactless payments heats up around the world. Last week, the jobs report beat analyst expectations and demonstrated a solid rebound from an unusually weak February.

Conglomerates still struggling with commodity position calculations

Bobs Guide

A number of large conglomerates with exposures in European commodity derivatives are still relying on manual processes such as Excel to collate data and comply with the second Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (Mifid II), according to lawyers. “Some of our clients have had to do it

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UBS: 75,000 Stores Should Shutter With eCommerce Growth


As online sales proliferate in the United States, UBS says merchants will have the need to close stores: The firm claims that businesses in the consumer electronics, clothing and home furnishing spaces will need to shutter more locations around the country, CNBC reported.

London's property boom might involve money laundering activities, data reveals

The Paypers

(The Paypers) Money laundering has been pinpointed as a problem for the UK, with estate agents singled out by the security minister, as a “weak link” in the UK’s AML defences, according to Wired

Welcome To The New C-Store Innovation Game


Retail innovation labs – incubators or tech hubs – aren’t confined to operations run by the likes of Amazon or Walmart. A new lab store from 7-Eleven underscores the innovation wave that is taking place in the convenience store sector of retail – a sector ripe for change, disruption and growth.

Time to rebrand Wells Fargo


PR campaigns won’t be enough to salvage the bank’s reputation after a series of scandals. Instead, it should look into adopting a new name, among other crucial steps. Crime and misconduct Enforcement actions Corporate governance Banking brands Branding Tim Sloan Wells Fargo

Girl Scouts Are Bringing mPOS To The Cookie Booth


Girl Scouts mobilize nationwide from January to March each year, setting up pop-up booths outside of grocery stores and subway stations to sell cookies and raise funds for their troops.

Bank Marketing. I Know a Change is Gonna Come!

Long Lasting Ideas

As Sam Cooke sang many years ago, “It’s been a long, a long time coming, but I know a change is gonna come, oh yes it will.” ” Our rapidly changing financial system triggers the same reaction from us.