Wed.Nov 07, 2018

Bitcoin Daily: Hublot Unveils Bitcoin Watches; Swiss Regulator Throttles Bank Crypto Trading


Blockchain , the crypto wallet provider, plans to have an airdrop worth $125 million, Fortune reported. Through the cryptocurrency giveaway, each recipient would receive around the equivalent of around $25 in Stellar.

Run the bank or change the bank

Chris Skinner

I was surprised to see that JPMorgan Chase is now hiring people as bankers and, as a mandatory part of their induction programme, they are taught to code.

How Clandestina (Literally) Snuck Into The US Market


Starting a new business is never easy, and new apparel lines are particularly challenging. There are many, many retailers and brands trying to outfit the world, and standing out in the crowd is difficult.

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Things worth reading: 8th November 2018

Chris Skinner

Things we’re reading today include … Bank by bank, here’s where the hiring and firing will happen next Would you bank with Google, Amazon, Facebook or Apple?

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American Express India Database Accessible To Anyone In October


American Express India enabled a database to be accessible to anyone for longer than five days in October, according to a report in The Next Web. According to the report , the Hacken cyber consultancy team’s director of cyber risk research, Bob Diachenko, discovered the unprotected database on Oct.

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Colorado Just Elected a Tech-Savvy Governor Who Takes Blockchain Seriously

Bank Innovation

Amid a dizzying night of political drama, a bright spot appeared for the fintech and cryptocurrency communities -- the election of Jared Polis to Governor of Colorado.

Amazon Copies Sears, Publishes Holiday Toy Catalog


Amazon is launching its first-ever printed holiday toy catalog, shipping “A Holiday of Play” to millions of its customers starting this month. Amazon is excited to offer a new way for customers to shop for toys this holiday season,” Amazon said in a statement, according to CNBC.

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Blockchain Makes Headway Into Shipping Logistics


Beyond bitcoin and moving toward supply chains, blockchain is finding more adoption for cross-border logistics and document management. .

Colorado Just Elected a Tech-Savvy Governor Who Takes Blockchain Seriously

Bank Innovation

Amid a dizzying night of political drama, a bright spot appeared for the fintech and cryptocurrency communities -- the election of Jared Polis (D) to Governor of Colorado.

SWIFT Denies Rumor It Is Integrating With Ripple


SWIFT threw cold water on a rumor Wednesday (Nov. 7) that it helped drive the price of XRP, the cryptocurrency associated with Ripple, ahead of Ethereum.

Why Contactless, Not Cash, is King in Canada

Bank Innovation

Contactless, not cash, is king in Canada. Brian Lang, president of Mastercard in Canada, said at a closed event in Toronto this week that 50% of transactions in the country are conducted via contactless payments and less than 30% involve cash.

NEW REPORT: How Smarter Payments Build Smarter, Safer Marketplaces


The rise of faster payment systems worldwide are not only enabling payments to move between parties at greatly enhanced speeds, but a growing share of companies are rethinking their traditional business models to take advantage of these more efficient payment tools.

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Are You Impacted by 2G and 3G Networks Shutting Down? | POS | Retail | Connectivity | Telecoms | Payments | Customer Service

Mobile Payments Today

As the world embraces 4G technology, operators are turning off 2G and 3G networks to free up resources and reassign spectrum. This infographic gives a quick overview of some of the key countries being affected

Today In Data: The Rapid Growth Of Real-Time Payments


New technologies are enabling consumers and business to experience faster payments than ever before: While only 25 real-time payment systems were operational worldwide last year, 40 such rails were live this September, and 67 percent of consumer payments are now made electronically.

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How Deep Learning can solve the problem of global climate change


With the help of a use case, Dr Patrick Vetter, Head of Competence Center Data Science at Supper and Supper GMBH explains how a deep learning methodology can locate and segment wind turbines on satellite imagery.

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How Lockable Pods Are Getting Into The Fast Casual Restaurant Pickup Game


Restaurant pickup pod company Minnow was born after its co-founder was waiting in a long line at a restaurant for lunch.

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Signicat introduces Signicat Business Signature, digitizes B2B document signing

The Paypers

(The Paypers) Signicat has introduced Signicat Business Signature, a B2B document signing solution that minimises manual operations and keeps evidence of signature in the same document

Ping Identity Survey Shows Consumers Will Go To Great Lengths To Protect Their Data


Ping Identity, the Identity Defined Security (IDS) company, announced on Wednesday (Nov.

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Big Tech Is Invading Grocery: Are CPG Leaders Prepared?

CB Insights

Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods sent shockwaves throughout the food and grocery industry. However, the threat of tech giants — Amazon, Alibaba, Google, and others — goes much deeper than just one deal.

Harvard And Capital One Survey Mid-Market B2B ePayments Adoption


When it comes to B2B payments digitization, not every company will experience the same journey.

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5 Trends Shaping Space Tech In 2019

CB Insights

The private space industry and its investors are witnessing a number of developments. For example, Space X — Elon Musk’s company which designs, manufactures, and launches rockets & spacecrafts — has completed multiple successful projects, including launching and landing a used rocket into space in 2017. As one of the most valuable private companies in the world, the company has helped drive the industry forward, especially with its $1B Series F mega-round in 2015.

Bitcoin Daily: Bitcoin-Stealing Malware Attacks 700K Websites; Blockchain Tackles Renewable Energy Trading


Canada’s St. Francis Xavier University of Nova Scotia (StFX) had to temporarily shut down its entire network due to a crypto-jacking attack. The malicious software attempted to utilize StFX’s collective computing power in order to create or discover bitcoin for monetary gain.

Study shows German youth are interested in cryptocurrencies

The Paypers

(The Paypers) Germans between 18 and 29 are more likely to be interested in cryptocurrency than seniors, according to a study conducted by the German Consumer Centers of Hesse and Saxony

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LendingClub: Loan Applications Grow Double Digits Amid Rising Rates  


LendingClub reported double-digit loan origination growth in the third quarter, outpaced by a jump over the same period for application. Management pointed to tightening credit standards even as rising rates helped boost results, trends that are likely to continue.

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Insurtech Front Page Weekly CXO Briefing – Agitation

Daily Fintech

The Theme last week was InsurTech action from China. The Theme this week is agitation. The insurance industry is rattled. This week we bring you three stories that show customers, InsurTech ventures and incumbents all agitated; but all for different reasons.

Louis Vuitton Does X-Border Payments, Connects To SWIFT Via FIS


FIS , a global leader in financial services technology, announced that it has connected LVMH Group to the SWIFT Global Payments Innovation (gpi).

5 Supply Chain & Logistics Giants Working On Blockchain Solutions

CB Insights

One of the most universally applicable aspects of blockchain technology is that it can enable more secure, transparent monitoring of transactions. Beyond applications in healthcare, real estate, banking, and other industries, blockchain could have a broad impact on the supply chain & logistics space.

Ixaris Taps Visa To Target B2B Payments In Travel


B2B payments firm Ixaris is collaborating with Visa Europe to introduce new solutions to the travel industry, the company said in a press release Tuesday (November 6).

Covery launches blockchain-inspired collaboration network Trustchain

The Paypers

(The Paypers) Risk management platform Covery has launched a blockchain-inspired collaboration network called Trustchain where customers can detect fraud more reliably

Amazon Adds Eight More Cities To Grocery Pickup At Whole Foods


Amazon announced Wednesday (November 7) that it is expanding grocery pickup from Whole Foods Market through Prime Now to eight more cities.

Retail and investment banks leveraging technology to stay ahead

Bobs Guide

Technology, competition, and regulation have put pressure on banks to evolve from lumbering giants to nimble financial ninjas. The transformation of investment and retail banks from their bloated pre-financial crisis operations has been fraught with stringent regulation of their activities and

CVS Eyes Concept Stores Amid Planned Aetna Deal


With CVS ’ planned acquisition of Aetna expected to close prior to Thanksgiving, the combined company plans to tackle health outcomes and services while reducing health costs. The health retailer is looking to open concept stores in the beginning of 2019, CNBC reported.

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How AI and Machine Learning Can Fight Health Care Fraud


Health care payers use a variety of tools and solutions to fight fraud, waste and abuse in their fee-for-service healthcare claims. Recently, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have become popular concepts in payment integrity.

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Starbucks Builds Up Coffee Delivery Service In China


With an Alibaba partnership, Starbucks ’ delivery service in China has a wide reach: the chain offers delivery in 17 cities in the country in 1,100 stores after coming online in September in Shanghai and Beijing, Chain Store Age reported.

In Smart Buildings, Energy Efficiency And Comfort Go Hand-In-Hand

CB Insights

Comfort doesn’t have to be sacrificed to make buildings more energy efficient. As commercial buildings get smarter, energy management systems are finding new ways to lower emissions and costs while maximizing occupants’ experience. We used CB Insights data to identify five ways that technology is quantifying how occupants respond to temperature, lighting, and more, and how that data is being used to support the push for smarter, more efficient buildings. Want the full expert post?

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Mitek Names New CEO


Mitek Systems announced that it has named Max Carnecchia as its new Chief Executive Officer, and appointed him to the company’s Board of Directors, effective immediately.

Helping to prevent scams targeted at veterans


Order copies of the Aid & Attendance benefit scam prevention placemat for veterans in your community! . Info for consumers Identity theft and fraud Older Americans Financial education Servicemembers