Tue.Nov 06, 2018

Why Real-Time Payments Need Real-Time Trust


It can be a moment of anxiety, worry and mistrust: that moment when a digital payment is sent into what was once called the ether. Will the funds end up in the right bank account? Will fraudsters hitch a ride?

How online gaming created a challenger bank

Chris Skinner

I was chairing a panel with a number of different players, one of which was Monzo. Simon Vans-Colina, Monzo’s lead engineer for Open APIs, was talking about their approach to partnering with others in an API ecosystem, including TransferWise and Investec Bank.

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Mastercard Transit Solutions Debuts ‘Tap And Ride’ Commute


Mastercard is working to simplify the daily commute through its “Tap and Ride” program, available in more than 150 cities.

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OTP Bank Launches New International Startup Program

Bank Innovation

OTP Bank will launch its second international accelerator program in the first months of next year and is accepting applications from growth-stage startups and scaleups until the end of November.

Why ‘Micro-Multinationals’ Should Worry About FX Risk


“May you live in interesting times,” runs an old proverb. For those companies navigating the waves of FX volatility — which means a whole lot of companies, large and small, across verticals — these are interesting times indeed.

OTP Bank Launches New International Startup Program

Bank Innovation

OTP Bank will launch its second international accelerator program in the first months of next year and is accepting applications from growth-stage startups and scaleups until the end of November.

The High Price Of Payments — And Innovation — In Travel


It’s that time of the year: crowded airports, missed connections, maybe the surprise of an upgrade (to stretch out those legs after sitting all day in meetings or at a holiday gathering).

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Deliverr Vying To Become ‘Uber’ Of Ground Shipping In eCommerce


Before Michael Krakaris co-founded an online fulfillment platform for eCommerce merchants, he learned firsthand how companies could reinvent messy spaces with software.

Movers and Shakers Fall: Notable Hires and Departures

Bank Innovation

Autumn is upon us, trees are changing colors, and executives are changing jobs. The job market for digital banking is thriving. JPMorgan plans to hire thousands of people for its technology and digital departments, in addition to an entry-level program to train and nurture young technologists.

Facebook And Google Opt Into Berners-Lee Data Privacy ‘Contract’


Facebook and Google have signed up for new internet standards, which will require internet companies to respect data privacy and “support the best in humanity.”

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HSBC Bank teams with Samsung on using smartwatches to boost bank branch interaction

Mobile Payments Today

As part of its retail transformation initiative, HSBC has partnered with Samsung on exploring the use of smartwatches in bank branches

American Express V-Cards Now Available In WEX AP Platform


American Express has struck a new partnership in its latest B2B payments push, announcing a collaboration with commercial payments firm WEX to support corporate use of virtual cards in accounts payable. In an announcement on Monday (Nov.

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The 31 European Unicorns Ranked By Valuation

CB Insights

European unicorns, or private companies valued at $1B+, make up about 11% of the total number of unicorns around the world. Check out our real-time Unicorn Tracker for a full list.).

Santander Launches Enterprise Payment Link


Santander Bank is rolling out a new corporate payments solution aimed at supporting visibility into business transactions via wire, ACH and check. The bank debuted its Santander Enterprise Payment Link (EPL) solution in a press release issued Monday (Nov.

Google, Amazon, Facebook, And Apple Are Giving The Beauty Industry A Makeover

CB Insights

Beauty and tech are becoming increasingly intertwined.

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US Holiday Sales May Top $1 Trillion This Year


With strong income growth, increased customer confidence and low unemployment, U.S. holiday sales may top $1 trillion this year. eMarketer noted that the sales may reach $1.002 trillion for the period extending from Nov. 1 to Dec. 31 — nearly 6 percent more than 2017, CNBC reported.

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How JPMorgan Is Investing To Scale Its Payments Business

CB Insights

JPMorgan’s Chase Merchant Services is the bank’s payment processing business. The platform enables merchants to accept payments across all channels: in-store, online, or on-the-go. See how JPMorgan Is building The Next Generation Of Consumer Banking.

TokenEx On PCI Scope Creep And Getting Into GDPR Gear


PCI compliance is vitally important for businesses that process credit cards. The standards put forth by the PCI Security Standards Council – the PCI Data Security Standards – offer a framework for ensuring data security, and they must be followed in order to avoid fines and other penalties.

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There’s a new UK business banking kid on the block!

Daily Fintech

News hit the wires in the past 24 hours that the NatWest division of Royal Bank of Scotland was backing a new SME banking provider, Mettle.

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Wells Fargo Found More Customers Who Were Wrongly Foreclosed


Wells Fargo said Tuesday (Nov. 6) that an underwriting error internally prompted it to reject home loan modifications, which resulted in the bank foreclosing on more homes than planned.

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Banco Popular de Puerto Rico strives to make banking easier for customers

ATM Marketplace

Like many banks, Banco Popular has discovered the need for an agile structure that allows the institution to serve customers who are comfortable with technology, but who also want a wide range of options for banking

OnDeck Loan Originations Surge 22 Percent


OnDeck Capital said in its third-quarter results that loan origination volume jumped double digits year over year and sequentially, where the volume of $648 million was up 22 percent from the 2017 third quarter and up 10 percent from the second quarter of this year.

What Is Collection Treatment Optimization?


While analytic optimization can be used across the debt management cycle , collection treatment optimization is one of the best ways to get started. Through analytics, you can determine the ideal action to take on every account, as well as when to take it.

Thistle On Why Discipline Is Critical To Meal Kit Success


A quick glance at the PYMNTS Subscription Commerce Tracker quickly explains the massive allure of the meal kit delivery business for entrepreneurs of all kinds. The projected value of meal kit subscription sales is estimated to hit $3 billion in 2018.

Modern Cash Management. 5 challenges for cash monitoring and forecasting software solutions

ATM Marketplace

Cash management systems in banking and other organizations are developing rapidly over the past several decades , continuously increasing in functionality

NCR Buys StopLift To Prevent Retail Fraud


NCR , the banking and commerce solutions company, announced Tuesday (Nov. 6) that it has acquired StopLift Checkout Vision Systems, an intelligent computer vision system, to combat theft in the retail business. In a press release , NCR said financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

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The Innovation Dilemma in Financial Services

Perficient Financial Servies

Customers place a lot of value on innovation when selecting financial services products. They now identify “Innovative” as an attribute that stands out in terms of differentiation. Yet, most retail banks and credit unions struggle with innovation (as do most companies).

With Five-And-Dime Roots, Five Below’s Still Making It On Main Street In The Amazon Era


Long before Five Below started selling items like Bluetooth headsets and Spalding basketballs for $5 or less, Frank Woolworth opened Utica, New York’s The Great 5¢ Store in 1879.

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Fenergo delivers global KYC policy to Natixis Corporate and Investment Banking

The Paypers

(The Paypers) Fenergo has announced the deployment of its flagship platform, Fenergo CLM, across Natixis ’ Corporate and Investment Banking division globally

Airlines Raise The Price Of Loyalty


In the digital world, loyalty can work as a differentiator, a way to keep consumers amid fierce competition from many merchants. But loyalty also comes at a price, and as airlines enjoy strong demand, one major carrier is upping the cost for its top customers to earn the best benefits.

ATM Managed Services: A Key Component in Retail Banking Strategy and Branch Transformation

ATM Marketplace

Cardtronics White Paper on ATM Outsourcing

Bloomberg, Shell Design Treasury Tool To Centralize FX Management


Technology developed by Bloomberg is now being used by Shell ‘s Foreign Exchange Central Treasury unit to interconnect the fuel conglomerate’s operating units across 22 markets, the companies revealed Monday (Nov.

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What Democrats’ House takeover means for banks


The focus since the 2016 election on easing rules, tax cuts and expanding access to credit is about to be turned on its head. Election 2018 TBTF CRA Regulatory reform AML Trump administration Marijuana banking Maxine Waters House Financial Services Committee

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TRENDING: Inside Hong Kong’s New Faster Payment System


. Last year, only 25 real-time payment systems were operational worldwide — that number is growing rapidly. By September of this year, 40 such rails were live, with 16 more expected to launch by early 2020. Demand is also heating up for real-time gross settlement (RTGS) systems.

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IDEX enforces KYC requirements, bans sanctioned countries

The Paypers

(The Paypers) IDEX , a decentralized exchange, has decided to switch operations to include restrictions for trading in certain jurisdictions and enforce KYC requirements

Nearly All Pakistan Banks Suffered Hack


In what is being viewed as a huge security breach, The Economic Times of India reported on Tuesday (Nov. 6) that nearly all of the banks in Pakistan have been hacked. According to the report, Capt.

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Afreximbank introduces trade facilitation programme

The Paypers

(The Paypers) The African Export-Import (Afrexim) bank has introduced a trade facilitation programme aimed at closing the gap inherent in Africa’s trade financing