Fri.Aug 09, 2019

The key to Latin American payments: Get local to play global

Mobile Payments Today

To compete in the Latin American ecommerce space, businesses must understand the nuances of the local payments space and how business in each individual country gets done

Why 6 credit unions are partnering to access better payment solutions

Bank Innovation

As credit unions look to improve their technology on smaller budgets, one solution is to band together and pool assets. On Thursday, six credit unions did exactly that to improve their online payment capabilities through an investment in the digital payments company Payrailz.

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For Retailers, Getting Ready For Automation


Where once there was cash at the register, there will be scan and go. The salespeople dotting the aisles may give way to self-service kiosks.

Retail 263

CUNA Mutual program lets credit unions test startup-developed products

Bank Innovation

For financial institutions that can’t develop new products in-house, a startup partnership can help move an innovation agenda forward through new tech-enabled product offerings for customers.

Visa Checkout Could Be Gone By 2020; Google Pay Removes Support


Visa is moving toward discontinuing its Visa Checkout service sometime next year, according to reports. It appears the company’s service, which was introduced in 2013 and competed with services like PayPal, will be shuttered in favor of a new EMV SRC-based service.

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Weekly Wrap: Apple channels fintechs with card launch

Bank Innovation

Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly wrap video series, for the week ending August 9, 2019.

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Goldman Sachs OKs Subprime Applicants For Apple Card


With its new credit card in conjunction with Apple, Goldman Sachs is reportedly approving some borrowers who are subprime for the offering.

Apple 239

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Direct Sales Co Younique Launches Virtual Makeup App


Direct sales company Younique, which has been pivotal in its approach to social media marketing, has launched an augmented reality (AR) makeup trying-on tool, according to a release. . The tool uses facial analysis and bridges the gap, the company said, between online and in-person shopping.

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ATM outsourcing: A growing trend that takes the pressure off banks

ATM Marketplace

As banks focus on mobile and customer experience, many are outsourcing their ATM maintenance and upkeep. The outsourcing trend, which began in the 1990s, has picked up speed in recent years with EMV upgrades and the migration to Windows 10

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Farfetch Shares Drop 50 Pct. From IPO Offering


Farfetch shares dropped to half their IPO price on Friday (Aug. 9), after it reported big losses and investors questioned whether a recent acquisition made sense for a company that isn’t profitable.

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Tip: Dashboard Page for CIP Account Analysis in Cloud Projects

Perficient Financial Servies

When standing up a new Cloud Projects environment some of the analytics are not ready for prime time. There are a few steps that need to be performed before they will work. One in particular is the Dashboard Page for CIP Account Analysis.

DoorDash Seeks $400M Before IPO


Delivery startup DoorDash is hoping to secure a $400 million credit line ahead of its upcoming IPO, sources told Bloomberg on Thursday (Aug. JPMorgan Chase reportedly will lead the financing, and shares could be offered as early as next year, the sources told Bloomberg.

ATM Security and Fraud

ATM Marketplace

Is your ATM fleet safe from smash-and-grabs, jackpotting, and cash trapping? If you can’t answer with a confident and resounding yes!, don’t stress. In this whitepaper, you can learn about these major threats and how to protect your ATMs (and the cash inside

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Ready Or Not, Strong Customer Authentication Is Coming


As September approaches, the deadline for EU merchants to implement Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is looming. But according to the PSD2 Tracker , as many as 60 percent of these merchants aren’t ready.

As Apple Card pressures banks, a developer zeros in on mobile experience

Payments Source

Lightico is focusing on how users engage with institutions on a mobile device, something the company believes is a shortcoming among card issuers. Mobile payments Banking Payment processing Apple

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Google’s Latest Travel Move Could Boost Contextual Commerce


Make room for more contextual commerce and more retail innovation in the travel sector. That’s the view from one of Google’s latest retail-associated launches, an airfare insight and travel recommendations offering.

Google 202

A fintech startup faces big decisions as competitors invade its niche

Payments Source

Marqeta was in on the API digital payments game early, but rivals from Stripe to Wirecard are aggressively expanding digital payment solutions for diverse consumer and B2B use cases. Payment processing Fintech Retailers Stripe

Uber Lost $5.2 Billion In 90 Days 


It was a rough ride in after-hours trading after Uber reported its Q2 results — Uber’s big losses made investors and analysts nervous about the prospects for the ridesharing firm’s future profitability.

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This week in FinTech

Daily Fintech

Every day we bring you fresh insights about Fintech from an elite group of Authors who are just like you – senior executives, entrepreneurs and investors on the frontlines of the global Fintech revolution.

This Week In Amazon Vs. Walmart: The Battle For Consumers


Though Amazon and Walmart are in a constant race for the consumer’s whole paycheck, they mostly stay within their own lanes.

Don’t Confuse Branch Closures with Fewer Banking Services

ABA Community Banking

As consumers increasingly access banking services through digital channels, the vast majority of branch closures have been concentrated in well-off areas. The post Don’t Confuse Branch Closures with Fewer Banking Services appeared first on ABA Banking Journal. ABA Banking Journal Community Banking Economy Featured Retail/Marketing ABA Data Bank Branches

China’s EHang To Pilot Air Taxis In Guangzhou


With a pilot for a citywide deployment, China’s EHang will create a network of air taxis as well as transports in Guangzhou. The company is geared toward creating as well as deploying autonomous passenger and freight vehicles, according to reports.

Square's device agnostic wireless hardware reaches Canada

Payments Source

Square has launched Square Terminal in Canada in an effort to lure merchants that use myriad iPads, tablets and smartphones to receive payments in stores and remotely. Mobile point-of-sale Retailers Payment processing Square Canada

White House Calls For FCC To Regulate Social Media Content


The White House has drafted an executive order that would put the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in charge of what large tech companies choose to put on their websites, according to a report by CNN.

8.9.19 Your morning briefing

Payments Source

The information you need to start your day, from PaymentsSource and around the Web. Today: Commerz pilots M2M; Postmates deploys robots; Libra encourages new technology; State Farm suffers a breach; Rhode Island issues crypto regulations. Briefing

New Data: U.S. Consumers And The ‘Everyday App’


Each morning, 80 percent of American consumers check their phones before they brush their teeth — but they rarely do so for the same reasons.

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U.K.'s Equals builds FX bulk in the merger market

Payments Source

The U.K.’s s Equals Group’s FairFX currency unit has purchased Hermex FX, another U.K. firm serving corporate customers with currency exchange and payment services. M&A Cross border payments Payment processing U.K.

Carsharing App Car2go Significantly Raises Rates


Car2go, a car rental app that lets users pay by the minute, is significantly raising its rates, according to a report by TechCrunch. The company said it’s going to start using variable pricing, based on how busy the service is and the time, location and day, something similar to what Uber does. .

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ATM operators' focus on 'day to day' puts Windows 10 migration in jeopardy

Payments Source

Most ATM update projects fail for a variety of reasons, such as the amount of time and effort required was simply underestimated, competing priorities get in the way, a lack of resources, a reliance on manual testing processes and procedures, according to Paragon Application Systems' Steve Gilde.

ATM 56

Bottomline Doubles Down On Data Intelligence For FY 2020


Commercial payments firm Bottomline Technologies is doubling-down on data intelligence after posting an 11 percent year-on-year increase in subscription and transaction revenues for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2019, the company announced Thursday (Aug. 8) after market close.

Data 187

Voluntary surrender v/s Repossession: Which to choose?


Are you facing trouble with your car loan EMIs? We’re here to help you make an informed choice when it comes to voluntary surrender or repossession of the car. Are you afraid of defaulting your Car Loan payments due to a financial crisis?

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AI And A Consumer’s Curated Path To Purchase


The good news about the era of marketplaces is that it allows the internet to finally live up to its potential as the store for everything.

The Five Keys to Designing an Ideal Software User Experience

Strategically Speaking

At some point during our careers, most of us have had experiences working with both good and bad software systems. While it’s sometimes difficult to pinpoint exactly what determines your satisfaction level with a system, one thing is certain: You know a good one when you use it.

Bitcoin’s Sizzle To Lead To Fizzle?


As the price of bitcoin surged this week, cryptocurrency (namely, Facebook’s Libra) has been under increased scrutiny by regulators. The folks who bought their bitcoin at around $4,000 are feeling pretty smart.

UK ‘living will’ disclosure requirements troubling banks

The Banker

Under the UK’s resolution framework, banks will have to disclose a substantial part of their planning to the public – something that is causing them considerable concern. Justin Pugsley reports

 Uber And Lyft Earnings Tell Tales Of Two Strategies


In what seems to be shaping up to be a modern-day version of The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones, Uber and Lyft have put out their numbers for the latest quarter, and depending on where you look, or what niche you examine, or what line item you favor, one or the other is a winner.

Judge Invalidates NY Title Insurance Restrictions; DFS, 10 Other States Start Investigation of Usurious Lending Practices

New York's State of Mind

I have good news for those of you who offer Title Insurance through a CUSO and bad news for those of you who offer loan advances circumventing NY’s Usury Laws. I’m assuming none of you fall into the second category. Title Insurers won an important victory yesterday, but how long lasting it is remains to […]. Compliance Legal Watch Mortgage Lending New York State Regulatory 208 DFS Lacewell NY's Usury Laws predatory loans title insurance title insurers Usury Laws