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How Retailers Are Gearing Up For Contactless Payments Via mPOS


With the use of contactless payments heating up around the world, small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and their solution providers have to prepare for their acceptance. Mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) terminals that are enabled for contactless have to meet certain specifications to gain EMVCo 3.0

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Understanding alternative assets and the challenges of managing their risk

Insights on Business

Why alternative assets. Unless one has been in a Rip Van Winkle-style cryogenic state over the past few years, it would be hard not to notice the shift in asset allocations toward “alternative assets” for investment portfolios of buy side institutions. There are several reasons behind the tilt.

Wanted: Cybersecurity Aces — Mastercard, Partners Have A Plan


Here’s a bit of heresy for 2019: Data’s not everything. Sure, data often gets called the oil of the digital age — and data, as a commodity, has an economic, political and cultural value as massive as all those hydrocarbons gathered from beneath the planet’s surface.

New Biz Dev Head at BBVA Compass Sets Priorities Around Leveraging Data

Bank Innovation

BBVA Compass, the U.S. arm of Spanish giant BBVA, has a new head of business development, Jose Luis Elechiguerra, whose goal is to give customers products that will help them make better financial decisions. The key to delivering that promise for BBVA, or any digital bank, for that matter, is data.

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Corporate Payments Fraud Jumps Despite Stronger Internal Controls


While corporates are adopting stronger internal controls to combat the threat of payments fraud, new data from the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) reveals the number of incidents has continued to climb to new heights.

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FIS to Help Stand Up Digital-Only Banks Within 90 Days

Bank Innovation

Fintech provider FIS aims to help financial institutions lacking the in-house firepower to launch their own direct-to-consumer digital-only banks to do so in just 90 days. The Jacksonville, Fla.-based

Whole Foods Might Take Over Many Sears, Kmart Stores


Amazon might be looking at taking over as many as 110 old Sears and Kmart stores in order to launch new Whole Foods locations.

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Uber’s Long Payments Journey Toward Its IPO


It’s been a long journey for Uber toward its initial public offering — and a big journey for payments, too.

How does One Consume an Ocean of Data? A Meaningful Sip at a Time

Daily Fintech

So many data, so many ways to use it, ignore it, misapply it, co-opt, brag, and lament about it.

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XinFin Connects Blockchain Factoring Tool To QuickBooks


Blockchain company XinFin is rolling out an integration between its invoice factoring application InFactor and QuickBooks.

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Game-Changing Tech Or Dystopian Nightmare? How 16 Industries Could Be Transformed By Facial Recognition

CB Insights

Today, people most associate facial recognition with unlocking an iPhone or a laptop. GET THE entire 23-PAGE Facial recognition REPORT. Download the free report to get a break down of which industries facial recognition is disrupting and how. Email. The biometric software behind facial recognition applications can identify facial structures, contours, and expressions, making it a no-brainer for security and identification purposes.

Why Instant Settlement May Become Merchant Table Stakes


In payments, what is new soon becomes standard. Where customers were once eager to pay for speed, convenience and security … well, eventually, all that gets built into expectations and becomes part of what’s on offer all day, every day.

SME lender financial engineers should look to Africa for inspiration

Daily Fintech

Credit models can be the live or die, make or break moment for a start-up lender. Get one assumption wrong (or a number of them), and suddenly you have a serious arrears problem. One that can tip you into a death spiral, no matter what size your book is.

Chase On Gen Z, Mobile Banking — 10 Years In


With more consumers than ever interested in fulfilling all their financial needs on mobile, both legacy banks and FinTech firms are focusing on creating digital-only banking services, designed to catch and keep customers using their smartphones to bank.

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Six Trends Moving the Needle in Customer Care: Cloud

Perficient Financial Servies

Consumers are digitally savvy, well informed, and more demanding than ever. Not investing in resources that digitally transform customer care will become a competitive disadvantage. This series explores six technology trends for delivering smarter and more strategic customer care.

Why On-Demand Wages Could Kill Payday


The weekly or biweekly pay cycle can seem like an awfully long time for the roughly two-thirds of U.S. workers who live paycheck to paycheck — especially if they are hit by unexpected, costly events.

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Tanzania's banking sector returns to stability

The Banker

Poor lending policies and over-exposure to a faltering real estate sector have seen Tanzania's banks experience an uncomfortable past few years. However, as Jason Mitchell reports, they have cut costs, lowered NPLs and embraced technology to impressive effect

Cyber Criminals Are Trying To Steal Less Money To Avoid Detection


A report by Bloomberg said that after one of the biggest cyber heists in history involving the theft of $100 million from the Bangladeshi central bank’s account in the U.S. Federal Reserve, criminals are now vying for smaller amounts in an attempt to avoid detection.

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Chartis: FICO Is a Category Leader in AI in Financial Services


Charis Research has named FICO a category leader in the AI in Financial Services, 2019; Market and Vendor Landscape. FICO was named a category leader in both AI analytics and packaged AI applications.

Amazon Go Stores Prepare To Accept Cash


Cashless retail, to a point, and then cashless and cash, too. Reports came Wednesday (April 10) across a variety of financial news conduits, among them CNBC , that Amazon will add “additional payment mechanisms” to its Go stores – and among those would be cash.

The Right Way to Approach Millennial Homebuyers

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With Millennials now representing one third of all homebuyers in the U.S., it’s time to get serious about attracting these potential mortgage customers.* But where to start?

Bitcoin To Bust In The Wake Of New China Mining Regs?


Bitcoin is up as much as 25 percent since the news came during the past week that China might look to ban bitcoin mining. At a recent $5,280, the digital currency is leagues above its nadir of $3,400 during the crypto crash, and leagues below all-time highs of about $20,000.

Banks bite back over resolution frameworks

Bobs Guide

Recent comments made by Single Resolution Board (SRB) chair Elke Konig suggest opposition from banks on resolution frameworks, says Giles Edwards, senior director of financial service ratings at S&P Global Ratings. “There has been push back from the banks initially to say, ‘look


Zapt And On-Demand Platforms Powering Move Now-Pay Later


Some entrepreneurs have no intention of starting a company but find inspiration to take on a new venture when a challenge arises in their daily lives. Bill Catania, for instance, began Zapt after he bought a refrigerator at a big-box retail store and wanted to have it delivered to his house.

China attempts to stem corruption and capital outflows with crypto mining ban

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The Chinese government has proposed a ban on cryptocurrency mining in a bid to tackle corruption and stem capital outflows prevalent in the market, believe market participants. “Because of rampant corruption, local authorities can make deals with miners, often without the

CFOs’ Risk Concerns Mushroom, But Cyberthreats Not In Focus


The Association of Financial Professionals released new data this week that revealed the threat of payments fraud continues to climb, particularly for large enterprises, as scams like ACH fraud and the Business Email Compromise climb to record levels. But the latest analysis of U.S.

A no-cost way to prepare your credit for a big purchase


Prepare your credit for your next big buy with these five free steps. Info for consumers Credit reports and scores Financial education Financial well-being

Study Shows Hotels Often Leak Guests’ Personal Info


A study by Symantec, a cybersecurity company, showed that two out of every three hotel sites have leaked personal data, which could include credit card and passport information, according to a report by Reuters.

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US real-time payments are headed to ubiquity. Are banks ready?

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In 2017, the US joined the global move towards real-time payments (RTPs) with The Clearing House’s launch of the RTP system. Rapid take-up since then among the largest banks means the system now covers almost half of the total demand deposit accounts in the US. However, volumes remain low and

College Admissions Scandal Now Alleges Money Laundering


Federal prosecutors have hit actress Lori Loughlin, her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, and 14 other parents with additional charges related to the college admissions bribery case.

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Fed is a rubber stamp for bank mergers — it’s a problem


The central bank has failed to appropriately scrutinize deals in recent years, potentially putting the financial system at risk. M&A Policymaking Trump administration CRA Federal Reserve

Procure-To-Pay’s Tax Conundrum


Corporates’ biggest procure-to-pay challenges often center around the friction of streamlining data flows and the movement of money, from sourcing and purchase order submission to invoice payment and reconciliation.

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CU Health: Catching Up with Mike Lawson

Glatt Consulting

We recently shared an update on credit union health and performance with Mike Lawson over on CU Broadcast. We’re pleased to share it out. Watch below, or at [link] — Source Image by Csaba Nagy from Pixabay . Blog HealthScore Strategy

Wells Fargo CEO Search Could Hurt Turnaround


Wells Fargo , the embattled national bank that is still reeling from a 2016 fake account scandal, is having a hard time recovering and rebuilding its reputation, leaning on cost cuts amid declines in revenue.

CU Health: Catching Up with Mike Lawson

Glatt Consulting

We recently shared an update on credit union health and performance with Mike Lawson over on CU Broadcast. We're pleased to share it out. Watch below, or at [link] -- Source Image by Csaba Nagy from Pixabay. healthscore strategy

H&M Reintroduces Delivery Fees For Loyalty Members


Fashion retailer H&M announced it will start charging its loyalty club members delivery fees on small online orders. According to Reuters , the move aims to slash logistics costs and help the world’s second-biggest clothing retailer to once again become profitable.

Interview with Ubisoft on online gaming fraud and insights into the grey market

The Paypers

(The Paypers) Sithy Phoutchanthavongsa : In terms of fraud detection, the most important is to have a consistent payment method strategy for each geographical area