Sat.May 18, 2019

The Finanser’s Week: 13th May – 19th May 2019

Chris Skinner

The main blog headlines are … Five phases of FinTech (2005-2027) Three years ago, I blogged about three phases of FinTech. Three years later, I can expand on that theme and talk about five phases of FinTech.

KWAL at 50


This week, Kenya Wine Agencies Ltd (KWAL) celebrated fifty years of business. At a Nairobi dinner event to mark the occasion, KWAL Managing Director, Lina Githuka, said that the company, which had been privatized four years earlier, had renovated its portfolio and improved its operation. These had resulted in volumes going up threefold and, with profits up ten […]. The post KWAL at 50 appeared first on Bankelele. Investing in Kenya Kenya privatization KWAL

Ohpen Gets New Investment, Adds More Bank Clients

Tech and Finance

Ohpen , a banking tech firm in the Netherlands that was the world’s first cloud native core banking provider, has announced that its first and long time investor, the investment management firm Amerborgh, has sold part of its shareholding to NPM Capital, which now has a 35% stake. “We have had Ohpen in sight as one of the most promising technology companies that we have seen in the past few years,” said Rutger Ruigrok, managing director at NPM Capital.

Keystone Bank (TX) Kasasa Cash Earns 3.50% APY Up To $50k

Deposit Accounts

Keystone Bank's (TX) Kasasa Cash earns 3.50% APY on qualifying balances up to $50k. Keystone's Kasasa Saver earns 2.00% APY on qualifying balances up to $100k

Pew Blasts CFPB For Reversal On Payday Lending

Tech and Finance

Midnight on the 15th ended the CFPB’s comment period on its proposal to rescind the payday loan rule to protect borrowers that it had finalized in 2017.Pew said the CFPB rule on payday ending could save consumers billions. “Pew is deeply concerned that the Bureau’s proposal to rescind the ability-to-repay provisions it finalized in 2017 will harm consumers and dissuade lenders from providing affordable credit at scale.”