Wed.May 20, 2020

Nothing is going to be the same

Chris Skinner

I was relaxing watching a rock concert whilst self-isolating. It made me realise the way it was. 60,000 people sweating next to each other at an open venue, mingling each others juices together. Ah, those were the days. Nothing is going to be the same.


Hackers in Your Home – DNS Hijacking


Key Takeaways Hackers are attacking personal DNS networks inside homes. The World Health Organization has been a big target by hackers. There are steps businesses and individuals can take to protect their networks. .

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Things worth reading: 21st May 2020

Chris Skinner

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Why Hyperledger Says It’s Prime Time For Blockchain


Is now the prime time for blockchain ? As COVID-19 has disrupted supply chains worldwide, Brian Behlendorf , executive director of Hyperledger , told Karen Webster that the pandemic has spurred a shift in thinking about new use cases for permissioned blockchains.

ABCs of Data Normalization for B2B Marketers

Data normalization. It’s not a far stretch to suggest that the topic isn’t exactly what gets marketers excited in their day-to-day workflow. However, if lead generation, reporting, and measuring ROI is important to your marketing team, then data normalization matters - a lot. In this eBook, we’ll break down the ins and outs of data normalization and review why it’s so critical for your marketing strategies and goals!

How the coronavirus lockdown transformed MoneyGram

Payments Source

The challenge posed by digital-only remittance services has prompted a rapid change at MoneyGram. Money transfers Cross border payments Remittances Digital payments Coronavirus MoneyGram

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How To Prepare For The Next Pivot

Banker to Banker

During the last ten years of economic expansion, prudent bankers were planning for the next downturn. Everyone knew that the economic expansion would end, but no one could be sure when or how. Smart bankers managed their business by accepting that all expansions do eventually reverse.

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Republicans Reject Second Stimulus Bill


Congressional Republican leaders say they will study the impact of the $2.2 trillion CARES Act before giving the green light to any new COVID-19 stimulus spending, Reuters reported. “We

Blockchain can accelerate coronavirus aid

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A transparent, decentralized ledger will speed up payments while mitigating the inevitable next round of federal mismanagement, says Polyient Labs' Jeff Hinkle. Federal Reserve Blockchain Digital payments Coronavirus Payment processing

House Expected To Approve PPP Changes


A bipartisan proposal to improve the terms of the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is expected to face a House vote next week.

The 2019 Technographic Data Report for B2B Sales Organizations

In this report, ZoomInfo substantiates the assertion that technographic data is a vital resource for sales teams. In fact, the majority of respondents agree—with 72.3% reporting that technographic data is either somewhat important or very important to their organization. The reason for this is simple—sales teams value technographic data because it makes essential selling activities easier and more efficient.

Miaowing Debit Card Banks £17.5m From Strategic Investor

Daily Fintech

Jessica Ellerm is a thought leader specializing in Small Business and the Gig Economy and is the CEO and Co-Founder of Zuper, a neowealth disruptor in Australia. How do you build a bank differently?

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Tonal Seeks More Funding To Produce $3K Home Workout Stations


San Francisco-based Tonal — which offers a $2,995 exercise station with subscription-based workouts — is looking for more funding as the COVID-19 crisis upends the world of exercise. As PYMNTS has reported , the pandemic has created new opportunities for the exercise equipment industry.

Dominoes have fallen – what insurance learnings have we so far from COVID-19 business disruption?

Daily Fintech

image. When this article was first posted in late February 2020 the COVID-19 outbreak was still focused on China, but its effects were menacing the globe.

How TIPS Is Helping ECB Expand Its Real-Time Payments Reach


The European Central Bank (ECB) is the European Union’s foremost regulatory body. It also works to ensure that financial products and services can be distributed as smoothly and safely as possible.

The Time-Saving Power of Intent Data for Sales

By using the power of intent data, capturing buyer interest has become more feasible for sales. Not only that, but using it will save immense time during your workflow; a win-win on all fronts.

Banks can no longer afford legacy payment systems

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With the stakes now higher than ever, we can expect to see a marked acceleration in payments transformation initiatives, says Icon Solutions' Simon Wilson. Financial institutions Faster payments Coronavirus Payment processing

How Big Tech And FinTech Are Trying to Save Main Street SMBs


Most businesses have been hit hard by the global pandemic, but perhaps no segment has been more crippled or left with a future more uncertain than the Main Street local establishments that rely on daily sales for traffic.

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Grab the Opportunity toward Becoming a World Class Credit Analyst- Enroll CBCA by Corporate Finance Institute


Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) is a well-reputed financial certificate providing organization. It is one of the leading course provider of financial modeling, valuation and credit analysis. All the courses by CFI provided through online.

Iconic Peter Luger Steak House Starts Delivery, Accepts Credit


It took 133 years, but New York’s Peter Luger Steak House will deliver so it can partially reopen during the pandemic, according to a CNBC report. “To

How ZoomInfo Enhances Your Database Management Strategy

Forward-thinking marketing organizations have continuously invested in a database strategy for enabling marketing processes. Download this ebook to learn how to maintain a strategy that includes refreshed information, database cleanses, and an accurate analysis at the same time.

Payment provider GoCardless signs 8X8 as recurring bill client to speed B2B payments

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Payment infrastructure platform provider GoCardless has signed cloud-based VOIP technology provider 8X8 for recurring bills, with a goal of speeding invoice payments. B-to-B payments Cloud computing

Deep Dive: Contactless Payments And Touch-Free Ordering: How QSRs Are Reopening Their Storefronts


Approximately 30,000 U.S. restaurants have permanently shuttered operations, and more than 110,000 anticipated closing their doors in April, according to recent estimates from the National Restaurant Association.

First Data will pay $40 million in FTC deal over consumer scams

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First Data Merchant Services LLC and a former executive agreed to pay more than $40 million to settle a claim by the Federal Trade Commission that the company processed payments and laundered credit card transactions for scams targeting hundreds of thousands of consumers. Fraud Payment processing

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New Cash App Feature Allows Automatic Bitcoin Purchases


Consumers will now be able to make automatic purchases of bitcoin via Cash App, and in smaller satoshi denominations that could lead to more accessibility, CoinDesk reports.

How ZoomInfo Enhances Your ABM Strategy

For marketing teams to develop a successful account-based marketing strategy, they need to ensure good data is housed within its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. More specifically, updated data can help organizations outline key accounts for their campaigns. And to begin the targeting process, marketing teams must develop an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) with appropriate firmographic and behavioral data to ensure they’re going after the correct audience.Download this eBook to learn how to start improving your marketing team's data!

How Latin America's cash-preferred customers are using digital during the coronavirus pandemic

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To get a better handle on the coronavirus-driven boom in Latin American e-commerce, cross-border processors are ramping up digital alternatives for shoppers who pay cash for online purchases. Latin America Cross border payments Digital payments Coronavirus Cash

Shopify To Launch New BNPL And Banking Tools For Merchants


Shopify , an eCommerce company, hosted its first virtual event for members of its global community, the Canadian firm announced Wednesday (May 20). Dubbed “Reunite,” it gave attendees a glimpse into updates and new products designed to help entrepreneurs boost profits.

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New Video Highlights Banking Industry Response to COVID-19

ABA Community Banking

A new video released by the American Bankers Association today highlights the many ways America’s banks have stepped up to support customers and communities facing unprecedented challenges during the coronavirus pandemic.

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How ‘Adaptive’ Decisioning Helps Issuers Stop Treating ‘Good’ Customers Like Fraudsters


For merchants and financial institutions (FIs), the “new normal” of commerce — done increasingly online — means that battling fraud is a bit like feeling an elephant.

Data-Driven Marketing 101

This eBook highlights how data-driven strategies empower marketing campaigns through personalization tactics.