Fri.Mar 05, 2021

Moderna Teams With IBM To Advance COVID-19 Vaccine Management


Moderna and IBM are joining forces to collaborate on strengthening and improving COVID-19 vaccination management, the companies announced on Thursday (March 4). The collaboration will use IBM blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the vaccine supply chain and expand data sharing.

This Week in Fintech ending 5th March 2021

Daily Fintech

Yes, it is March already and our experts brought you the following insights based on their experience as investors, entrepreneurs & executives.


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Bitcoin Miner Cipher Going Public Via SPAC Merger


Cipher Mining, a newly-formed bitcoin mining company, is filing to go public via a merger with Good Works Acquisition Corp., a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). A subsidiary of Bitfury Top HoldCo B.V.,

Payday: Helping gig and contract workers get paid

ATM Marketplace

The pandemic changed many full-time positions into contract positions or 'gig work.' Many companies needed help to navigate how to streamline payment for contract workers. Craig J. Lewis, founder and CEO of Gig Wage, a fintech payroll platform, helps companies navigate in this new 'gig economy

Realizing the Benefits of Automated Machine Learning

How are organizations using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to derive business value? Renowned author and professor Tom Davenport explains the rise of automated machine learning, its benefits, and success stories from businesses that are already using it.

Mastercard’s Nets Deal Paves The Way For Real-Time Account-to-Account Transactions


Dealmaking – and clearing regulatory hurdles – is paving the way for real-time payments to make the leap from concept to reality.

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Are NFTs Jumping The Shark As The Latest Crypto Trend?


There’s an old “Happy Days” episode that’s shorthand for when something’s become mainstream, yes, but the ridiculous has crept in, where a peak has passed, where gimmicks are suddenly in evidence. Jumping the shark. (C’mon, C’mon, you remember when Fonzie did it.)

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Mastercard completes purchase of Nets account-to-account services

Payments Source

European payments technology provider The Nets Group says it has completed the sale of its account-to-account corporate business services to Mastercard.

Tapping Payment Orchestration To Get Travel Industry Back On Track


The ultimate goal in the payments world is invisibility — a transaction that happens so seamlessly that it fades into the background of a purchase path, barely registering in the customer's conscious mind.

People with disabilities struggle to save. Purple says it has a solution.

American Banker

The fintech will help these consumers set aside money in a tax-advantaged savings account that won’t jeopardize federal benefits tied to income. Fintech Challenger Bank

Taxes 79

The Best Sales Forecasting Models for Weathering Your Goals

Every sales forecasting model has a different strength and predictability method. It’s recommended to test out which one is best for your team. This way, you’ll be able to further enhance – and optimize – your newly-developed pipeline. Your future sales forecast? Sunny skies (and success) are just ahead!

Noodles & Company CEO: Digital Shift Will Gain Momentum As Restaurant Industry Recovers


After an incredibly difficult 2020, many restaurants are beginning to have hope for the future. As more and more people get inoculated, with President Biden predicting that vaccines will be available to all adults before this summer, the new normal is beginning to come into view.

CFPB: Are They Coming to Get You?

Jeff For Banks

A bank trade association CEO asked me a couple of questions while he was researching an op-ed piece. The edited Q&A is below.

China Aims For 6 Pct Economic Growth, Big Tech Investments


There was talk about making big investments in technology and aiming for 6 percent growth as China’s legislature, the National People’s Congress, met this week in Beijing. The announcements came despite the ongoing worldwide pandemic and warnings from Big Tech that China’s not far behind the U.S.

Together Credit Union names first chief diversity officer

American Banker

The St. Louis-based institution is the latest in the industry to create an executive-level position focused on diversity, equity and inclusion. Diversity and equality C-suite Credit unions Career advancement Missouri

How to Choose an AI Vendor

This report explores why it is so challenging to choose an AI vendor and what you should consider as you seek a partner in AI.

Bubbles Fears Prompt China To Curtail Bank Loans 


Mounting bubble fears have triggered new guidance from Chinese regulators instructing banks to scale back loan amounts in 2021, Reuters reported on Friday (March 5), citing sources.

Bank CEO pay in for a down year

American Banker

The megabanks have cut compensation or held it steady for their top executives. Many regionals are expected to make similar decisions as boards balance the desire to reward strong leadership during the pandemic with lackluster financial performance and public relations concerns.

How Brands Can Overcome The Data Deficit And Unlock Subscription Potential


The pandemic period has acted as a powerful tailwind for consumer interest in subscriptions. Consumers are signing onto new subscription services by the day, and firms are working overtime to figure out how they can leverage the rising tide of consumer interest to expand their offerings.

Comerica names leader of outreach to nonprofits in Black community

American Banker

The Dallas company has given Summer Faussette, an external affairs executive, the additional role of national African American business development manager, with a special focus on networking with nonprofit organizations. Diversity and equality Comerica Bank CRA Women in Banking Non-profits

B2B Pocket Playbook: End-to-End Guide to Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is the strategic process of providing sales teams with the content, guidance, and mentorship needed to engage targeted buyers. It’s all about equipping sales professionals with the tools they need to put their best-selling foot forward. And if sales teams want to continuously sell better -- and faster -- their sales enablement process must have a game-winning strategy. It's time for you to start selling smarter - and hitting your sales number - with the best B2B database in the market. Get started today.

Western Union CFO On Thinking Outside The Box To Digitize The Enterprise


As an organization that has been in business for about 170 years, Western Union knows a thing or two about the evolution of modernization.

Bank of America tees up individualized digital experiences


Bank of America is developing a new interface for its digital experience that will dynamically tailor tools, services and content based on customers’ data and goals, with the revamped design slated for a midyear launch.

Reddit Hires First Chief Financial Officer As It Mulls Public Filing


Online community network Reddit appointed Drew Vollero as its first chief financial officer (CFO). The veteran finance executive was also Snap’s first CFO and helped take the company public in 2017.

Weekly Wrap: Bank of America leader talks automation and AI, UiPath Summit takeaways


This week, Bank Automation News explored the intersection of automation and artificial intelligence, diving into the opportunities and challenges they present.

MLOps 101: The Foundation for Your AI Strategy

Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) allows organizations to alleviate many of the issues on the path to AI with ROI by providing a technological backbone for managing the machine learning lifecycle through automation and scalability.

Whole Paycheck: Walmart Chases A FinTech Future As More Touchless Amazon Go Stores Roll Out


With the fourth-quarter earnings season safely behind them, the country’s top two retailers have gone back to executing the plans they just updated.

On the job with … State Street’s automation team


Bank Automation News breaks down automation-specific job postings by the nation’s biggest banks to glean current growth strategies for bank automation. Open job postings at State Street suggest the $277 billion bank holding and financial services company is ramping up its automation plans.

FIS Bets On Digital Wallets To Change The POS Experience


For many of us, the past year has been something akin to a “digital immersion class”— and it’s been mandatory, not elective.

Verity, Simplicity and other credit unions name new CEOs

American Banker

The new leaders include some who succeed retiring chief executives retiring and others stepping in after unexpected departures. Career moves Credit unions Career advancement Succession planning


Pressure Points: How to Ensure Your B2B Pipeline Passes Inspection

This eBook highlights best practices for developing a pipeline management process that helps sales leaders and their team C.L.O.S.E (you’ll see what we mean in this eBook) more revenue through data-driven prospecting, stage analysis, and subsequent sales enablement.