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Mastercard: The Why Of The Ethoca Buy


In eCommerce, friction is a four-letter word. However, friction done right — for the right consumer, for the right transaction, at just the right moment — can actually enhance the consumer experience.

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What does the #Brexit vote mean for banking and fintech?

Chris Skinner

Being British with a British accent, everyone asks me about what life will be like with Brexit … and my answer is that I have no idea. I can see that the country is divided, and we have real issues, but then don’t most countries?

NACHA Postpones Same-Day ACH Window Due To Fed Board


NACHA, national administrator of the ACH network, said a third processing window for same-day transactions will be postponed for six months until the Federal Reserve Board of Governors (Fed Board) approves the initiative.

Which camp are you in?

Chris Skinner

There are five camps out there. The first is the FinTech camp. This camp sit around the campfire and go “down with banks, down with banks”. They believe banks are out-dated legacy firms who have no idea about the modern age of technology.

Billing Takes On A New Look, Thanks To Digital Payments


Let’s a take a moment to celebrate the paper boys and girls who — showing early commitment to initiative, hard work and entrepreneurship — handled a task that now vexes so many consumers and B2B operations in the digital world.

BI Ignite 2019: What Customer Experience Will Look Like 10 Years From Now

Bank Innovation

The customer experience in banking will change drastically over the next 10 years said panelists at the Bank Innovation Ignite 2019 in Seattle on Tuesday.

China Tests Facial Recognition Subway Payment


A subway operator in Shenzhen, China is testing facial recognition software, powered by a 5G network, to pay for entry, according to reports. The face would be linked to a payment account, although whether the technology will work for similar faces or twins is not known.

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Chase Plans Expansion In Top US Markets In 2019


Chase has announced it is expanding its retail footprint into nine of the top American markets, as well as opening dozens of new locations in the greater Washington, D.C area, Philadelphia and Boston. Chase plans to open 90 new branches and hire 700 employees by the end of 2018.

55 US Companies That Became Unicorns In 2018

CB Insights

From gaming to healthcare to pizza delivery, US-based startups which reached unicorn status in 2018 represent a diverse range of industries. Silicon Valley produced plenty of $1B+ companies in 2018, but other parts of the country also had a strong showing.

Mobile Devices Take On SMB FinTech Functionality, Usability


As the financial services space focuses on digitizing offerings for their small business customers, much of these efforts are targeting online banking portals accessed via desktop.

Things worth reading: 13th March 2019

Chris Skinner

Things we’re reading today include … For all their high hopes, the challenger banks have finished up on the ropes Why are Banks reluctant to Bank Crypto?


NEW DATA: What Seven In 10 Consumers Want From Their Disbursements


Whether its receiving loans from their financial institutions (FIs), getting rebates from merchants or receiving on-demand payments, consumers want more options in how they receive their disbursements.

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2019 US Consumer Survey of Vehicle Vehicle Finance Perceptions: 5 Takeaways


UK Study Finds Broad FI Support For Open Banking


Open banking is a bit more than a year old in the United Kingdom, and is viewed positively by a majority of financial institutions.

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4 Full-Stack Insurtech Startups To Watch

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Full-stack insurance tech startups are shaking up the insurance landscape. Download the 39-page P&C INSURANCE report. Download the free report to learn about the biggest emerging trends in the P&C market and strategies to watch for 2019. Email.

eCommerce Co Jumia Files US IPO


Pan-African eCommerce company Jumia filed for an initial public offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on Tuesday (March 12). Reports confirmed the news via U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) documents, and by speaking with CEO Sacha Poignonnec.

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Phishing is now big time. Can security keep up?

Payments Source

The days of odd emails are gone. Phishing has become a complex big business for crooks, according to Rafael Lourenco, an executive vice president at ClearSale. ISO and agent Phishing Payment fraud Payment processing Security risk

Facebook, Instagram Experience Outages Around The World


Facebook and Instagram have been suffering from worldwide outages today (March 13). According to USA Today , the problems began around noon (EST) on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram around the world. WhatsApp users also reported experiencing problems with sending photos.

Managing Money as a New Couple

Hopewell Federal

Did you find “the one” and have decided to get married? Congratulations! Here’s a little financial advice to help your marriage start off on a good footing. Hopefully, you’ve already talked about your respective finances and how you usually handle your money. Does one of you pay your bills on time and the other often get late fees? See where you differ and where you agree. Find a compromise you can both agree upon.

The World Wide Web — 30 Years In


While all sorts of outlets wished the internet a happy birthday yesterday (March 12) they were a little bit off in their well wishes. The internet did not turn 30 this week. The World Wide Web did.

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The Four Biggest Trends in Data-Driven Marketing for 2019


It’s true that every year brings change for the marketing industry. But hot on the heels of significant developments in 2018, 2019 shows no sign of letting up the pace. At Deluxe Exchange 2019 we caught up with Bruce Biegel, Senior Managing Director of Winterberry Group, to discuss the major trends that marketers should be. The post The Four Biggest Trends in Data-Driven Marketing for 2019 appeared first on Deluxe FS.

How eCommerce Platforms Are Enabling Craft Beer Discovery


Entrepreneurs are creating platforms for beverage discovery after becoming inspired by personal experiences. When LocalBrews Founder Drew Harrilchak turned 21, he realized he didn’t know much about the beverage scene. There are so many different breweries out there, and I had no idea about any of them,” he said. At the same time, he met a couple of brewers and started to learn about them. Harrilchak said most of them had a great story about how they got into brewing.

Report: Time running out to implement FRTB technology

Bobs Guide

Banks must get their technology platforms and processes in place before the end of 2019 in order to allow two years for data management testing and model approval prior to the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) implementation deadline, according to Eugene Stern, Bloomberg’s head of

How Wells Fargo Uses AI, Biometrics To Fight Money Laundering


With fraud attempts continually on the rise around the world, financial institutions have their work cut out for them. They must remain fully compliant with regulatory standards and combat fast-learning fraudsters while maintaining a frictionless customer experience.

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Social Assurance Announces CRA Management Software

Social Assurance

We’re excited to announce we’ve added a Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) solution to our suite of tools designed to help financial brands further connect with their communities.

February Smartphone Shipments In China Plummet


The decline in smartphone demand in China continued last month, with the market suffering its worst month in years as shipments fell in February. According to a report in CNBC , citing the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, mobile phone shipments were 14.51

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Client Note: Genetic Testing Market Size, Telecom AI M&A, All About The Brain, Mega-Deals, And More

CB Insights

Today, we’re taking a look at 18 large deals, 23andMe as healthcare, cybersecurity trends, and more, including: 18 mega-rounds. 23andMe gets into diagnostics. A telecom AI co gets acquired. 35+ neuroscience startups. Trends in cybersecurity for healthcare. 18 mega-deals. Want the full post? Become a CB Insights customer. If you’re already a customer, login here.

SBI Warns Users Of WhatsApp Scam To Access Bank Details


State Bank of India (SBI), the country’s biggest lender, has issued a warning that account holders are being tricked into offering up personal banking details.

Fed pumps the brakes on Nacha plan for faster Same-Day ACH

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After more than two years of successful operation in delivering Same-Day ACH payments, Nacha's request to add a third processing window has been denied by the Federal Reserve, which says it has to obtain public comment on the concept. Faster payments ACH Compliance NACHA Federal Reserve

New York Times Posts Blockchain Job


The New York Times newspaper posted a job called “Lead, Blockchain Exploration” on Wednesday (March 13), and later took it down, according to reports. The posting said the organization was looking for someone to “design a blockchain-based proof of concept for news publishers.”.

How Mastercard's Ethoca purchase could appease chargeback-weary merchants

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Merchants are often the last in the payments ecosystem to know when card fraud occurs, and their losses tend to escalate in the meantime. Fraud prevention Payment fraud Card fraud Fraud detection Chargebacks Network rules Mastercard Canada U.S.

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Google Offline Voice Recognition App Debuts On Pixel


Google ’s new voice recognition app , which works entirely offline, is now available to anyone with a Pixel.

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Big tech’s blockchain projects haven’t disrupted banks — yet

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Tech giants have been experimenting with blockchain technologies for years, and while they haven’t displaced banks, there’s still cause for concern. Blockchain Distributed ledger technology Digital banking Cryptocurrencies Digital payments Amazon Google Facebook Apple

Automate Or Stagnate: The Choice Accounts Payable Departments Face


Inertia is a powerful, if unhelpful, force in business. A process doesn’t necessarily have to be good or useful to get a contingent of people attached — it just has to be around long enough for those people to get used to it.

3.13.19 Your morning briefing

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The information you need to start your day, from PaymentsSource and around the Web: Chipotle's recipe for Venmo; PayPal's investment; new ATM scam; and more. Briefing

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Apple Music Now Available On Amazon Fire TV


In a change of pace from recent years, Apple continues to push its services with the launch of Apple Music on Amazon Fire TV, according to a report from CNBC.

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F5 Networks To Acquire NGINX — How It Will Impact The Networking And DevOps Industries

CB Insights

On Tuesday, F5 Networks , a leader in application delivery services, announced that it will be acquiring NGINX , the high-growth, open-source web server, for $670M — the largest acquisition by F5 to date. NGINX raised $84M in funding prior to the acquisition and is backed by Goldman Sachs, New Enterprise Associates, Index Ventures, and Telstra Ventures, among others.