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Small Business Banking Catching Up in Innovation Race

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There are quite a few lending solutions these days for small businesses -- Funding Circle, OnDeck, Kabbage, and Square Capital, to name a just a few -- but innovation and digitization are lagging in other areas, such as digital account opening.

NEW DATA: The Commerce Channel 58 Percent of Consumers Now Use – And Like


The age of contextual commerce has arrived – even if many mainstream customers aren’t aware of it. While they may not call it “engaging in contextual commerce,” nearly 60 percent of consumers have done just that – and most of those shoppers say they enjoyed the experience and would try it again.

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3 Money Management Startups to Watch

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The expectation for P2P payment apps is more than just payments. As the U.S. market gets saturated with various P2P apps, consumers are demanding that Venmo or Apple Pay or whatever platform they are using provide them with some money-management capabilities as well.

Digital Economy Is Good For Women, But Must Do More


For women around the world, freelancing in the digital economy isn’t just convenient – it’s empowering, especially as gender pay disparity comes under scrutiny across the corporate workspace.

5 for 5: Top reasons to attend the ICX Summit

Mobile Payments Today

There are a multitude of reasons to attend the upcoming ICX Summit being held in Dallas in June. Here are five top reasons not to miss the annual event from Networld Media Group, which publishes Mobile Payments Today

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Chip-Enabled Merchants Reach 2.9M In U.S.


Visa announced that the growing number of chip cards and chip-enabled merchants has helped bring counterfeit fraud in the U.S. down by 76 percent. Visa set the path for the U.S. payments industry to begin the shift to EMV chip cards in 2011,” the company wrote in a press release. One of the leading factors was that chip technology is extremely effective in reducing counterfeit fraud, which was the leading type of fraud in the U.S. at the time.”. More than 2.9

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Instant Card Control at Your Fingertips

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Survey Reveals Variations in Card Use at Unattended Terminals | Kiosks | POS | Meters | Vending

Mobile Payments Today

This infographic looks at the results of a survey, commissioned by TNS, which explores the attitudes to and willingness of adults to make card payments at a variety of unattended terminals. Download for insights into willingness to buy food/drink, clothing and electronics, as well as acceptance of a charge to make a card payment

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Flywire Expands With New London HQ


Flywire , a provider of global payment and receivables solutions, has announced a major expansion of its U.K. and European operations and team. The company has moved to Folgate Street in London’s Spitalfields District, into a new office space that is quadruple the size of its previous location in Canary Wharf. Flywire processes billions of dollars in payments around the world each year.

How to Improve Digital Service User Retention?

Mobile Payments Today

Juniper Research estimates that mobile operators will generate $9 billion in revenue by 2022 from carrier billing. The main growth drivers for the volume increase are music and video streaming merchants

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Coupa: How CFOs Become Chief Business Drivers


Chief financial officer , of course. But might we tweak the title a bit? Maybe to “chief fundamentals officer?” ” The fundamentals of business is what we’re talking about here: Stretching across everything from external forces, such as competition, to internal workings spanning expense management to communications to defining and spearheading strategy that can change with haste. And all of it is underpinned with data – but which is the right data?

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Things worth reading: 23rd May 2018

Chris Skinner

Things we’re reading today include … Small banks trump Wall Street on Dodd-Frank rewrite City watchdog tells banks to uncover ‘dirty money’ with robots and AI Deutsche Bank chair Paul Achleitner faces investor revolt Banks ‘charging more’ for overdrafts than payday lenders Nationwide warns of ‘intense competition’ as profits slide New … The post Things worth reading: 23rd May 2018 appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Reading


To Earn Customer Trust, Rethink Digital Identity


Welcome to the new world of trust. Identity is the new currency, and the costs of mishandling it – or making it easy to steal – can end up higher than the mere theft of funds. That’s one of the insights offered by Tony Ball, senior vice president and general manager of identity and access management for Entrust Datacard , during an interview with Karen Webster for the PYMNTS “ Economy of Trust ” podcast series.

Here’s Who’s Talking About Europe’s GDPR Digital Privacy Law — And Who’s Staying Silent

CB Insights

Following high-profile incidents like the Cambridge Analytica breach, internet data privacy concerns are at a tipping point. As more consumers find their data being misused by firms, regulators are globally stepping up to protect them.

Bringing A New Social Context To eCommerce


Though the idea of contextual commerce is widely loved, delivering on it is a significant challenge. As it turns out, finding the right context — a moment when a customer is perfectly primed to buy a good or service, if only someone would give them an easy way to do it — is not as easy as simply declaring something a good context for commerce. For example, the rocky launch of the eCommerce chatbot over the last year has proven this problem.

Fintech float frenzy – Raiz Invest and Prospa set to list on ASX

Daily Fintech

This week small business fintech lender Prospa lodged its IPO prospectus. The business is looking to raise approximately $146.5 million, issuing 40.3 million shares at $3.64 per share.

Independent Restaurants Increase Spending With Suppliers


The number of independent restaurants continues to decline in the United States, but they still make up more than half of the country’s eateries, and account for 15 percent of total restaurant operator spend. That’s according to research released on Monday (March 21) by The NPD Group. The research firm said that “while the number of independent restaurant units in the U.S.

One in five Americans think their payments will be completely cashless in their lifetime

Bobs Guide

"When America sneezes, the world catches cold," is a phrase economists have latched onto for decades, and one that has featured in headlines since the banking crisis. And the phrase continues to be relevant when applied to the banking industry. Often trends are identified in the US that

Amazon: Too Many Returns? You Don’t Return


Remember that old saying, “You break it, you bought it?” A tweak on that might read: “You click on it, you bought it.”. Or, in simpler language: “That’s enough.” So says Amazon , it seems, when it comes to returning items bought from the site. The premise breaks down to this: Too many returns and you don’t return.

No Shortage of Innovative Projects with My Perficient Digital Adobe Team

Perficient Financial Servies

Our Perficient colleagues share how they live and breathe our core values. Here, Ryan McCullough, a solutions architect, writes about his experiences working on innovative Adobe solutions with his Perficient Digital colleagues. Innovation drives me.

Comcast Faces Fallout From Website Bug That Leaked Consumer Data


It looks like a flaw in Comcast’s website used for the activation of Xfinity routers can be exploited to harvest sensitive consumer information. According to reports, the purpose of the site is to make it easy for customers to set up their home internet without having to wade through a customer service call. It’s a useful service except for the fact that it can apparently be tricked into displaying the home address of wherever the router happens to be.

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Singapore adopts PEPPOL for national e-invoicing framework

The Paypers

(The Paypers) The Info-communications Media Development Authority in Singapore has announced that it will adopt the PEPPOL e-invoicing standard

Big Data For Business Takes A Page Out Of Google Search’s Book


Google revolutionized the way we access data. Technology can search through more than 1 billion websites to pinpoint the exact information we’re looking for, all within a fraction of a second. Now, imagine trying to find a certain website or piece of information without a search engine like Google.

Tradeshift launches cloud platform for supply chain payments and finance

The Paypers

(The Paypers) US-based business commerce platform Tradeshift has announced the launch of an end-to-end cloud platform for supply chain payments and finance

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Walmart Files Blockchain Patent To Keep Track Of Customer Purchases


A new patent application from Walmart shows how the retailer can use blockchain to keep track of customer purchases. According to CoinDesk , the patent details a blockchain ledger that can track items that stores sell to particular customers. The system would allow a customer to register an item after it’s been purchased and then choose a price for resale, with the system acting like a digital marketplace.

Kabbage to launch payment services by the end of 2018

The Paypers

(The Paypers) Reuters: Kabbage , a US-based online lender for small businesses, plans to launch payment processing services by end of 2018

Cementing Customer Relationships Over A Hot Cup Of Coffee


Relationship commerce exists as something of a gold standard in the era of the increasingly scattered customer. Loyalty, in the era of mobile, can be a tricky prospect. Where once stores could focus on building long-term relationships with their consumers, today the average merchant doesn’t have time to let that kind of relationship flower.

How Microsoft Word “Protected View” Stops Information Leaks

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Microsoft Word has long offered support for loading images and templates over the network. This is a great feature within corporate environments because it facilitates the reuse of assets like logos and corporate document templates.

Twenty-Two Percent Of Shoppers Use A Retailer’s Mobile App Because Of Discounts


Consumers love mobile apps: In fact, there were 175 billion downloads globally in 2017 — a 60 percent growth from 2015, according to App Annie ’s end-of-year retrospective report. In addition, consumer spending has more than doubled, exceeding $86 billion, while time spent in apps increased by 30 percent, with each user spending nearly 1.5 months in apps per year. And 68 percent of consumers visiting large stores are aware of mobile apps, according to PYMNTS’ Omni Usage Index.

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Multiple Axis Line chart in Power BI

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Power Bi is a business intelligence cloud service tool that provides interactive visualization with data ware house capabilities. In Power Bi, option to show relationship between two or more measures across same dimension in line charts is not available.

Kabbage Set To Launch Payment Processing Services


Kabbage is planning to launch a payment processing service by the end of the year in an attempt to compete with PayPal and Square. The Atlanta-based startup will offer tools so that its clients, mostly brick-and-mortar businesses, will be able to accept card payments in-store and online, Kabbage’s President Kathryn Petralia said in an interview, according to Reuters. The monoline businesses have a hard time succeeding long term,” Petralia said.

Basware launches AI-driven virtual assistant for procurement

The Paypers

(The Paypers) Basware , the provider of networked source-to-pay solutions, e-invoicing and financing services, has launched Basware Assistant, a new chatbot feature within its electronic procurement solution


Chase Launches Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card


Chase announced news on Tuesday (May 22) that it is launching Ink Business Unlimited, a new credit card geared toward small business owners that gives them unlimited 1.5 percent cash back on purchases. In a press release, Chase said Chase Ink Business Unlimited rewards business owners on every purchase without requiring them to make purchases in special categories. The credit card has no annual fees and no minimum balance to redeem rewards.

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Adobe to acquire Magento Commerce for USD 1.68 billion

The Paypers

(The Paypers) Adobe has announced plans to buy Magento Commerce from private equity company Permira for USD 1.68 billion in cash

Corporate Treasurers On The Lookout For FinTech, PSD2 And Brexit


Corporate treasurers gathered for the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) annual conference last week, and there, treasury professionals made clear where their priorities stand today. At the top of the list, according to reports, is incoming FinTech disruption, legislation like PSD2, market shifts stemming from Brexit and more. According to reports in Global Finance , an estimated 1,100 corporate treasurers from across the U.K. and Europe gathered for the conference.

Accel-KKR acquires fintech company Sageworks

The Paypers

(The Paypers) Sageworks , a US-based fintech company, has announced it has been purchased by private equity company Accel-KKR

UK Banks Need To Invest In Cutting-Edge Tech To Fight Cybercrime


In order to prevent cybersecurity attacks, U.K. banks are going to have to take chances investing in new technologies at a time when the banks are spending more than the country’s prison system is spending to fight crime.

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