Tue.Jan 08, 2019

FinTech Forecasts for 2019

Chris Skinner

There are many pundits predicting change in banking and FinTech this year. Here’s a review of a few of the ones that have some depth. American Banker published seven FinTech predictions for 2019 by Bob Legters, Chief Product Officer of Banking and Payments at FIS.

Honda Expands In-Vehicle Payment Partnerships


Paying on the go — literally, as in on the road and in the car — is gaining traction.

Quantum computing finds a home in risk management

Insights on Business

At school, we were taught classical physics. The laws of Newtonian gravity dominated our studies and life seemed so simple – everything moved in a straight line unless acted on by an external force and F=ma, mass x acceleration. Then it all changed.

Ripple Hits Customer Milestone, Eyes X-Border Payments Disruption


Ripple, the blockchain company that has the XRP digital currency, reached a milestone on Tuesday (Jan. 8) by reaching 200 customers.

Movers and Shakers: Notable January Hires in Financial Services

Bank Innovation

New Year, new executives -- that’s true, especially in the payments ecosystem. 2018 proved to be a major year for payments focused companies like PayPal, bank-backed P2P service Zelle, or even retailers like Amazon and Walmart, payments made up a large part of the market conversation.

Sears To Close After 126 Years


After 126 years in business as an iconic American retailer, Sears Holdings has reportedly turned down a bid by Chairman Eddie Lampert to help it stay open.

Report 262

Logging In to Your Bank Account Is Now a $3 Billion Business

Bank Innovation

When you link your checking account to Venmo or use it to buy Bitcoins, a startup called Plaid Inc. is likely facilitating the connection with your bank.

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Green Dot’s Seth Ross to Speak at Bank Innovation Ignite

Bank Innovation

Seth Ross, senior vice president of business development at Green Dot, is speaking at Bank Innovation Ignite 2019. The event will take place March 11-12 at Seattle’s Hyatt Olive 8 Hotel. You can join the event by registering here.

Online Sports Gambling Makes Bet On Faster Payments


Few things feel better than the rush of a winning streak — money bet on a football or baseball team, or a sporting event, that turns into a pile of dough after a victory or beating the spread. But that excitement can quickly deflate if the winning gambler then must wait for his or her winnings.

Online 259

Chinese economic headwinds raise questions about mobile payment growth

Mobile Payments Today

An economic slowdown and the continued trade dispute with the U.S. are raising questions about the direction of mobile payments in the critical Chinese market

Mobile 126

With Appetite For Data And Social, Restaurant App Taste Gets Personal


Entrepreneurs are constantly solving problems, and those challenges often come out of personal experiences.

Data 243

Apple Is Going After The Healthcare Industry, Starting With Personal Health Data

CB Insights

As Apple CEO Tim Cook has said, the healthcare market makes the smartphone market look small. In fact, with over $7 trillion in health spending per year, it’s already almost 10% of global GDP.

Apple 114

How Neiman Marcus Uses AI To Fight Fraudsters


With the holiday shopping season in the rear view, retailers across the globe are tallying up their wins and losses.

Fraud 242

Is RBS being influenced by the FMCG greats in its fintech strategy?

Daily Fintech

Yesterday RBS announced it had upped its investment into one of its portfolio fintech companies, adding an additional £2m pounds into financial management app Loot , to take its stake to 25%.

Uber IPO Lowered To $90B


A new report says that Uber ’s valuation when it goes public is likely to be $14 billion less than its most recent private valuation. According to The Information , it is believed that when the ride-hailing company goes public this year, it will have a valuation of a little less than $90 billion.

Taxes 242

A Primer to GDPR, Blockchain, and the Seven Foundational Principles of Privacy by Design


Throughout my ongoing meetings and conferences about the GDPR and how it relates to cutting-edge technologies, I encounter many ‘add-on’ privacy solutions such as ‘secure your Office 365’, ‘breach detection’ and ‘fix your network.’

Visa, SiriusXM Pair On In-Car eWallets


Visa and SiriusXM Connected Vehicles Services, a subsidiary of Sirius XM Holdings, have announced they are teaming up to launch a new in-vehicle payment solution.

This Is The Technology Payments Execs Are Talking About

CB Insights

Quick Response (QR) codes are replacing paper money around the world. QR codes are a versatile technology that merge the physical and digital world — essentially creating digital hyperlinks in the physical world. Although QR codes are not a new technology — the highest number of granted patents were filed in 2012 — adoption as a form of payment continues to intensify around the world. Want the full expert post? Become a CB Insights customer.

Qualcomm To Add Amazon Music, Prime Video Into Cars


Qualcomm Technologies announced that it is planning to provide Amazon Music, Prime Video, Fire TV and Audible services in next generation vehicles.

Video 238

The 2019 fintech conferences not to miss

Bobs Guide

Conferencing is a key part of the fintech industry and one of the only ways to stay up to date with the ever quickening pace of technological change in the sector. Bobsguide compiled and previewed the fintech events not to miss of 2018 and this year is no different. This list provides you

Supply Chain Digitization Stumbles Over Collaboration


Supply chains continue to lag in digitization and technology adoption, with hurdles often relating to the costs, lack of understanding, or implementation difficulties associated with new tools.

Tools 230

So what's up with the Google-licenses

Money and Payments

Last weeks, we hear all kinds of stories on the Google-license, so let's have a closer look. Google already has a license since 2007 Most people forget this, but the earliest register entry for Google dates back to 2007 for E-money, and was handed out to Google Payment Limited in London. I blogged about it then, and since then we could see a Google Wallet in the works, Google bucks. The register of the FCA/FSA still has the entry here, demonstrating that it was effective until 19/5/2011.

Warren Bashes Wells, Equifax In Iowa Speeches


Senator Elizabeth Warren didn’t hold back during her first trip to Iowa, going after Washington for being “corrupt” and “beholden to giant corporations.”

Iowa 216

Transparent project management key to successful treasury implementation

Bobs Guide

Project management proved a key factor in the timely implementation of a new treasury management system at Douglas, a Germany-based perfumery and retail firm. The provider, BELLIN, installed its tm5 system, which combines functionality across payments, reporting and treasury. The process

RBI Releases Guidelines For Electronic Card Payments


The Reserve Bank of India has released guidelines for what it calls the “tokenization” of debit and credit card transactions, according to reports.

What factors are reshaping global payments?

Bobs Guide

The global payments landscape is changing. Digital transformation, new collaborative approaches between banks, fintechs and payments providers, and a changing regulatory environment are just some of the overarching themes impacting the sector. In association with Western Union Business

Ondot CEO: Rewards Are ‘Table Stakes’ — Cardholders Now Expect Experiences


There’s more to consumer life than purchase history — and more to card acquisition, too. This implies that there are more pleasing perks to cardholders than rewards.

BlueSnap announces global availability of Google Pay

The Paypers

(The Paypers) BlueSnap , an online payments technology company, has announced Google Pay is now offered as a mobile wallet option in BlueSnap`s All-in-One Payment Platform

9M Google Play Users Duped By App Adware


An active adware has been detected on the Google Play store that can display full-screen ads, monitor when a device’s screen is unlocked, and run in the mobile device’s background.

Google 209

Maintaining Security in an Insecure World

ATM Marketplace

Consumers are increasingly demanding online and mobile financial products to support their digital lifestyles. Is your financial institution prepared to ensure your customers’ security for the future

Despite Gov’t Shutdown, Tax Refunds Will Be Paid


While the U.S. government shutdown continues, a Trump official has promised that tax refunds will go out on schedule. Tax refunds will go out,” the acting director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, Russell Vought, told reporters on Monday (January 7), according to Bloomberg.

Taxes 203

Top 5 Risk & Compliance Posts 2018: FICO Scores and More


Topics around the FICO® Score - whether it's about the average U.S. FICO Score hitting a new high in 2018 or the use of machine learning to challenge the score - dominated reader interest on the Risk & Compliance blog in 2018. Here are the five posts with the most views. Average U.S.

Drone Company Flytrex Secures $7.5 Million


Flytrex, a six-year-old Israeli startup, has raised $7.5 million in Series B financing, according to a report in VentureBeat. The funding round was led by Benhamou Global Ventures (BGV) with additional capital from Btov.

Check and Fraud: Unique Insight at DX19


At Deluxe Exchange 2019, held Feb.

Miami 52

Amazon Sends Free Samples To Consumers


Retail giant Amazon is continuing its push into advertising, as the company is now sending free samples of products to customers based on their order history and profile data.

Ohio 191

SafeCharge extends partnership with Gett

The Paypers

(The Paypers) SafeCharge has announced an extension of its partnership with Gett to streamline payment reconciliation processes across all its payment partners globally

Sensory CEO On Voice-Activated Technology’s Next Big Wave


In 1994 the fastest imaginable connection to the internet was a 28.9 kbps dial-up modem and email was still mostly a new thing that many people were writing off as a fad. There was no such thing as Amazon.com for the first half the year and less than a third of American households owned computers.