Connecticut bank sued for alleged discriminatory mortgage lending

CFPB Monitor

Last week, the Connecticut Fair Housing Center, Inc. filed a complaint against Liberty Bank in Connecticut federal district court alleging that the Bank engaged in discriminatory mortgage lending in violation of the federal Fair Housing Act. The complaint describes the Bank as “the eighth-largest conventional home purchase lender and eleventh-largest refinancer in Connecticut.”. Fair Lending State CFS Monitor State Enforcement CFPB connecticut fair lending redlining

Why this regional bank is dumping N.Y. multifamily loans

American Banker

People's United in Connecticut is letting the loans run off its books as it invests in higher-yielding commercial loans. Community banking Commercial lending Earnings Multifamily Connecticut Massachusetts New York

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Does NCUA’s Restructuring Plan Make CentsSense?

New York's State of Mind

NCUA announced Friday that it plans to shut down Region 1 as part of a restructuring of its operations. Region 3, based in Atlanta, is also marked for death. Region 1 overseas the following states: federally insured credit unions in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

Amazon Advances Grocery Store Plans


The eCommerce retailer is also reportedly eyeing grocery spaces in New Jersey, Connecticut and the New York metro region. With an increasing focus on a brick-and-mortar presence, Amazon is advancing a plan to open a chain of U.S.

Instacart Expands Alcohol Delivery Across The U.S.


can now have alcohol delivered in as soon as an hour from national, regional and local grocers as well as wine and liquor stores. Instacart, the online grocery company, announced Tuesday (March 12) it has expanded alcohol delivery for customers across the U.S.

OCC outlines risk plan as Northeastern loan growth doubles


28 released a report detailing substantially improving conditions among OCC-regulated banks in its Northeastern District, defined as Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, eastern Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia. The tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut) saw the highest growth in the district, an impressive 7 percent.

Mobile Checkout, Resetting Store Experiences And Fairway Market’s Fight To Stay Relevant In NYC


Today Fairway operates 15 stores in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut tri-state area, as well as four liquor stores. According to Fairway Market, the move is a first of its kind for grocers in the region.

Why Banks Merge: Listen to the Sellers

Jeff For Banks

North Akron Savings Bank customers will gain] access to a broader choice of financial products and services comparable to those offered by the large banks operating in the region." - Steve Hailer, President and CEO of North Akron Savings Bank on the bank''s sale to Peoples Bancorp, Inc. September 2004, driving from a meeting in New York, on the grossly miss-titled Cross Bronx Expressway, Nathan Stovall, a reporter from SNL Financial gave me a call.

Zooming In On SMEs’ Financial Weak Spots


the Upper Plains region — saw a spike in small business bankruptcy rates, while Connecticut saw the largest increase in this metric in the third quarter. The year’s third quarter was a roller coaster for the U.S. and its businesses, especially when considering the presidential election. But the latest data from Moody’s and Experian suggests small businesses were resilient amid uncertainty. “The U.S.

Behind Whole Foods’ Vendor Summit, New Landscape For Sellers — And Buyers


At issue is the way Whole Foods is repositioning itself in the new, Amazon-led era, where a national focus supplants the regional and local one, where the supply chain and the way fees are levied up and down that supply chain are changing too. Now, these same vendors have to work with Daymon, a retail strategy firm based in Connecticut and its subsidiary, SAS Retail Services. When it comes to the grocery business, relationships are as easy to bruise as an overripe apple.

The Case for Improving Work for People with Disabilities Goes Way Beyond Compliance


In its strategy to help employees with disabilities build long-term careers, Unilever partnered with Connecticut’s Department of Rehabilitation Services and Southeastern Employment Services to launch a training and placement program. Yenpitsu Nemoto/Getty Images. As Chieko Asakawa walks around IBM’s campus, she explores new ways of getting from point A to point B. She recognizes the faces of colleagues approaching her and greets them.

11 New Restaurant Concepts Reimagining Fast Food & Casual Dining

CB Insights

Yet, in recent years, cash-strapped transportation agencies have been shutting down rest areas in many states, including Florida, Michigan, Ohio, and South Dakota, along with an initiative to do so in Connecticut.