Retail Brands And FIs Move Toward Digital Offerings


The news about Nike ’s fourth-quarter earnings announcement focused on what would be a large loss at any other time, but the real story is a full and dramatic reposition of a top global brand toward “ digital 3.0.”

Tailored Brands Might Seek Bankruptcy Due To Pandemic


Men’s Wearhouse owner Tailored Brands might be the next significant retail company in the United States to make a bankruptcy filing as the COVID-19 crisis unfolds. Tailored Brands has approximately 1,400 U.S. Retail men's wearhouse News Tailored Brands What's Hot

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Self-service retail and the changing landscape on payments

Mobile Payments Today

Self-service technology allows retailers to meet customer expectations established by the pioneering tech efforts of brand's, like Starbucks. These installations take diverse forms, a CES panel demonstrated

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Growth In Coffee Brands And Unattended Retail


Automated retail is a burgeoning space, with sales growth via many unattended retail devices significantly increasing. And in coffee retail, Starbucks is amplifying its brand with the Global Coffee Alliance and a new Starbucks Reserve Roastery location.

12 Coolest Brands in Banking 2016

Bank Innovation

We are proud fintech nerds, and for five years we have marked the Coolest Brands in Banking on Bank Innovation based not on the type of sunglasses worn by a CEO, but on the Read More. When we think of cool, James Dean doesn’t immediately come to mind. The app Songsterr does.

Luxury Brands Hit The Discount Racks


While many luxury retailers have found themselves needing to slash prices to keep inventory moving, some luxury brands are switching manufacturing to assist in the coronavirus crisis. For retailers, eCommerce will be critical during the coronavirus crisis.

Clothing Brands Want Steep Vendor Discounts To Keep Orders


Big-name clothing brands are either canceling orders or demanding big discounts from manufacturers in Bangladesh, a South Asian country that is already deeply suffering because of the economic fallout from the coronavirus , according to a Reuters report.

Restaurant Brands International Reassures Diners With Contactless Service, Safety Measures


To encourage diners to feel safer and more comfortable in having their families sit down in its eateries for a meal, Restaurant Brands International (RBI) said it is taking steps to build consumers’ confidence.

With podcasts and billboard ads, Brex focuses on brand building

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Carousel Innovation Strategy Lending Payments Retail Banking Sales & Marketing Startups Brex marketing Marqeta N26 SoFi TransferWiseCorporate card and financial product startup Brex is best known as an enabling platform for businesses, with a focus on startups.

The Great Marketplace, Branded Storefront Debate


In the world of physical retail, finding a product to buy is rather straightforward: People go to stores, find something that suits their needs, pay for it and take it home. Instead, their frictions involve payments and connecting to the wider web’s traffic stream.

American Brands Are Bullish On Retail Expansion In China


American retailers are heading east: They’re opening the doors to brick-and-mortar stores in China, while listing on China’s dueling marketplaces — Tencent and Walmart , for example, brought a small-format supermarket to the city of Shenzhen as the popularity of “small retail” grows in China. And, like many retailers in China, Walmart’s small-store rollout comes with a digital payments option. L Brands.

Visa’s Sensory Branding Goes Global


Today (June 17) Visa is announcing that their sensory branding suite is in over two dozen countries care of a dozen new partnerships. Visa’s sensory branding suite of products includes a sound, animation and haptic cues for consumers and merchants when a Visa transaction is completed.

Yum! Brands To Hold Back Rent In South Africa


Brands Inc. , Are among retailers throughout the globe who are seeking flexibility from landlords over a time they bring in little or no sales, which makes for a challenging situation for real estate companies and financial institutions. Brands

N26’s Cooke: A global presence is fueling the brand’s expansion

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To digital banking brand N26, which operates in 26 markets and boasts 3.5 Bank Innovation Build Carousel Customer Experience Payments Product Design Retail Banking Startups challenger banks N26

Retail’s 2020 Digital-First Payments Roadmap


Consumers have always influenced how payment methods evolve – stretching back centuries to the barter system, and extending, now, into the digital age. And as payments are done in bits and bytes, across all manner of use cases, consumers prize convenience and personalization.

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For Better Or Worse, Customer Service IS The Brand


A good product at a good price: that used to be the recipe for a good brand. But a third ingredient in retail is quickly overshadowing those bastions of success, and that is customer service. Payments can be one of the areas of greatest friction for eCommerce players, especially if they operate globally and need to handle many different forms of payment. Done right, though, payments processing can differentiate the wheat from the chaff. Brand value.

CPG Brands Drive Innovation With Caffeinated Beverages


Brands such as Phocus , however, are providing consumers with healthier beverage alternatives with options like caffeinated water , available in several flavors without calories or added sweeteners. Phocus can be found in retail locations throughout the country.

Consumer Expectation of Brand Trust is on the Rise

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Commerce Corporate Exclusive Online Payments Premium Retail consumers corporate credit card marketing trustOne of the tenets of marketing and running a business is building and maintaining trust in your company.

Weekly Wrap: Brex ramps up brand strategy, while Chase focuses on data security

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Capital & Funding Customer Experience Payments Product Design Retail Banking Sales & Marketing VideoWelcome to the latest episode of our weekly wrap video series, for the week ending Friday, December 13, 2019.

Fears of a Fintech Slowdown? How to Pivot Your Brand for a New Era

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CEO scandals, pulled IPOs and sinking stock prices, have taken the luster off previously high-flying brands. Payments Premium Retail Sales & Marketing Security & Risk Startups Wealth Management Bank of America Goldman Sachs Prosek Partners VC funding

Tapping Into Mobile Payments And Retail Technology Amid Digital Shifts


As retailers scramble to capture the digital shift, it’s easy for some overlooked details, such as unanswered customer complaints, to harm their brands. In payment methods, a shift to contactless is underway, and the stage is set for consumers to embrace mobile wallets more widely.

Retail Pulse: DSW Expands In-Store Experiences; L Brands Plans Store Closures


Brick-and-mortar fashion retailers are developing in-store experiences to encourage customer loyalty. markets, aiming to generate repeat visits as part of its experiential retail efforts. They also create repeat visits to the DSW brand, where an exciting footwear assortment awaits.”.

Merchants And The Big Retail Reset


Iain McNicoll , VP of Americas/SMB for payments platform Payoneer , recently told PYMNTS that eCommerce’s market share has risen to 27 percent from just 16 percent when the pandemic began. eCommerce has grown about as much in the past few months as it has in the past 10 years.

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Brands Bake Novel Subscription Strategies Into Their Reopening Plans


Physical retailers are building digital bridges to alluring new hybrid experiences and adding value to recurring revenue offerings to keep the great reopening momentum alive.

Building A DTC Men’s Personal Care Brand With eCommerce


To provide men’s personal care items that feel like premium brands at accessible price points, eCommerce innovators are building product lines through the direct-to-consumer (DTC) model. The company then rolled all of those data points into a fake brand.

Why Brick-And-Mortar Merchants Are Tapping Into Unattended Retail


To help meet customer expectations in the digital age, retailers have to know who their shoppers are and what they want. While eTailers already have this information about consumers, brick-and-mortar retailers don’t have this in-depth knowledge. Brands

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OmnyPay Launches Contextual Commerce Platform For Retailers’ Branded Apps

Let's Talk Payments

Background and Key Summary: Retailers realize the need to offer best-in-class mobile app experiences. To stay competitive in this mobile world, retailers will have to deliver their own branded app. Cards Commerce Fintech News Payments news OmnyPay US

Second Biannual ‘Afterpay Day’ To Feature More Than 6K US Brands


Afterpay, the leader in “buy now, pay later” payments, said in a press release that its second bi-annual two-day sale, Afterpay Day, will take place Aug. The company will partner with top fashion and beauty brands and retailers for the event, which offers its two million U.S.

Retail Pulse: Macy’s Collaborates With Brands For STORY; Kohl’s Accepts Amazon Returns


Brick-and-mortar retailers are opening experiential concepts by working with other brands as they look to engage consumers with experiences instead of products. According to the announcement, the occasion marks “their first debut at another major retailer.”

Retailers need 'invisible' mobile pay for a strong brand experience

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As payments innovation expands and diversifies, retailers will need to find ways to deftly embed low-touch payments into omnichannel shopping. ISO and agent Retailers Mobile payments Branding Amazon

Weekly Wrap: Banks tackle crisis CX and stand-alone brands


Smaller banks, meanwhile, are pursuing stand-alone brands despite the fact that bigger banks have stumbled with their own digital offshoots.

Blackhawk CEO: How Digital Payments Will Drive New Retail Engagement Models ? And Economics


Motivating a change in consumers or retailers is not always easy work, a reality evidenced by the plodding pace of contactless payments in the U.S. And we’ve always looked at payments as a way to deepen relationships between consumers and brands.”.

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Stripe Powers Digital, In-Store Payments For Lightspeed Retail, Restaurant Customers


Canadian global point-of-sale (POS) and eCommerce firm Lightspeed is teaming up with Silicon Valley payments platform Stripe to advance in-store and online payments for retailers and restaurants in the U.S. retailers.

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Can Western QSR Brands – And Others – Gain More Power In China?


Two famous North American-based quick-service restaurant (QSR) brands are preparing to duke it out in China for chicken-meal supremacy, the most recent sign of how Western brands are trying to increase their footholds in that massive country.

Reinventing Retail Will Mean Embracing New Formats


Reinventing retail in the wake of COVID-19 may mean reinventing retail formats. It’s also likely that retailers will see more men in-store than women, and they should consider adjusting inventory to target these shoppers.”. Retail Coronavirus malls News social distancing

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