Mobile Apps And Gas: The Brand/Aggregator Brand Conundrum


As a result, drivers are increasingly using their mobile phones to not only find the best prices for gas at the most convenient stations, but to find new forms of consumer convenience that goes well beyond bargain hunting alone. consumers use a mobile app to assist with their purchase of gas. That’s according to a new study of 10,000 consumers on their use of mobile apps and paying at the pump. Mobile payments — the ability to pay for gas using an app?

Mobile Game Shows Offer Brands Prized Millennial Viewers


And though this market presents brands with a large audience of potential customers, will digitally native millennials tune in to a shopping network? The mobile game show HQ Live Trivia, already counts up to two million participants per game. As mobile game show-like apps such as HQ Live Trivia take hold, mobile shopping game shows such as Gravy are seeking to capture the attention of millennials, with short broadcasts almost every night of the week.

Brands Stretch Their Legs Online


One of the most recent experiments for direct-to-consumer eCommerce is taking place on Instagram , and, if successful, could forge a path for brands that want to sell directly to online consumers. Adidas , Louis Vuitton , Aritzia and The Kooples are among the early brand participants in Instagram’s policy of enabling consumers to buy items while in Stories, Adweek recently reported.

Dunkin’ Brands Appoints New CEO


Taking over from a chief executive who spent almost 10 years at the helm of Dunkin’ Brands , David Hoffmann now has the top post at the quick-service restaurant (QSR) chain. QSR brands. The news comes as Dunkin’ has — like its oft-mentioned competitor Starbucks — been pushing consumers toward greater use of mobile order ahead , and bumping into the same order-ahead issues that tend to plague QSRs. Retail Dunkin Brands Dunkin’ Donuts executive hiring News personnel What's Ho

For Better Or Worse, Customer Service IS The Brand


A good product at a good price: that used to be the recipe for a good brand. Brand value. Customer service is one of Amazon’s top bragging rights, and in the future, it’s going to have to be a strength for every successful brand — at least, that’s what Applause CEO Doron Reuveni thinks. The experiences a customer has when interacting with a brand — from the consideration phase through purchase and support — are now determining the winners and losers.”.

Direct-To-Consumer Mattress Brands Go Cross-Channel


There is no shortage of direct-to-consumer mattress brands as mattress sales move from brick-and-mortar retail to eCommerce. One brand, though, saw a market opportunity as brands like Casper and Leesa took off. But the brands currently on the market were a useful learning experience for Nectar. The brand, which was founded in 2017, claims to sell more than 1,000 mattresses per day. The company behind Nectar Sleep is also seeking to launch multiple brands.

Facebook – the first big-brand bank


It certainly has brand on its side. Facebook – the first big-brand bank on BankNXT. Banking Mobile & Online UX branding Duena Blomstrom FacebookIs Facebook the future of banking? Story by Duena Blomstrom.

Inmoji Goes Contextual Commerce With Brand Bots


A technology startup is looking to put mobile messaging into context. On Friday (April 8), Inmoji — which creates branded, interactive emojis for integration into consumer messaging — announced a new feature, Inmoji Brand Bots.

Jo-Ann Stores Updates Its Brand To Extend Beyond Fabrics


In an effort to extend its brand beyond fabrics, Jo-Ann Stores has shortened the name of its brick-and-mortar stores. The locations, which were previously branded as Jo-Ann Fabrics, are now known as JOANN, AdWeek reported. “We JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores also created a mobile app in 2017 that allowed customers to interact with the brand on a more convenient digital level.

Title Nine Boosts Its Brand, Customer Experience


Developing a cohesive environment where both customers feel a sense of community and the website brand matches that can be a challenge. The retailer’s website has now upgraded its website for enhanced functionality, product content, personalized selling tools, improved checkout processes and a heightened mobile experience. ” Retail athletic apparel brand customer digital brand ecommerce Sporting goods Title Nine women's apparel women's clothes

Millennials (Still) Don’t Like Card-Branded Mobile Wallets

Bank Innovation

Millennial consumers still prefer third-party money transfer systems, such as PayPal, over card-branded (e.g. Android Pay) mobile wallets. More than half (52%) of millennial consumers (ages 23 to 37) said they use third-party money transfer systems, compared to only 29% who use card-branded digital wallets, and 22% that use device-specific wallets, […]. DataBank Databank Amex mobile wallets P2P

12 Coolest Brands in Banking 2016

Bank Innovation

We are proud fintech nerds, and for five years we have marked the Coolest Brands in Banking on Bank Innovation based not on the type of sunglasses worn by a CEO, but on the Read More. When we think of cool, James Dean doesn’t immediately come to mind. The app Songsterr does.

Direct To Consumer: Big Brands Vs. Small Brands


Rather than selling through a brick-and-mortar location or even on its own company website, some brands are looking to marketplaces like Amazon to sell to consumers. In this piece, we’ll review some of the larger and smaller brands that have taken this concept and run with it. Big Brands. While Nike already had a direct-to-consumer presence established with its website and mobile app, it’s hoping that the Amazon deal will help move the revenue needle. Small Brands.

Burger King Fuels Restaurant Brands’ First-Quarter Sales Growth


Restaurant Brands International posted strong first-quarter results, buoyed by strong sales growth at Burger King. The company also saw similarly strong growth at another one of its brands, Popeyes , which saw system-wide sales growth of 11 percent, with net restaurant growth of nearly 7 percent and comparable sales growth of 3.2 But another one of its brands, Tim Hortons , didn’t fare as well. to allow customers to access its brands through more channels.

Payments Innovation: Brand Of Choice Driven By Consumer Experience


Perhaps in the early days of digital banking and mobile apps, innovative technology was a “nice to have,” but that is no longer the case. Not innovating is not an option.

Inside Barclaycard’s Co-Branding Strategy

Bank Innovation

The answer, at least to Barclaycard, is co-branding. Cards Exclusive Innovations Mobile Open Fintech Payments StartupsEXCLUSIVE – What’s a bank to do when it’s core market is somewhere else and it’s trying to establish itself as a major player in a market already dominated by a set of major banks? Based in the U.K., Barclays is one of the major banks in Europe. […].

Weak Websites: How Brands Are Putting Their Customers At Risk


Security & Fraud customer data data breach Expedia Hudson's Bay lord & taylor mobile app MyFitnessPal News orbitz Panera Bread Retail Saks Fifth Avenue security & fraud Under ArmourThe industry and public were still reeling from the data breach that hit Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor last week when another major breach stole the spotlight, this time at Panera Bread.

Vibes And Getting Brands’ App Act Together


In the early days of the Internet, brands and businesses knew they wanted to get online, but they just weren’t quite sure why, or how best to do it. In the early days, brand sites were ugly, clunky and not terribly useful. Brands eventually got it together on desktop web – mostly – just in time for mobile web and apps to show up and disrupt the game. When a customer clicks the desktop or mobile version of something, they often see the same thing. “Or

IHOP: Back On Brand And Embracing Delivery


IHOP ‘N Go also contains order-ahead capability and IHOP’s mobile app (the international app of pancakes?). IHOP, having officially moved on from its foray into becoming a burger joint , is now moving into the wild world of food delivery. Whether the customer is hankering for breakfast or lunch, IHOP will make sure it gets to their door. The new program comes care of a partnership with DoorDash.

App Could Keep Fridges Full, CPG Brands Informed


a company that has developed a mobile app that monitors, organizes and keeps track of grocery needs. Like the Chefling app, these devices sometimes interface with voice-activated assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa, and have the potential to save consumers from encountering expiring food and to inform brands on which products consumers are bringing home from the grocery store. Retail Chefling grocery Innovation Kroger machine learning mobile app News smart fridge Technology

Inditex To Roll Out Mobile Payments To All Eight Brands


For now, though, Inditex — owner of brands like Zara, Massimo Dutti and Oysho — is doing what it can to bring its fashion empire into the age of mobile payments. Mobile World Live is reporting that Spanish-based Inditex will integrate mobile payments into the retail store fronts of all eight brands under its banner: Zara, Pull&Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho and Zara Home y Uterqüe.

How Brands Use Celebrity Influencers In China


How consumers interact and respond to celebrities pitching branded products in China is very different than the way consumers in the U.S. do, but a new study takes a look at how brands are using popular Chinese celebrities as influencers to reach potential customers. Brands across categories (international and local, emerging and mature) are collaborating with celebrities to increase brand awareness and cultivate brand preference.

Motivating Mobile In 2018


Another year, another chance for mobile wallet players to convince consumers to give up their plastic cards and utilize the phone as a payments form factor. The most-used mobile wallet in the U.S. Mobile adoption in the U.S. That roughly 50-fold difference in size denotes that in the U.S — and to a somewhat lesser extent, Western Europe — mobile payment is an emerging option that is still finding footing with use cases.

Mobile 151

Chinese Millennials May Save Luxury Brands


Within China, sales of brands from Gucci to Chanel, which have been sluggish for years, rose at the fastest pace in five years in 2016 and are positioned to consolidate those gains in 2018. 2017 saw a global recovery of the luxury retail market due to their affinity for high-end brands. The popularity of luxury brands with Chinese consumers is also affecting the payment industry in the U.S.,

Luxury Brands In The Age Of Digital


If you’re a retailer or a brand, it seems as though eCommerce and the rise of smartphones and mobile shopping have made your customers more cost-savvy and price-aware than ever before. Very few consumers want to pay full price for an item any longer, and there are plenty of off-price and off-brand sellers and third-party retailers lining up to get them those deals, both online and at brick-and-mortar stores.

Nymbus Will Help Banks Launch A Standalone Brand in 90 Days

Bank Innovation

Nymbus, a startup taking on what is arguably banking’s biggest problem — aging, outdated cores — announced a new product today called SmartLaunch, which “enables financial institutions to stand up a turnkey digital brand under their existing charter in as few as 90 days.”

Building An Online Brand, In Real Life (#IRL)


While Qüero may have built its brand with the help of real-world pop-up shops, its foundation remains decidedly in the virtual world. Shuken estimated the mobile app could bring as much as 95 percent of its business out of the pop-up shop and into the eCommerce store.

Dunkin’ Brands Selects Amazon As Main Cloud Provider


Parent company of Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins, Dunkin’ Brands , recently made the announcement for its plans to move its mobile applications, eCommerce websites and key corporate infrastructure applications from its on-premise system to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform. After an initial test run of testing various workloads and websites, the Dunkin’ Brands also moved its internal corporate IT infrastructure applications.

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Why Merchants Need Mobile Wallets


Whereas mostly a concept only really understood by early adopter and tech enthusiasts a few years ago, these days mobile wallets have gone mainstream enough to feel a bit commonplace to consumers. Most people have at least heard of mobile wallets at this point — driven in part to the ever-lengthening list of retailers that are offering them in some form or other. Merchants are thinking about mobile wallets.

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TRENDING: An Inside Look At Applebee’s Mobile Order Ahead Strategy


From QSRs to casual dining operations, restaurants are tapping into mobile ordering to capture busy customers with no time to dine in. Around the Mobile Order-Ahead World. Businesses are also seeing potential in using mobile ordering for far more than just to-go meals.

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Shping Incentivizes Consumer Engagement With Brands For Digital Coins


Enter Shping , an Australian startup seeking to change the way consumers research products — and the way brands market them. But the product evolved into a mobile product search engine for consumers and a marketing tool for brands. That sort of perpetuates the behaviors and also creates a new paradigm in terms of marketing because brands can incentive consumers to perform these actions,” Tony Lee, chief marketing officer at Shping , told PYMNTS.

Financial Brand Forum 2018: 7 Takeaways in 7 Minutes


More than 1,700 industry execs descending on the Vegas Cosmopolitan getting mobile alerts like “Open Bar in the Exhibit Hall.” The post Financial Brand Forum 2018: 7 Takeaways in 7 Minutes appeared first on Gonzobanker.

[LIVE WEBINAR] Why merchant-branded mobile payments is a successful approach to meeting consumer expectations

Mobile Payments Today

Are you on the same page as your customers when it comes to mobile checkout? Date: December 6, 2016 | Time: 11:00 AM ET | Duration: 60 Minutes | Adoption of device-based offerings have been tepid so far. Join us to find out

Wildfang Is Building Its Brand With Clicks And Bricks


More and more, digital-first brands are becoming brick-and-mortar-second brands with an intentional presence in the physical retail world — even if that presence is much smaller than the footprint left by the retailers that fizzled before them. Take Wildfang , the Portland, Oregon-based feminist fashion brand defined by menswear-inspired suiting and irreverent female empowerment slogans — but best known for its “Wild Feminist” t-shirt.

Macy’s Rolls Out Mobile Checkout


In an effort to make checkout easier for customers, Macy’s plans to roll out mobile checkout in its brick-and-mortar stores. The technology, which is powered by the retailer’s mobile app, is expected to be deployed to all of Macy’s full-line stores by the end of the year, CNBC reported. Through the program, brands can pay a one-time fee for a space on Macy’s first floor to advertise or sell their products while retaining all of their sales.

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Brands Can Turn Social Video Views Into Conversions


Brands sometimes face a dilemma when it comes to reaching consumers online: how to drive sales without annoying potential customers. Some brands face a more challenging quandary: how to become cool again. The best thing that could possibly happen for the brand is [to] turn that engagement into an active cart,” MikMak Founder and CEO Rachel Tipograph told PYMNTS in an interview.

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Can Dunkin’ Donuts Gain On Starbucks In Mobile Payments?


Dunkin’ Donuts wants to take more control over its mobile payments. That’s the thinking behind a deal announced on July 26 with mobile wallet provider CARDFREE that gives the chain a “perpetual license to the software used to build and operate the (Dunkin’) mobile ordering and payment platform.”. The deal represents the latest move in the never-ending competition between Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks to please coffee-loving consumers who love their mobile phones.

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How Co-Branded Credit Cards Evolved From The Early 1900s Department Store


In the late summer of 1979, both Mobil and Texaco dropped bank cards, and others soon followed.”. The Co-Branded Card. The co-branded evolution continues today: Starbucks and Chase announced in February that they were rolling out a Starbucks Rewards Visa Card , a co-branded credit card that works with the Starbucks Rewards loyalty program. Payment Methods Chase credit cards Department Stores gas stations Gimbels loyalty rewards Mobil News Retail starbucks Texaco Ube

Coolest Brands 2016: AdyenSecret Ubiquity

Bank Innovation

Cards Commerce Innovations Mobile Online Payments Technology Adyen Chase Paymentech First Data StripeNetflix, Uber, Facebook, AirBnB, Spotify., Evernote. What do they have in common? In terms of payments, they all use the services of Adyen, the Amsterdam-based payments giant.

Pinterest Gets a Brand New Shopping Bag


Less than a year after launching it, Twitter decided to pull the plug and re-center its efforts developing itself as a mobile advetising platform elsewhere. That upgrade is supported by another one Pinterest announced, which is that Buyable Pins are coming to the desktop version of the site – currently commerce on Pinterest is only possible through the mobile app. About a year ago “buy buttons” were all the rage as the next big thing in social commerce.