Will Exercise Junkies ‘Save’ The Smartwatch?


In fact, the smartwatch industry remains very much a niche and specialized market, one that Apple and other brands and retailers have not done a very good job capitalizing on or monetizing so far. The activity tracker became the device of choice for the middle-aged consumer looking to get in better shape by starting an exercise routine. So, if the smartwatch has a future — and companies like Apple are praying that it does — maybe it’s with the uber-fit exercise junkies?

Two exercises to help your credit union tell a better digital story

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This exercise you have completed has not been done in vain. Considering the critical role your website and other digital channels play in helping to guide a consumer to open an account or apply for a loan, I would now like you to conduct a second exercise.

Bringing The Jane Fonda Magic To Streaming Fitness Classes


Aerobic workouts, strength training, Pilates, yoga, cycling – name a form of exercise, and the odds are good to great that there plenty of fitness apps one can choose from to work out at home. She wants something that that feels branded, that feels special – that evokes joy.”.

Why No Brand May Be The Best Brand


It can’t be easy for a brand that has literally made its name on the notion of brandless-ness, as a pure-play cosmetics supplier. Millennials are less brand-loyal than their parents — though they tend to like quality — which means retailers like Brandless that let them tap and access those preferences have discovered a market looking for attention. The secret to what brandless offers, according to CEO Tina Sharkey, is the company’s elimination of what she calls the “brand tax.”

Brand Manager

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POSITION: Brand Manager. Lead brand and identity development including essence, positioning, tone, imagery, etc. DECISION-MAKING PARAMETERS: Exercises discretion and independent judgment in all aspects of work assignments. We pride ourselves on adapting to each client’s unique goals and brand to accomplish objectives. Contribute to developing work that is agency-quality and within the brand of each individual client. DATE: February 15, 2017.

Online Fitness Experiences Where Signup Is The Light Lift Differentiator


At the same time, his platform allows fitness trainers to reach consumers and grow their digital brands. Forster noted that there are many talented trainers who might teach classes for other fitness brands or who have trouble scaling their own brands.

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Intelligent credit union branding

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In addition to the opportunity for students and schools to exercise and promote academic prowess, the business community also finds Hi-Q attractive. Not long after the paper company underwent an acquisition, Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union (FMFCU) seized the opportunity to attach its brand to the academic sport and keep it running. “We The post Intelligent credit union branding appeared first on CUInsight.

All you need is brand

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I doubt John Lennon was thinking directly about branding when he penned these lyrics, but it certainly does apply. That really is the essence of branding. ” Branding is not an overnight thing. The same principle applies to your brand and staff.

Uber Of X: SwitchFit Is The Uber Of Workout Regimens


FH: We are a challenger brand. It’s easy to start drinking your own Kool-Aid and becoming just another inspirational fitness brand; if we do that, we are dead. uber of x exercise fitness gyms Retail studios SwitchFit Uber of X working out workoutYear after year, it’s safe to say that most New Year’s resolutions include some form of getting in better shape. People join a gym with good intentions, but then their rate of going either slows down or stops altogether.

Your brand needs a voice

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If you’ve already invested time and money in a brand, congratulations, you’re on the right track. However, in order to truly divest itself from the cacophony of other financial services providers vying for consumers’ time, your brand must have its own unique voice.

Seven DOs and DON’Ts of branding

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We should DO chores to take care of our house, we should teach our kids right from wrong and we should exercise and eat healthy. It’s the same way with branding. So what are the seven Do’s and Don’ts of branding? Below are four Do’s and three Don’ts of branding. Be sure you DO the following: Make a plan —While the saying “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” is a cliché, it certainly applies to your brand.

Does your brand need a refresh?

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Spring is a time of new growth and renewal, which is a serendipitous time to think about your brand. On average, a brand identity is updated slightly or even overhauled, every seven years. There are a variety of reasons why credit unions need to reevaluate brand identity.

Your brand is only as strong as its weakest link

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Do any of those managers exercise business practices that contradict your brand? Those are your weak links, or brand gaps. Even if it’s only one manager at one location, that branch weakens the overall strength of your brand. “You’re only as strong as your weakest link.”

The Beauty Of Being Brandless


Millennials, on average, are less brand-loyal than their parents or older siblings. They tend to like quality, have a strong preference for shopping online and enjoy a good bargain – but when it comes to buying from a specific brand? It was an insight that pushed Brandless CEO and Co-founder Tina Sharkey to rethink an online commerce offering in a very fundamental way, by eliminating what she calls the “ brand tax.”

Books, Bobbleheads, Biscuits and your brand

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This is a sermon we’ve preached before but always deserves extra airtime: in branding, everything matters. This brand pillar came to light during a recent mystery shop exercise for a client as part of a larger marketing audit partnership.

Is Wells Fargo a Gift for Community Banks?

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On the other hand, we see additional regulatory scrutiny as another "Big Bank" exercises poor judgment. bank sales Brand sales cultureWells Fargo Just Gave Small Banks a Big Gift ( American Banker, September 15, 2016). After reading the American Banker article the week after the Wells Fargo news hit I polled about 20 community bankers on the subject. Here are a number of the replies, some from banks that complete with Wells, some that don’t.

Samsung Unveils Foldable Phone At Developer Event


Lopez Research Analyst Maribel Lopez predicted the product would be expensive over the short haul: “We’re talking about brand new materials that have been made for this and also a new manufacturing process,” Lopez told Reuters.

Stupid Bank Names

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Are you going through a similar exercise? If your brand strives for assimilation, then go with it. Even affinity branded banks, like Red Neck Bank (actual division of a bank), have some merit. Ask somebody outside of the re-branding process.

Three tips to enhance business writing

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The exercise was helpful to me because it forced me to assess the amount of daily writing I do. Recently, a Florida Atlantic University business student interviewed me about writing.

Peloton, Bike Company, Seeks Unicorn Valuation


The New York–based company sells exercise bikes equipped with tablets that enable cyclists to subscribe to spin classes, enabling them to enjoy the workout class atmosphere from the comfort of their own home. In just five years, the Peloton brand has developed a cult following for its products and services. Peloton Interactive , the stationary bike startup that connects consumers with virtual spin classes, may be looking to raise $120 million at a valuation of $1.2

Lawsuit: Peloton Used 1,000+ Songs Illegally


The National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) is suing streaming exercise bike company Peloton , saying the service used upwards of 1,000 songs without licensing them properly, according to reports.

Virgin Money Buyout By CYBG Receives All-Clear


CYBG, which owns the Yorkshire and Clydesdale brand, moved to quell some consumer concerns about the transition, noting that there will not be an immediate switch for consumers. A court hearing late last week gave the all-clear for CYBG to complete its acquisition of Virgin Money for $2.24

The Best Things to Buy in March

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Exercise Equipment – Burn off those excess chocolate calories with new exercise equipment. Since the weather is improving, more people will go outside for their exercise. Many brands like Dole, Green Giant, and Tyson will be offering discounts on their products.

Building the Collaboration Muscle: Optimizing the Bank / Fintech Relationship

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they now have access to data and a brand), while many of the disadvantages of a bank persist (e.g., Although other complications will undoubtedly arise, partnering is a muscle that banks haven’t exercised much.

Reinventing the client advisor interaction model is the future of wealth management

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We’re beginning to see investment advisory firms expand their brands into non-financial areas such as nutrition, health, wellness and exercise, forming complete centers of influence for their clients.

3 Reasons Why 2016 WON’T Be Your Best Year Ever

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You won’t exercise regularly. Accountability Branding Budgets Building Relationships Business Development Business Process Improvement Change Collaboration Conflict Credit Unions Cross-Selling Decisions Digital Marketing Employees Gen X Gen Y Global Network Goal-setting goals Human Resources Innovation Inspiration Leadership Leadership Development Management Motivation Performance Productivity Professional Development Strategic Planning Succession Planning Training

Why Contactless Payments Are This Summer’s Big Music Headliner


Cruise ships and musical festivals are not that different from each other, not these days. Both feature large crowds of generally like-minded people.

Bump On The Road To National FinTech Charters?


The judge ruled that “such dramatic disruption of federal state relationships in the banking industry occasioned by a federal regulatory agency lends weight to the argument that it represents exercise of authority that exceeds what Congress may have contemplated in passing the NBA.

Oros Takes Activewear Into The Space Age


This brand exercise allows us to express that.”. The direct-to-consumer brand has also been updating its digital shop, as it is now fresh off a $5 million seed-funding round. How we talk about the brand and technology all come to life through this website.”.

Nordstrom Hits Online Sales Plateau


Anyone who has really tried to get themselves in shape has heard of the plateau – it’s that phase when your current exercises just don’t seem to be working as much as they used to, and even though you’re sticking to a schedule, you’re not getting any stronger. However, the brand’s full-price online sales have slowed in recent years, with its discount eCommerce sales actually losing the retailer money.

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Strava’s Journey From Fitness App To Fitness Ecosystem


According to one InTheBlack reviewer, among exercise enthusiasts who run, swim and bike, Strava isn’t just the place users go to log their athletic activities — it is where they goes to verify they exist. “If million fitness classes and wellness services offered daily via the MINDBODY app and MINDBODY branded apps and websites. In some ways, Strava is a very much like any social media platform, albeit with a slightly narrower focus than most.

Why Credit Unions Crush Loyalty


Yet, CUs should exercise caution when collaborating with FinTech firms, as many have expressed interest in selling their products directly to members. percent of CU members said they would not switch from a CU to a FinTech because they have less trust in these brands.

SMBs Ramp Up Legal Fight Against New Virgin Money Owner CYBG


“The Virgin Money brand has potential in the [SMB] market, and testing with existing Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank customers is underway to evaluate the Virgin Money brand affinity with [SMB] customers and the appropriate timescale for any [SMB] rebranding exercise,” CYBG said in October.

Daily Harvest Pops Up In Manhattan


National Health and Nutrition Survey, which assessed how many Americans are on board with the “principles of healthy living” – a good diet, moderate exercise, not smoking and keeping body fat under control.

Bots And Outside-The-Bots, CES 2019: Payments And Commerce Highlights


2019 was also a year when payments power made an appearance – and with some well-known brand s. Fashion brands Kate Spade and Michael Kors both introduced second-generation smartwatches with upgraded payments capabilities.

Barneys New York Looks To VR To Carry Spring Collection


No other medium can really envelop consumers into a brand universe and create brand affinity like virtual reality,” said Zach Overton, VP of Brand Experience, Samsung Electronics America. Brands such as Kellogg’s and Coca-Cola are taking the same approach to discover the optimal placement of their products within stores like Walgreens and Safeway. Some retailers say they don’t want to jump on the latest techy bandwagon just to jump on it.

Steeping Convenience With Tea Technology And Subscriptions


They are also active and exercise three to five times per week. Beyond Cusa Tea and its instant offerings, eTailers such as Swift Cup Coffee are bringing subscriptions to instant coffee, and direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand Voila Coffee also offers subscriptions for the product.

Strategic planning: Under-plan and over-execute

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Surveys, financial data, action steps, strategic initiatives, SWOT exercises and timelines fill up giant binders. Management/Leadership Branding Credit Unions Mark Arnold Marketing over execute Strategic Planning under plan

How 3D Body Scanning, DNA-Driven Meals, & Artificially Intelligent Clothes Are Personalizing Fitness

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Genetic tests can help provide recommendations on the types of exercises, workouts, and diets that would best suit an individual based on his or her genome. Personalization is trending across all consumer categories — and the fitness industry is no exception.

The Wellness Economy: The Buzzy Trend Reshaping Everything From Personal Care To Real Estate

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CPG corporates like PepsiCo, Coca Cola, Kellogg’s, and Campbell, for example, have invested in and acquired a number of brands focused on healthy snacking , while personal care incumbents like P&G and Unilever have backed natural and organic beauty brands. The $3.7T

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2019 Digital Growth Mid-year Strategic Review

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Take Action: Look Back to Look Ahead (Strategic Thinking Exercise). When it comes to future digital growth, some financial brand marketing and leadership teams see the future as bright while many others are not exactly sure what to expect next on their Digital Growth Journey.

Wellness Trends To Watch In 2019

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Aspiration & Authenticity Branding. 74% of consumers aged 18-34 believe that it’s important for brands to embrace wellness as part of their core mission. 62% believe that all brands will need a wellness angle to survive in the future, according to Deep Focus. Unsurprisingly, the business of wellness branding has exploded as a result. But under this broad characterization, brands are debating aspirational lifestyle and authenticity marketing.

Five ways to improve your marketing today

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Quick exercise regimens that offer ways you can move from the couch to a 5K in a month. Marketing/Social Media Credit Unions Marketing Branding Storytelling Mark Arnold cut the copy stronger visuals rinse & repeat show benefits