Will Exercise Junkies ‘Save’ The Smartwatch?


In fact, the smartwatch industry remains very much a niche and specialized market, one that Apple and other brands and retailers have not done a very good job capitalizing on or monetizing so far. The activity tracker became the device of choice for the middle-aged consumer looking to get in better shape by starting an exercise routine. So, if the smartwatch has a future — and companies like Apple are praying that it does — maybe it’s with the uber-fit exercise junkies?

ClassPass Lands $285M To Scale Fitness Marketplace


The new funding will be used to scale its branded model worldwide. L Catterton has worked with numerous tech-enabled fitness platforms – including Peloton , Hydrow and Tonal – as well as studio brands like Pure Barre and CorePower Yoga.

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Bringing The Jane Fonda Magic To Streaming Fitness Classes


Aerobic workouts, strength training, Pilates, yoga, cycling – name a form of exercise, and the odds are good to great that there plenty of fitness apps one can choose from to work out at home. She wants something that that feels branded, that feels special – that evokes joy.”.

Why No Brand May Be The Best Brand


It can’t be easy for a brand that has literally made its name on the notion of brandless-ness, as a pure-play cosmetics supplier. Millennials are less brand-loyal than their parents — though they tend to like quality — which means retailers like Brandless that let them tap and access those preferences have discovered a market looking for attention. The secret to what brandless offers, according to CEO Tina Sharkey, is the company’s elimination of what she calls the “brand tax.”

Online Fitness Experiences Where Signup Is The Light Lift Differentiator


At the same time, his platform allows fitness trainers to reach consumers and grow their digital brands. Forster noted that there are many talented trainers who might teach classes for other fitness brands or who have trouble scaling their own brands.

Noom’s New Approach To Solving The Obesity Epidemic


The brand is frequently billed as the Weight Watchers for millennials – in fact, the two share some similarities: Users set a weight loss goal, and then undertake a customized diet and exercise plan to attack that goal over 16 weeks, during which time they log their food consumption and activity, which is pretty standard for any weight-loss app. The accountability aspect — inputting data such as caloric intake, sleep, exercise, etc.

Uber Of X: SwitchFit Is The Uber Of Workout Regimens


FH: We are a challenger brand. It’s easy to start drinking your own Kool-Aid and becoming just another inspirational fitness brand; if we do that, we are dead. uber of x exercise fitness gyms Retail studios SwitchFit Uber of X working out workoutYear after year, it’s safe to say that most New Year’s resolutions include some form of getting in better shape. People join a gym with good intentions, but then their rate of going either slows down or stops altogether.

Equinox Seeks Cash Infusion To Build Out Digital Platform


The New York-based company is also seeking new investors after several members abandoned the brand, following Co-owner Stephen Ross hosting a fundraiser for President Donald Trump ’s 2020 campaign. Equinox’s SoulCycle brand can be seen in current television shows and movies.

Samsung Unveils Foldable Phone At Developer Event


Lopez Research Analyst Maribel Lopez predicted the product would be expensive over the short haul: “We’re talking about brand new materials that have been made for this and also a new manufacturing process,” Lopez told Reuters.

Porsche Brings Subscription Service To Four More Cities


The brand is bringing on San Diego, Las Vegas, Toronto and Phoenix to the pilot offering that it began in Atlanta, Bloomberg reported. Expanding its flexible car ownership experiment even while other automakers pull back, Porsche is bringing its subscription service to four new U.S. cities.

Stupid Bank Names

Jeff For Banks

Are you going through a similar exercise? If your brand strives for assimilation, then go with it. Even affinity branded banks, like Red Neck Bank (actual division of a bank), have some merit. Ask somebody outside of the re-branding process.

Peloton, Bike Company, Seeks Unicorn Valuation


The New York–based company sells exercise bikes equipped with tablets that enable cyclists to subscribe to spin classes, enabling them to enjoy the workout class atmosphere from the comfort of their own home. In just five years, the Peloton brand has developed a cult following for its products and services. Peloton Interactive , the stationary bike startup that connects consumers with virtual spin classes, may be looking to raise $120 million at a valuation of $1.2

3 Reasons Why 2016 WON’T Be Your Best Year Ever

Your Full Potential

You won’t exercise regularly. Accountability Branding Budgets Building Relationships Business Development Business Process Improvement Change Collaboration Conflict Credit Unions Cross-Selling Decisions Digital Marketing Employees Gen X Gen Y Global Network Goal-setting goals Human Resources Innovation Inspiration Leadership Leadership Development Management Motivation Performance Productivity Professional Development Strategic Planning Succession Planning Training

China’s Tencent Is Researching Potential Company Cryptocurrency


The purpose is to introduce a brand new program for users that’s geared toward the diamond industry. And last year, Tencent saw declines in share prices when regulators began exercising more oversight on online games, concerned that young people were spending too much time on them.

Lawsuit: Peloton Used 1,000+ Songs Illegally


The National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) is suing streaming exercise bike company Peloton , saying the service used upwards of 1,000 songs without licensing them properly, according to reports.

Virgin Money Buyout By CYBG Receives All-Clear


CYBG, which owns the Yorkshire and Clydesdale brand, moved to quell some consumer concerns about the transition, noting that there will not be an immediate switch for consumers. A court hearing late last week gave the all-clear for CYBG to complete its acquisition of Virgin Money for $2.24

Building the Collaboration Muscle: Optimizing the Bank / Fintech Relationship

Celent Banking

they now have access to data and a brand), while many of the disadvantages of a bank persist (e.g., Although other complications will undoubtedly arise, partnering is a muscle that banks haven’t exercised much.

‘reCommerce’ Marketplaces Eye Sustainability, Partnerships


While the company made much progress on pricing automation , Wainwright noted that it also exercises human oversight to ensure that it capitalizes on market opportunities.

Why Speed And Scale Will Define Global Payments In The 2020s


Speed, scale and engagement — if you say it a few times, really get your vocal cords and mouth into the exercise, there’s a certain snap to those words put together like that.

Reinventing the client advisor interaction model is the future of wealth management

Insights on Business

We’re beginning to see investment advisory firms expand their brands into non-financial areas such as nutrition, health, wellness and exercise, forming complete centers of influence for their clients.

Building A Digital And Subscription Community For Hockey Parents


To help hockey players stay up to date on the latest sports equipment, eCommerce innovator the PenaltyBox offers subscription boxes comprised of a myriad of hockey essentials, from well-known brands to up-and-coming companies the PenaltyBox team tests themselves.

Royl Aims To Be The Antidote To Athleisure


Most of what is being sold are either glorified pajamas or quasi-athleisure, neither of which I believe women should wear when they aren’t sleeping or exercising,” Rodin noted in an interview.

Bump On The Road To National FinTech Charters?


The judge ruled that “such dramatic disruption of federal state relationships in the banking industry occasioned by a federal regulatory agency lends weight to the argument that it represents exercise of authority that exceeds what Congress may have contemplated in passing the NBA.

Nike Ups Its (Sizzling) Digital Sales Game


And Carvana , which lets consumers browse and purchase vehicles online, has added a new virtual financing option, in tandem with Regions Bank through a co-branded site.

Oros Takes Activewear Into The Space Age


This brand exercise allows us to express that.”. The direct-to-consumer brand has also been updating its digital shop, as it is now fresh off a $5 million seed-funding round. How we talk about the brand and technology all come to life through this website.”.

Why Contactless Payments Are This Summer’s Big Music Headliner


Cruise ships and musical festivals are not that different from each other, not these days. Both feature large crowds of generally like-minded people.

Nordstrom Hits Online Sales Plateau


Anyone who has really tried to get themselves in shape has heard of the plateau – it’s that phase when your current exercises just don’t seem to be working as much as they used to, and even though you’re sticking to a schedule, you’re not getting any stronger. However, the brand’s full-price online sales have slowed in recent years, with its discount eCommerce sales actually losing the retailer money.

Online 131

Video App Snaptube Charges For Fake Purchases, Runs Invisible Ads


We didn’t realize the Mango SDK was exercising advertising fraud activities, which brought us major loss in brand reputation,” Snaptube said. An Android video app called Snaptube has been taking unauthorized premium purchases from its users and generating fraudulent ad clicks. Snaptube lets its approximately 40 million users download videos from Facebook , YouTube and others, TechCrunch reported.

Video 113

Turning Unwanted Bananas Into Energy Snacks With Upcycling


If consumers feel like something healthy in the morning or they are going to exercise, for instance, they can have a chewy bite. What keeps them buying and supporting the brand, however, is the mission that it has and the things that it does that are good.

Strava’s Journey From Fitness App To Fitness Ecosystem


According to one InTheBlack reviewer, among exercise enthusiasts who run, swim and bike, Strava isn’t just the place users go to log their athletic activities — it is where they goes to verify they exist. “If million fitness classes and wellness services offered daily via the MINDBODY app and MINDBODY branded apps and websites. In some ways, Strava is a very much like any social media platform, albeit with a slightly narrower focus than most.

What’s New At CES Isn’t Always What’s Really Good


People are still talking about VR, of course — and will keep doing so at the 2020 CES show — but even now, the CES promise of VR seems like some overhyped dream , a marketing exercise that has yet to pay off.

Tennis Gear Gets Into The Subscription Swing


And, when asked what benefits that brands receive from having their products featured on the platform, Vallejo notes that getting people to try their products is “probably the best marketing channel out there.”. They are the type of people that a tennis brand — or not a tennis brand, in some cases, as with snacks — might want to reach. While the company works with national brands, it also works with up and coming brands if it sees that there’s a fit.

Athletic Subscription Boxes Run On Curation


There is also a secondary item, which could be a product that is more aligned with stretching exercises, rehabilitation or general fitness, such as a jump rope. The plethora of merchandise and accessories in the athletic market can be overwhelming for new runners.

Why Credit Unions Crush Loyalty


Yet, CUs should exercise caution when collaborating with FinTech firms, as many have expressed interest in selling their products directly to members. percent of CU members said they would not switch from a CU to a FinTech because they have less trust in these brands.

12 Industries That Will Thrive Thanks To Millennials

CB Insights

Generation Y is already more motivated to stay in shape than previous generations: over three-quarters of millennials (76%) exercise at least once a week , compared to 70% of Gen Xers and 64% of baby boomers. We position plants and our brand as the break in all this.

SMBs Ramp Up Legal Fight Against New Virgin Money Owner CYBG


“The Virgin Money brand has potential in the [SMB] market, and testing with existing Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank customers is underway to evaluate the Virgin Money brand affinity with [SMB] customers and the appropriate timescale for any [SMB] rebranding exercise,” CYBG said in October.

Daily Harvest Pops Up In Manhattan


National Health and Nutrition Survey, which assessed how many Americans are on board with the “principles of healthy living” – a good diet, moderate exercise, not smoking and keeping body fat under control.

How 3D Body Scanning, DNA-Driven Meals, & Artificially Intelligent Clothes Are Personalizing Fitness

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Genetic tests can help provide recommendations on the types of exercises, workouts, and diets that would best suit an individual based on his or her genome. Personalization is trending across all consumer categories — and the fitness industry is no exception.

Barneys New York Looks To VR To Carry Spring Collection


No other medium can really envelop consumers into a brand universe and create brand affinity like virtual reality,” said Zach Overton, VP of Brand Experience, Samsung Electronics America. Brands such as Kellogg’s and Coca-Cola are taking the same approach to discover the optimal placement of their products within stores like Walgreens and Safeway. Some retailers say they don’t want to jump on the latest techy bandwagon just to jump on it.

Bots And Outside-The-Bots, CES 2019: Payments And Commerce Highlights


2019 was also a year when payments power made an appearance – and with some well-known brand s. Fashion brands Kate Spade and Michael Kors both introduced second-generation smartwatches with upgraded payments capabilities.

Creating Rent The Runway For Jewelry Lovers


But of course accessorizing can be a challenging and expensive exercise for fashion-conscious consumers. She casually noted the brand is looking into what further vertical is can push into going forward, though she didn’t have much in the way of specifics on that topic. .

The Smartphone Is Hurting India’s Women


In fact, the smartphone in India is exacerbating the already wide gender gap between men and women, and the latter are now finding communication in the new mobile age harder along with finding work, improving their skills and exercising political rights. is the largest cellphone brand in India and is targeting women by offering affordable, fashionable handsets and local-language operating systems. Yes, India has a rapidly growing base of smartphone users, but most of those are men.

Wellness Trends To Watch In 2019

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Aspiration & Authenticity Branding. 74% of consumers aged 18-34 believe that it’s important for brands to embrace wellness as part of their core mission. 62% believe that all brands will need a wellness angle to survive in the future, according to Deep Focus. Unsurprisingly, the business of wellness branding has exploded as a result. But under this broad characterization, brands are debating aspirational lifestyle and authenticity marketing.