New Regulations Prompt Airbnb To Yank Boston Listings


Airbnb has removed thousands of listings in Boston in response to new regulations regarding residency in the city, according to a report by CNBC. In Boston, units must now register with the city. Boston has received 1,778 applications for registration, and only approved 737.

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Airbnb, Eyeing IPO, Removes Boston Listings Due To New Regs


Airbnb has removed thousands of listings in Boston in response to new regulations regarding residency in the city, according to a report by CNBC. In Boston, units must now register with the city. Boston has received 1,778 applications for registration, and only approved 737.

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Boston Fed Pres. Thinks Co-Working Spaces Could Hurt Economy


The Boston Federal Reserve president think that co-working spaces could ultimately hurt the economy, and even worsen the next U.S. recession. “I

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Cannabis Startups Expected To Boost Warehouse Rents In Boston, L.A.


Industrial rents in already-expensive cities like Los Angeles and Boston are expected to get a boost because of weed startups, according to Bloomberg Markets. It’s had a tremendous, positive impact on rents and property values for the markets where this has been legalized,” Circ said. Taking the experiences from the markets that have been at this for a few years, the suggestion is this will have a positive impact in these new markets.”.

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Boston Fed Takes On Cyber Risks, FinTech Competition


Federal Reserve Bank of Boston President Eric Rosengren delivered a speech yesterday (April 4) at the bank’s 2016 Cybersecurity Conference highlighting the economic and cyber risks financial institutions are facing today.

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Mastercard And BJ’s To Offer A ‘Priceless’ Boston Experience


Boston doesn’t quite make it into the top tier of U.S. A “Priceless Boston” experience that includes an all-frills tour of Fenway Park (and tickets to that night’s game), a NASA astronaut-led session at the Museum of Science and a fishing trip with head chef Ken Oringer from the Toro restaurant. “We’re cities, like New York, L.A. and Chicago, but what it does offer in history, culture and sports draws tourists from across the country.

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Rinse Clothing Service Raises $14M To Expand To Boston, Chicago And Beyond


Rinse has a solution for both, and thanks to a $14 million Series B funding round led by Partech, it’s taking that solution to two new cities: Boston and Chicago. The $14 million of funding Rinse recently secured will not be going into the company’s tech as much as into building out its team as it looks to launch in new markets. The dry cleaning industry isn’t working. Customers feel it, vendors feel it— but both parties need it to work.

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Bringing The Farmers Market Online With Apps


Customers download the app through the Apple App Store or Google Play and sign up for the service and choose the market that suits them. At the same time, Tortora noted the technology has been adopted by farmers markets nationally (the company white labels its product as well).

HomeStreet to Buy Calif. Branches from Boston Private

American Banker

billion-asset company said in a press release Tuesday that it will buy two branches in the California markets of Granada Hills and Burbank from the $7.3 billion-asset Boston Private Financial Holdings in Boston. The $5.3 breaking_news community-banking m-a consolidation ca dealmaking-strategy

ICBA President takes on The Boston Globe on cybersecurity

Long Lasting Ideas

Fine put up his dukes so to speak after an article in The Boston Globe published a story contending that small community banks faced the greatest risk from hackers. Continue reading ICBA President takes on The Boston Globe on cybersecurity at Bank Marketing Strategy + Ideas.

Verdeva brings PayByCar to market via E-ZPass agreement

Mobile Payments Today

The Boston-based company has a new twist on in-vehicle payments that uses a device already present in some 35 million automobiles on the road today

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How Spend Tools Feed Food Banks’ Need For Accountability


As SMBs seek opportunities to expand their operations, and reach new customers and markets, they will need the right spend and workforce tools to ensure funds are spent appropriately. This demand is driving the global expense management software market to reach $6.6

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Chase Plans Expansion In Top US Markets In 2019


Chase has announced it is expanding its retail footprint into nine of the top American markets, as well as opening dozens of new locations in the greater Washington, D.C area, Philadelphia and Boston.

#Inbound2019: New Content Marketing Tools To Help Fintechs “Grow Better”

William Mills

Last week, WMA attended Inbound 2019 in Boston alongside 26,000 other eager marketers. Customer experience, or what Brian dubs “experience-market fit” has now emerged as perhaps the last remaining differentiating factor

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With GreenWise Market, Publix Takes On Specialty Grocers


Instead, it is floating a different type of test balloon in the market by opening one of its Lucky’s Markets in Delray Beach. Publix’s responses, GreenWise Market, has officially opened for business this week.

March Madness | The Stock Market Edition


The changing of the guard from winter into spring — although in this case it seems like winter was relegated to all of three days, and possibly during Innovation Project 2017 , and possibly only in Boston. . Like the stock market, for instance, where the metaphor might need slight modifications — like perhaps in like a lion, out like a lamb … headed to slaughter? But what about the people playing the market? .

Insurtech hubs around the world and a recent fireside chat at InsurTech LA

Daily Fintech

Insurtech Boston – Hosted by the founders of Ask Kodiak , Insurtech Boston holds events every six months or so in downtown Boston. As mentioned in articles before , there are a plethora of Insurtech conferences throughout the year. .

Digitization Could Halt Corporate Banks’ Shrinking Profits, Analysts Say


The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has released a new report that suggests corporate bankers may be able to halt shrinking profits through digital transformation. Digital is forcing sweeping changes in corporate banking, and institutions will need to adapt or see their competitiveness and market share steadily spiral down over the next few years,” warned BCG Senior Partner Dr. Carsten Baumgärtner in a statement.

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Why Doing Retail For Runners Isn’t About Chasing The Mass Market 


There is no shortage of startups that enter the wild world of direct-to-consumer (DTC) retail to address a hole in the market that leaves a massive number of consumers underserved. But the founding story for Tracksmith about looking around the market in 2013 and realizing there was a need to be met is somewhat eye-catching simply because of the group it chose to serve: runners.

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Canada Goose Outerwear Company Is Flying High


a premium outerwear brand known for its goose-down jackets with fur-trimmed hoods, has announced that it plans to open three more retail locations in the fall: in Boston, Calgary and Tokyo. The new Boston Canada Goose store will be located in the urban, upscale Prudential Center shopping mall. Retail apparel boston brand growth brick and mortar Canada Goose canadian ecommerce fashion international Japan News omnichannel retail outerwear physical retail What's Hot

The Week In Very Weird Commerce


So in some sense, it is not surprising that the team at Boston Dynamics chose a dog to be their robotic delivery beast. Spot is Boston Dynamics’ attempt to branch out some — since before being bought by Google, its robots were largely funded by military contracts.

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Super-Sizing Commerce For The Super Bowl


Super Bowl LI is less than 24 hours away from kicking off and deciding once and for all which city is better — Atlanta or Boston (though obviously it’s Boston — since the global headquarters for is located here). OK, well, maybe we’re just deciding which city’s football team is better (still Boston, because, well, Go Pats!), Commerce atlanta boston cpm Domino's falcons Main Feature pats Saturday Feature super bowl

Amazon Pushes Retailers To Same-Day Delivery


In data that will likely surprise anyone who has avidly watched retail over the last few years, the market is trending strongly toward same-day delivery. According to the “2017 Digital Commerce Benchmark Survey,” conducted by Boston Retail Partners (BRP), some 65 percent of retailers will offer same-day delivery within the next two years. The study also found three key areas of competence for retailers looking to remain competitive in the emerging digitized markets: 1.

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Circle buys Poloniex to form 'global token market'

Payments Source

The Boston-based Circle has offered several services over the past few years and has shifted its strategy. M&A Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin Mobile wallets Circle

It's the same old story for mobile payments adoption

Mobile Payments Today

A recent field test from the Boston Fed's Payments Strategies group shows the shortcomings of today's market

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Super-Sizing Commerce For The Super Bowl


Super Bowl LI is less than 24 hours away from kicking off and deciding once and for all which city is better — Atlanta or Boston (though obviously it’s Boston — since the global headquarters for is located here). OK, well, maybe we’re just deciding which city’s football team is better (still Boston, because, well, Go Pats!), In Depth atlanta boston cpm Domino's falcons Main Feature pats Saturday Feature super bowl

Bankers: Is It Worth Buying Checking Accounts

Jeff For Banks

years duration based on FHLB Boston's spot rates at the time of printing. And I'd like my marketing friends to chip in, but 2% seems a stretch. checking accounts core deposits deposit promotion fhlb fhlb boston pay to play product profitability strategic management

Shared Kitchens Help Restaurants Capture Growth Of The Food Delivery Market


Restaurants may want to reach more delivery customers by expanding into new markets, especially as the market for food delivery could grow to $17 billion by 2020. And Grubhub has been in expansion mode , gobbling up Boston-based Foodler, Groupon’s OrderUp and Yelp’s Eat24 in 2017. Target Market. So far, we’ve been focused more on restaurants that actually already have a market presence, and they’re just looking to expand,” Collins said.

Market For Distributed Farms That Grow Popular Fungi ‘Mushrooms’ In New York


Boston-based agricultural tech company Freight Farms , for example, grows produce inside of shipping containers. The Mushroom Market. The market for mushrooms is just so strong, especially local mushrooms,” DeMartino said, adding that beautiful exotic fungi have good margins. In the Big Apple, where space is at a premium, it’s not easy to grow farm fresh produce.

Numerated raises $15m to enhance underwriting tools for banks

Bank Innovation

Numerated, a real-time marketing and sales platform for banks, raised $15 million this week to enhance its tech stack and grow its customer acquisition capabilities. The Boston-based startup, which offers software designed to help banks find new corporate clients, pulls from […].

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LevelUp, Onosys partner to expand consumers’ order-ahead options

Payments Source

Onosys enables ordering ahead at Outback Steakhouse, Round Table Pizza, Boston Pizza, and others. Mobile payments Digital marketing Retailers LevelUp

KidPass Raises $5.1 Million In VC Funding For Expansion Into New Markets


Some were already investors in the startup, which is headquartered in New York City and will use the funding to expand into Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., KidPass , the startup that features a monthly membership program for kid-friendly local activities, raised $5.1 million in a round of funding. According to a report in TechCrunch, the Series A funding was led by Javelin Venture Partners.

America Can Now Literally Run On Dunkin’


That’s no longer the case, as the fast food company has decided to take a turn for the literal in their newest marketing campaign. Through a partnership with athletic shoe company Saucony — and just in time for the annual Boston Marathon, which will occur on April 16 — a pair of sneakers was designed around the donut chain’s famous tagline, so Americans can, quite literally, run on Dunkin’ — perhaps the world’s first donut-themed athletic footwear.

Dunkin’ Delivery Boosts Grubhub Shares


And there are plans to expand the service to additional markets in the coming months, including Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia. ” Markets delivery Dunkin grubhub new york city News What's Hot

What Bank Business Lines Will You Invest In?

Banker to Banker

If you have an MBA or have any corporate strategy training, undoubtedly you have been exposed to the famous Boston Consulting Group’s Boston Matrix. The framework is used by many banks today and charts each line of business along the twin dimensions of growth potential and market share.

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Dark Web Marketplace Hansa Bans Fentanyl Sales In Wake Of AlphaBay Takedown


The foremost of these was Hansa Market, which hosts more than 24,000 black market drug listings. But just in case you thought all drug dealers were bad guys, many have applauded Hansa’s decision to ban the deadly drug, despite the ban’s implications for the free market. For the average drug user not interested in ‘fent,’ a specialized market not allowing these things will be safer and less targeted,” wrote Redditor Chemical_Love_Story. “I

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Why Publicity Stunts Go Wrong So Easily


When planning a large-scale marketing push or publicity stunt, it can be easy to overlook the fact that getting attention is hard, and getting positive attention is even harder. And the summer of 2018 has already featured two flashy mass-market promotions that aimed for it, missed and got to watch things go spectacularly awry. It was a rare miss for Starbucks, incidentally, as they are among the rare firms that are usually pretty good at using publicity stunts as marketing material.

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Product Profitability Anyone? The JFB Pro-Growth Matrix

Jeff For Banks

One such firm is the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), creator of the Growth-Share Matrix that depicts the potential for a company''s products based on growth prospects and market share. Instead of using market share, as in the BCG model, I utilized net revenue per product.

Retail Pulse: Stop & Shop To Deploy Autonomous Vehicles; Chico’s FAS Plans To Close 250 Stores


With the help of Robomart , a startup based in California, the grocery chain plans to bring produce, convenience items and meal kits to the customers’ doors through roving autonomous mobile stores in the Boston area. With the store closings, which are said to involve its Chico’s, Soma and White House Black Market brands, the company hopes to benefit from lease expirations as well as return on capital and better profitability. before turning its eye to international markets.

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Redfin Testing Online Real Estate Bids


According to a report in The New York Times , Redfin started testing the program in Boston and is gearing up to expand it to other parts of the country. It’s trying to bring eCommerce to the real estate market with the service. It was for listings in the Boston area.

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Subterranean Monetary Policy Blues

SWBC's LenderHub

I was struggling with narrowing down his vast collection, that is until I looked up at my Bloomberg and read this from Boston Federal Reserve President Eric Rosengren, “The combination of slow GDP growth and rapid decline in unemployment is one of the clear puzzles of the recovery.”

For mobile payments adoption, it's the same old story

ATM Marketplace

A recent field test by the payments strategies group of the Boston Fed revealed the shortcomings of today's mobile payments market Mobile transactions have a long way to go before they overtake cash use in the US.

Flywire And VPBank Team Up On Tuition Payments


Our collaboration with VPBank makes it significantly easier for those schools to serve students at higher levels in this important market.”. Flywire is based out of Boston, and has offices in Chicago, London, Manchester, Valencia and Tokyo, among other locations. .

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