How blockchain will impact the supply chain

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Blockchain technology can provide excellent tools for supply chain management. Former Coca-Cola executive Kraig Adams talks about how he got involved with blockchain technology and how it will transform supply chain management

Database Management Startup Fluree Snags $4.7M For Blockchain Tech


Fluree, a database management startup based in North Carolina, has raised $4.7 million in a funding round to develop blockchain and integrate it into its database technology, according to a report. However, that depends on how the blockchain is configured.

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Adjoint CEO On Why Treasury Management Needs Blockchain


Blockchain is increasingly garnering headlines and attention for its use cases beyond cryptocurrencies. One area where elimination of such processes can be of benefit is treasury management — specifically, reconciliation of transactions and liquidity management.

IBM Launches New Blockchain Platform For Supply Chain Management


International Business Machines Corp (IBM) and blockchain consultancy Chainyard have announced a new blockchain network for supply chain management designed to improve supplier validation, onboarding and life cycle information management, IBM said in a press release on Aug.

Insurers Test Blockchain To Manage Provider Data


The blockchain is making inroads into healthcare. insurance landscape said they’re launching a pilot program that will help boost the management of healthcare provider data. Under the terms of the pilot, blockchain will be used with the hopes of improving data quality while reducing administrative costs focused on healthcare provider demographic data. Walker told PYMNTS that “we believe that a permissioned blockchain is the most suitable approach for our pilot.

Samsung Considers Blockchain To Manage Supply Chain


Samsung is reportedly looking into blockchain technology to manage its supply chain, reports in Bloomberg said on Monday (April 16). The technology conglomerate, which is the world’s largest smartphone and semiconductor maker, is exploring a blockchain-based ledger system to manage its international supply chain. Samsung SDS VP and Blockchain Chief Song Kwang-woo said that supply chain involves the transport of billions of dollars worth of goods every year.

JPMorgan Chase and National Bank of Canada Complete Blockchain Test

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and the National Bank of Canada (NBC) announced today that they tested a debt insurance simulation on a new blockchain platform. Corporate Innovations Lending Payments Wealth Management BlockChain fintech innovation JP Morgan QuorumJPMorgan Chase & Co.

Blockchain Is Centerstage in BNP’s Digital Push

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Its subsidiary, BNP Paribas Securities Services — a global custodian and securities services provider — received a third of that sum in order to explore emerging technologies, such as blockchain, AI, and […].

Why Hyperledger Says It?s Prime Time For Blockchain


Is now the prime time for blockchain ? As COVID-19 has disrupted supply chains worldwide, Brian Behlendorf , executive director of Hyperledger , told Karen Webster that the pandemic has spurred a shift in thinking about new use cases for permissioned blockchains.

Applying Blockchain to Trade Finance

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After Clearing and Settlement as a blockchain use case, the next big area of interest is Trade Finance. Blockchain GridThis is primarily because it’s an area full of inefficiencies and open to fraud.

Amazon Eyes Blockchain


An announcement Wednesday (November 28) said AWS is launching Amazon Quantum Ledger Database, as well as Amazon Managed Blockchain – solutions that Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy said are “something that a lot of companies need.”

FIs Look Inward For Faster Blockchain Deployment


Though the manic blockchain hype of 2018 has died down somewhat, FinTechs, banks and corporates continue to collaborate and innovate as they develop distributed ledger technology solutions for a range of use cases, including faster cross-border transactions.

JCB And TECHFUND Partner For Blockchain Payment System Ideas


Japan-based credit card and payment firm JCB has announced a partnership with tech startup accelerator TECHFUND to explore the idea of a payment system with blockchain options, the company said on Friday (May 15). Using blockchain in combination with credit cards isn’t a new idea.

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Former Coca Cola exec shares insight on blockchain supply chain management

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Blockchain technology can provide excellent tools for supply chain management. ATM Marketplace spoke with former Coca-Cola executive Kraig Adams to learn how he got involved with blockchain technology and how it will transform supply chain management

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Blockchain Finds New Home In Retail Food Supply


And it could be one of the killer apps for blockchain. “We We will be tracing everything around food production, and what we do in terms of managing animals because this (coronavirus) came from animals,” said NZX Head of Analytics Julia Jones.

WeChat Tests Blockchain For Automated Employee Expense Management


WeChat , an online messaging service operated by Chinese technology conglomerate Tencent, is looking to enhance its ability to facilitate employee expense reimbursements, and reports said the firm is exploring blockchain as part of the effort. The data would be transmitted using Tencent’s blockchain platform, the company explained, and said the capability could eventually address friction in the corporate expense reimbursement process and cut down on expense fraud.

Vanguard taps blockchain fintech for FX


Vanguard and blockchain provider Symbiont are one step closer to integrating blockchain technology into foreign-exchange (FX) forwards processes across a network of a dozen banks, brokerages and asset managers.

 Samsung Eyes Blockchain Smartphone?


In the world of blockchain phones, another name may crowd the pantheon. Said sites including , Samsung, no small player in mobile devices, submitted three trademark requests in Europe that offer up some clues into blockchain-focused phones.

Regulation, Data Management Top Industry Concerns

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Professionals in the financial services industry are focusing their energy on regulation and data management, according to a survey from consulting firm and technology services provider Synechron.

Blockchain Tackles Farming’s Cash Flow Bottlenecks


GrainChain is one of several FinTech firms wielding blockchain to streamline financial transactions in the B2B space, using smart contracts to streamline both B2B payments and trade finance, as well as promote transparency and trust across all parties involved. Mitigating Risk With Blockchain.

DMG Blockchain Targets Cannabis Supply Chain Traceability


Blockchain company DMG Blockchain Solutions is rolling out a new supply chain management solution designed for the legal cannabis market. The company announced via press release on Tuesday (Oct.

22 Companies Leveraging Blockchain for Identity Management and Authentication

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Among the variety of non-financial use cases, blockchain technology can be applied to identity applications in areas such as digital identities, passports, e-residency, birth certificates, wedding certificates, IDs, online account. Authentication blockchain Insights 2WAY.IO

Blockchain Makes Inroads Into Banking


In Asia, blockchain continues to get a boost from government and regulatory efforts, especially in the realm of trade finance done across borders. Separately, the South Korean government has been eyeing tax breaks for blockchain in a move that looks to bring innovation to the region.

Target Tests Blockchain For Supply Chain Tracking


Retailer Target is developing an open source blockchain solution to boost transparency within supply chains , the company revealed. Target will also reportedly support the Hyberledger Grid, which aims to streamline supply chain management in food and retail.

Amazon Seeks To Use Blockchain Tech For Supply Chain Trust


In separate news, IBM and Chainyard, the blockchain consultancy, unveiled a supply chain management blockchain network called Trust Your Supplier, which aims to bolster supplier validation, life cycle data management and onboarding. Amazon Technologies Inc.

Brexit A Boon For Blockchain?


Late this month, a study from Nexus found that across 200 businesses surveyed, more than half of large and mid-sized companies queried are looking to adopt blockchain in an effort to mitigate operational risks in the wake of Brexit. That would leave room for blockchain.

Collaboration Spurs Treasury Management Innovation


Deals were made with B2B invoicing and payments firm Viewpost, as well as health care blockchain company Gem and natural language search technology company ClearGraph. Patrick Moore , executive vice president and head of Capital One ‘s Treasury Management Product Management group, told PYMNTS that these collaborations offer the ability to integrate niche FinTech capabilities into Capital One’s broader range of services.

Accenture Introduces Blockchain Procurement Solution


Accenture has a blockchain solution that just went live, according to a press release. With increased supplier demand, Accenture buyer teams need to move quickly and effectively,” said Shane Marshall, the company’s managing director of Global IT and Blockchain.

FEMA Looks At Blockchain To Aid Disaster Payouts


The United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has revealed that it might look into using blockchain technology to streamline disaster insurance payouts, as well as speed up its response to disasters.

Walmart Develops Blockchain Freight Payment Network


Walmart Canada has developed a blockchain-based network to facilitate logistics operations and payments, the company announced in a press release Thursday (Nov. This new dynamic and interactive blockchain technology platform is creating complete transparency between Walmart Canada and all of our carrier partners,” he continued. B2B Payments B2B Blockchain canada DLT Labs freight logistics News supply chain management walmart What's Hot In B2B

XinFin Connects Blockchain Factoring Tool To QuickBooks


Blockchain company XinFin is rolling out an integration between its invoice factoring application InFactor and QuickBooks. The company will also link corporates to real-time remittance, trade finance, digital asset management and other financial management apps on R3 Corda.

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JPMC Adds Deutsche Bank To Blockchain Roster


Deutsche Bank , Germany’s largest bank, is joining the 320 banks in the JPMorgan Chase -led blockchain initiative, the Financial Times reported Sunday (Sept. More than 65 banks are live on the JPMorgan blockchain, and 255 are in the process of joining.

Microsoft And Nasdaq Partner For Blockchain Initiative


Microsoft is reportedly partnering with Nasdaq on blockchain, in which its Azure blockchain services will integrate with Nasdaq’s Financial Framework. The partnership is aimed at creating a blockchain system to help technologies work together for Nasdaq customers.

Ripple Forms Blockchain For Europe Association With Other Players


Ripple, the blockchain company that owns XRP, the digital currency, has joined forces with NEM, Fetch.AI, and EMURGO/Cardano to create a new association that represents the interest of blockchain and cryptocurrency business in Europe.

Data Reconciliation Next Up for Blockchain

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Blockchain-based money transfers may not leave the test labs any time soon, and the near-term applications of DLT will most likely begin quietly in bank backends. Compliance Corporate Exclusive Technology Wealth Management Alphapoint DLT Scotiabank Tabb Group