First-Class Perks Include VR Tech On Alaska Air


Alaska Airlines announced that is partnering with French company SkyLights to pioneer a new virtual reality (VR) headset for its first-class passengers. The program makes Alaska Air the first airline in North America to trial the technology as an inflight entertainment device. We’re testing with guests in our Alaska Airlines First Class cabin as it makes for a nicely contained focus group in the air,” Scotland said. “We’ve

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Alaska Airlines Says Goodbye To Virgin America Brand, Hello To New Perks


By the end of 2019, Alaska Airlines will retire the Virgin American branding and logo it acquired last year. The Alaska Air Group announced on Wednesday (March 22) that the decision has to do with both cost and consistency of branding, GeekWire reported. Late last year, Alaska Air Group completed the $4 billion transaction to acquire Virgin America’s operation and routes, making the merged firm the fifth largest U.S.

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What Grubhub, Uber Can Teach CUs About Loyalty And Rewards


Mazie Hirono of Hawaii and Dan Sullivan of Alaska entered the bill into consideration earlier this month, and several CU organizations — including the Hawaii and Alaska Credit Union Leagues as well as the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) — have so far praised it.

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$1B+ Market Map: The World’s 260 Unicorn Companies In One Infographic

CB Insights

Using the CB Insights database, we mapped global unicorn companies valued at $1B+ according to the primary markets in which they operate. Mapped by market. Our market map divides unicorns up into thirteen categories comprised.

Why 9 In 10 Merchants Put Subscription Product Details On A Pedestal


Misfits Market , for instance, offers produce in a large “madness box” or a small box called a “mischief box.” Little Spoon sends meals to customers across the United States — except Hawaii and Alaska — on a biweekly basis for a 14-day supply.

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Does Virgin America Sale Help Or Hinder Discount US Airfare?


As one 29-year-old Silicon Valley marketing manager and former frequent Virgin flyer told The New York Times : “I think of [Virgin] as a young, hip airline. Alaska is more of a friendly aunt.”. While this is enough to push Alaska, now at a total of 6.5

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Bustlingly Busy, Visa’s Vistas Expand


Big Tech Battle of Market Caps : Amazon’s market cap has hit a significant milestone. With a new high of $900 a share, the company’s recent market cap stood at more than $430 billion. That’s nearly twice the market cap of Walmart and has three times the revenue of that stalwart eCommerce player. In the stock market, sometimes sizzlers keep sizzling, especially when online sales are in the offing. Sizzle.

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Pull the String on Your Client Relationship Management Strategy

Strategically Speaking

A wise and very successful banker in Alaska once said about the bank’s sales and service culture, “If I leave it alone for one day we stop making progress. strategic marketing customer relationship management Author: Barbara Kempf, If I ignore it for even two days we begin to slide backward.”. That’s how culture change works. It’s something that requires consistent, everyday focus.

Making Online Pet Food More Pup- And Planet-Friendly With Crickets


For its target market, Russell said Chippin aims to share the product with consumers looking to make a sustainable choice. The Market. The company sends deliveries via ground shipping to 48 states (not Alaska or Hawaii at this time). Dogs need tender loving care, regular walks, entertaining toys and food to keep them energized and well-nourished.

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Walmart To Lay Off 1K Employees At Its Headquarters


Bloomberg reported news that between 400 and 500 jobs were cut this week in marketing, human resources, merchandising, real estate and other departments. Earlier this month, it suddenly closed 63 Sam’s Club warehouses in several states, including in Arizona, Alaska, Texas, New Jersey, Indiana and New York. Walmart will be laying off as many as 1,000 employees at its headquarters this year and in 2019.

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Groupon Partners With Points To Launch Loyalty Commerce Initiative


users make a purchase, they can now choose an incentive of up to 10 points or miles per dollar spent from some of the world’s leading loyalty programs , including the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan, Choice Privileges, IHG Rewards Club, JetBlue’s TrueBlue loyalty program, La Quinta Returns and others. “We’re We’re excited to partner with Points to offer our customers even greater value when they shop through Groupon,” said Vinayak Hegde, senior vice president of global marketing for Groupon.

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Uber And Lyft Returning To Texas?


Uber and Lyft, the two ride-hailing firms that left several Texas markets over controversy tied to fingerprint background checks, may be coming back. This follows lawmakers in states such as New York and Alaska, who have passed similar measures that take some leverage away from local governments when it comes to regulating ride-hailing services. Uber and Lyft are likely to reenter the aforementioned markets as soon as the governor signs the legislation, said Reuters.

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Auto lending up more than 30 percent at credit unions since 2012


A resurgent job market (with 257,000 U.S. Alaska USA Federal Credit Union, with only a fraction of the membership of Navy FCU at just over a half million members (not to mention the state of Alaska only has about 1.2 It may still be early in the New Year, but the U.S.

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Excited To Help People

Independent Banker

His collection of shot glasses, each bearing a particular state’s name or emblem as tangible evidence of his visits to those states, is complete after a recent trip through the Dakotas, Montana, Wyoming and then, lastly, Alaska.

From Farce to Menace

Independent Banker

Even as nearly one-third of Americans are already members of a credit union, it seems there’s almost nothing the NCUA still won’t try to further expand the market reach and special tax-exempt privileges of the credit unions it supervises. By Camden R. Fine, President and CEO of ICBA.

Retail’s Voice-Assisted, Meatless Summer


The subscription commerce wars kept raging, and new operations and businesses entered the market or tweaked their models. The service reached this milestone after recent rollouts in Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.

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Microsoft Launches Teams After Four Months Of Previewing The Corporate App


Microsoft is launching Teams, its chat-focused workspace for Office 365, on Tuesday (March 14) in 181 markets around the globe. Microsoft reportedly said it has greater than 50,000 companies using Teams during the preview including household brands such as Alaska Airlines, ConocoPhillips, Deloitte and Expedia. According to a report , Teams is taking on Slack , Facebook, Google and Amazon in the enterprise messaging marketplace.

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Retail Pulse: Sears To Open ‘Home & Life’ Stores, Amazon Reduces Whole Foods’ Prices


The locations, which the company said were created based on insights from Sears Appliances & Mattresses stores, are set to be located in Alaska, Kansas and Louisiana. Iconic American retailers that have been around more than 100 years are creating new concepts for the new era of retail.

Walmart Amazon Whole Paycheck Tracker: Fingerprints, Firearms And FedEx 


According to the company, the program is relatively recent and the badge is currently being tested in “select markets for certain customers.”. “We Walmart will also discontinue handgun sales in Alaska, the only state where it still sells such weapons.

How Masabi Makes Public Transit Ticketing Mobile


In a recent interview with PYMNTS, Donovan explained how the company works to replace good ol’ transit tickets in 30 global markets. Most recently, Masabi expanded to offer ticketing solutions for railways in Australia and buses in Alaska.

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Ordering Pizza Looks Easy, But It’s Not — Here’s Why


It had to choose between three platforms that had seen success at its 450 locations across California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Alaska, Hawaii and two international markets. During the due diligence phase, the company also considered platforms that it hadn’t worked with previously in case there was something better on the market. Many platforms want a slice of the digital pizza-ordering pie.

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Moving Services Use The Gig Economy To Simplify Pricing For Consumers


But services such as Bellhops are disrupting the market — and making a challenging time for consumers easier — by bringing an on-demand pricing model to the moving industry. We’d love to be in realistically all 50 states, barring maybe Alaska or Hawaii,” Miller said, adding that he hopes to be in the majority of U.S.

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Building from Scratch

Independent Banker

She got married to a Navy man and moved with him to Kodiak, Alaska, where she had a son. Higher-rate money market accounts had just been widely introduced, squeezing core interest margins. “I love being around people, and people are what community banking is all about.”

The world’s most extreme ATMs


The current ratio of ATMs compared to population is 420 per million (source: Retail Banking Research – Global ATM Market and Forecasts to 2020). Alaska. Wells Fargo operates ATMs in Barrow, Alaska, which has the distinction of being the northernmost city in the USA. Colin Gordon is a SelfServ Marketing Manager at NCR and is based at NCR’s R&D Center in Dundee, Scotland. How far would you go to get some cash out or check your account balance?

Shell Pumps More For Less With IoT


But for all the stories focused on the rising and falling nature of oil markets , almost no attention is paid to the companies that are trying to stabilize those prices, and Shell may have made a breakthrough with the Internet of Things and its oilfields in rural Nigeria.

A Roadie For Everyone


The immediate priority for that funding is developing its analytics platform and increasing its market share. After a little under a year in business the app has 300K downloads and 22K drivers nationwide, even in far flung regions like Alaska and Hawaii. When the average person confronts broken bathroom tiles, they can be expected to go through something like the five stages of grief described by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

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The Business And Politics Of Pricing Trips To Cuba


based airlines — American, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, United, Alaska, Frontier and Silver — had submitted air route proposals for Cuban-bound flights to the U.S. President Obama’s official state visit to Cuba marked the first time the top elected U.S.

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Data Dive, Retail Race Edition


Reports indicate that Amazon, if and when it enters the market, will expand its senior team with drug supply chain experts. prescription drug market is a big one, at $560 billion per year – but it’s also extremely complex. Last week’s news was on top of another news report last month that Amazon was looking at the mail-order pharmacy market , potentially targeting the uninsured or those who have high deductibles and pay out of pocket for prescription drugs.

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Data Dive: And The Winner Is Edition — SMBs Worldwide, DoorDash And Gun Regulation


Participants pitch to a panel of Visa representatives — and a few large client representatives — in what Visa’s SVP of Digital and Marketing Transformation Shiv Singh described as a “Shark Tank”-like format. This week saw three very big names in retail and payments weigh in on the debate over gun control in an attempt to push the market toward regulating itself with or without government intervention. The pomp, the pageantry — and, of course, the glamour.

CFPB July 2016 complaint report highlights credit card complaints, complaints from Washington consumers

CFPB Monitor

In its first and second biennial reports on the credit card market, the CFPB identified deferred interest products and rewards programs as “areas of concern” for consumers. North Dakota, Alaska, and Wyoming experienced the greatest complaint volume increases from the same time last year (April to June 2015 compared with April to June 2016) with increases of, respectively, 40. Barbara S. Mishkin.