The Bitcoin Bust And Its Ripple Effects


It has not been a great week for the price of bitcoin, or really any cryptocurrency for that matter. The price of bitcoin has fallen and stayed below $6,000 for the last four days and no one’s predicting a rally anytime soon.


Cannabis Cos’ $4.7B In Cash-Based Taxes Overwhelm IRS


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is paying $1.7 million to a Virginia company to handle “large cash payments for processing cannabis federal taxes.”. According to Quartz , the U.S. government collected approximately $4.7

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Robotics Process Automation Rakes In The VC Cash


In a week of multiple nine-figure venture capital funding rounds, B2B FinTech has proved it plans to end the year on a high note.

Mastercard Leads Investment In Mobile FinTech Mobeewave


Contactless payment company Mobeewave announced the closing of a $16.5 million Series B funding round, led by NewAlpha Asset Management, Mastercard and Forestay Capital.

Real-Time Payments Driving Real-Time Liquidity: Deutsche Bank


Corporate finance executives seem to be readying for real-time payments, preparing to adopt faster payment capabilities and bracing for changes to their cash flow management strategies as a result.

Third-Party Data Breaches On The Rise In The U.S.


Opus, the provider of global compliance and risk management solutions, announced Thursday (Nov.

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SWIFT Disconnects From Iran’s Banks


Months of geopolitical spats that spanned Europe, the Middle East and the United States have seen payments infrastructure at the center of it all.

Nordstrom Breach Exposes Data On 76K Employees


Nordstrom has suffered a data breach that exposed employee names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, checking account and routing numbers, salaries and more.

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First Data’s Frank Bisignano On Giving Back To Veterans Today — And Every Day


Veterans Day is Nov.11 in the U.S. — a day set aside each year since 1954 to honor all those who have served in the military. There are roughly 26 million veterans in the U.S. today and, each year, about 1 percent of those eligible for service enlist.

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Chase Card Services President On Why It’s Time For Cards To Tap And Go


How to speed the checkout process? To echo an old Dustin Hoffman film, the answer may lie with one word: plastic. To that end, Chase , the largest card issuer in the U.S., said Wednesday (Nov. 14) that it’s rolling out tap-to-pay functionality across its Chase Visa card portfolio.

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FLEETCOR May Be Nearing Western Union Business Payments Buy


Western Union and FLEETCOR are nearing an agreement to sell WU’s business payments operations to the fleet payments firm, according to reports in PE Hub on Wednesday (Nov.

Bitcoin Daily: Japan Mulls Regulating Crypto Wallets, SEC Imposes Penalties In ICO Cases


Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) had a plan for crypto wallet service regulation on its meeting agenda for a recent gathering of its crypto study group, reported.

Bank Of England Plans Panel To Standardize Payments Messaging


As the U.K. continues its move to adopt the ISO 20022 payments messaging standard, the Bank of England is reportedly planning to create a panel aimed at streamlining the adoption of the standard for more efficient payments in the country.

TRENDING: BigCommerce On How Platforms Solve Big eCommerce Payment Complexities


When consumers make a purchase online or through a mobile app, they expect the process to be simple and secure. However, they also expect to be able to pay using the method of their choosing, and in their local currency.

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NEW DATA: 14 Ways To Improve Mobile Checkout Conversion


Smartphones are now more ubiquitous than laptops and desktops. As many as 86 percent of modern consumers own a smartphone, and 23 percent of them shop on their mobiles.


Bitcoin Daily: Ripple Tapped By CIMB For Southeast Asia DLT Tech, Bitcoin Cash’s Hard Fork Goes Live


CIMB , a banking group that operates in countries such as Malaysia, Cambodia and Thailand, has inked a deal with Ripple in order to bring the company’s blockchain technology to its SpeedSend remittance offering, Cryptovest reported. Hack Exposes Consumer Data


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ( CMS ) confirmed on its website that it was the victim of a data breach in October — the Marketplace system used for agents and brokers was hacked.

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Bitcoin Daily: Hublot Unveils Bitcoin Watches; Swiss Regulator Throttles Bank Crypto Trading


Blockchain , the crypto wallet provider, plans to have an airdrop worth $125 million, Fortune reported. Through the cryptocurrency giveaway, each recipient would receive around the equivalent of around $25 in Stellar.

Blockchain Believers Remain Bullish On B2B Payments Disruption: PayPie


As the peaks and valleys of blockchain hype continue to rise and fall, more doubt has surfaced over the future of distributed ledger technology, particularly in the area of B2B payments.

PayPal Working Capital Steps Into Germany


PayPal is broadening its small business financing offering into the German market, a press release announced on Wednesday (Nov.

MoviePass Sees Decline In Subscribers During Third Quarter


MoviePass , the struggling movie theater subscription service owned by Helios & Matheson Analytics, saw its subscribers decline by a big rate during the third quarter.

Google Cloud Collabs On Enterprise Analytics With ThoughtSpot


Google Cloud has announced a partnership with artificial intelligence and data analytics firm ThoughtSpot to develop cloud analytics solutions for the enterprise. In a press release issued on Tuesday (Nov.

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Tim Cook: Tech Regulations Are ‘Inevitable’


Apple ’s CEO believes that new regulations for the tech industry are “inevitable.”. According to the Financial Times , Tim Cook said in an interview that “the free market is not working” and that the tech industry should embrace regulation.


Microsoft CEO: Data Privacy Is A ‘Human Right’


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently called data privacy a “human right,” urging tech companies to do all they could to protect users from cyber threats.

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NEW REPORT: QSRs Must Look Beyond Mobile To Win Connected Consumers


The quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry is on track to continue a decade and a half’s worth of growth this year, with consumers projected to spend more than $256 billion at burger joints, sandwich shops, pizza parlors and other QSRs by the end of this year.

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Instacart Raises $271M On $7.8B Valuation


Grocery delivery startup Instacart raised an extra $271 million in November, bringing its latest round of funding to $871 million. A source told Reuters that the additional funding comes from investors, including U.S.

Overstock Talks Up Its Blockchain-Based Future


Overstock may be best known as an eCommerce business, but these days its CEO and Founder Patrick Byrne is much more interested in talking about the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain, and how it will be the real future of both the firm and the economy in general.

CanIDeal Debuts First Cannabis eCommerce Platform


CanIDeal has announced that vendors of cannabis-related products can now start listing their merchandise on its eCommerce portal. While we are only selling THC products in Oregon, any and all non-THC and.3

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Why Real-Time Payments Need Real-Time Trust


It can be a moment of anxiety, worry and mistrust: that moment when a digital payment is sent into what was once called the ether. Will the funds end up in the right bank account? Will fraudsters hitch a ride?

BitPay Lands Ex-PayPal Talent For Business Solutions Unit


B2B cryptocurrency payments company BitPay announced this week that Rolf Haag is joining the company to lead its business solutions unit. In a press release , BitPay said Haag will spearhead the company’s B2B and mass payments operations.

Billtrust And Visa Launch B2B Payments Platform For Buyers And Suppliers


Visa and Billtrust today (Nov.

How Robots Are Shaking Up The Grocery Industry


It’s a combination of the latest technology and prehistoric human need: the increasing trend of using robots in the grocery industry.

Now On Tap: Apps As Discovery Platforms For Bars


Bar and event venues face a dilemma when it comes to finding customers: while social media helps them get discovered, there is a potential downside to using these platforms.

Brexit A Boon For Blockchain?


Questions loom large over Brexit. As the U.K. gears up to leave the European Union (EU), for commerce, there remains the unknowns of how trade will be affected, as well as how capital, goods and services can be tracked.

Guess What? Black Friday Started The Day After Halloween.


Once upon a time, the holiday shopping season had a very, very well-defined start date. The day after Thanksgiving has been known colloquially as Black Friday ever since the 1970s. But before it was known as Black Friday, it was already a nationally established custom in the U.S.

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QR Payments Coming To Hong Kong Subways


The subway system in Hong Kong will allow commuters to scan a QR code as a payment method after announcing a deal with Alibaba’s payment affiliate Ant Financial last week.

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Jumio Wages War Against Digital Authentication ‘Maybes’


What’s worse than a “maybe”? Warm ice cream, perhaps? Flat soda? Pat Boone singing heavy metal? Yes, he actually released an album of heavy metal covers in 1997, with hard-edged songs from Metallica and Guns N’ Roses rendered in a jazzy style that is not campy but just bad.).

UK Retail Banks Draft FinTech Alliance Guidelines


Top U.K. banks and financial technology firms have worked together to create a set of guidelines to improve the relationship between FinTech startups and financial institutions (FIs).

IMF Head Says Central Banks Should Look At Issuing Digital Currency


IMF head Christine Lagarde called on central banks to seriously consider issuing digital currency to fill the gap left by the declining use of cash.

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Thailand Govt Eyes Blockchain To Track Taxes


As the saying goes, nothing in life is certain but death and taxes. To be certain of taxes, will blockchain seal the deal? Last week, Thailand’s Revenue Department was reported to be bringing blockchain projects into the fold to track tax payments, aided by machine learning.

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American Express Receives Permission For Card Service In China


Before a summit between China’s President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Donald Trump, American Express has received the go-ahead to open up card-clearing services in China. China’s central bank announced the approval on Friday (Nov. 9), The Wall Street Journal reported.

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How 5G Will Change Healthcare And Medical Payments


As the world — and the world of payment and commerce — ready themselves for the deployment of 5G mobile technology, the healthcare industry is anticipating the likely changes, some of which will involve wearables and billing.

How Retail Underdogs Can Avoid An Amazon Holiday Blowout


During the holiday shopping season, countless consumers will use digital payments and commerce technology to buy gifts from distant companies — some overseas, some just in neighboring time zones — and have them shipped seamlessly to their destinations.