DocuSign Wages War On Phishing


More than 4.1 billion consumer accounts fell victim to data breaches during the first half of 2019 — to the tune of $4 million in lost revenue per breach. This comes to approximately one hack every 39 seconds, and affects a wide range of businesses and customers.

$500M Rescue Plan Considered For Debt-Burdened Taxi Drivers


A New York City-appointed panel is seeking a $500 million bailout to help taxi drivers trapped in unscrupulous medallion loans, The New York Times reported on Wednesday (Jan.

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Crowdz Pilots Invoice Crowdfunding Platform InvoiceXchange


B2B invoicing and payments firm Crowdz has announced a new pilot aimed at connecting businesses to crowdfunding services to finance their unpaid invoices. In a press release sent to PYMNTS Thursday (Jan.

Does ‘Google Checking’ Foreshadow Big Tech, FinTech Payments Changes?


Banks and credit unions are certainly not on their way out, even as they face more pressure from challenger banks, FinTechs and Big Tech in the coming decade.

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Visa’s $5.3B FinTech Play, Wrapped In Plaid


Call it an expansion of the Visa network-of-networks model. As reported on Monday (Jan. 13), Visa said it will buy Plaid — which focuses on the development of application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow consumers to share their data with thousands of apps — for $5.3 billion.

Citi Launches Cross-Border Accounts Receivable Platform


Citi is streamlining the cross-border collections process for its corporate treasury clients, the financial institution said Wednesday (Nov.

The Not-So-Beaten Path To B2B Payments Real-Time Ubiquity


The global payments ecosystem’s path to faster and real-time payments ubiquity is an evolution, not a revolution. That is to say, mass adoption will take time, and the factors driving that adoption will almost certainly continue to change and shift as end users’ needs do the same.

MoneyGram, Wing Team Up On Cambodian Digital Wallet 


MoneyGram has announced a partnership with Cambodian bank Wing on a digital wallet venture that will allow funds to be deposited directly into customers’ accounts.

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FEMA Looks At Blockchain To Aid Disaster Payouts


The United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has revealed that it might look into using blockchain technology to streamline disaster insurance payouts, as well as speed up its response to disasters.

The Rapid Rise Of Real-Time Payments


When The Clearing House launched its Real-Time Payments (RTP) network in 2017, the service was bound to rewrite some rules, and it has.

Why Digital Payments Innovation Sticks To Gen Z


Things move fast – perhaps too quickly at times – in payments and commerce. A fresh sign of that is how much focus is turning toward the emerging consumer group known as Generation Z. Gen Z is growing up.

Virtual Gaming Grows Into A Force For Tourism And Even Atlantic City


With every passing year, it becomes harder and harder to talk about, or even think about, the global digital and mobile ecosystem without considering the place of gaming within that world. And now comes along another bit of news that further drives home that point.

Bitcoin Daily: Shopify Plugin Uses Blockchain For Authentication, SportsCastr Launches Its Own Crypto


A startup in San Francisco called the Real Items Foundation has developed a plugin for Shopify that will use blockchain technology to make sure items being sold on the site are authentic, according to a report by Cointelegraph. The plugin is powered by blockchain and a cloud application called TAM.

First Bankcard, Provident Bank Team For Commercial Payments


First Bankcard , a division of First National Bank of Omaha , has formed a strategic partnership with Provident Bank , First Bankcard announced Wednesday (Jan.

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Building The Beard Trend Into A Successful eCommerce Portal 


After several decades out of favor, with the dawning of the 21st century and especially in the 2010s, beards began to make a big comeback.

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Canapi VC Firm Commits $545M To Boost FinTech Startups


Venture capital firm Canapi Ventures announced $545 million in funding that will serve as its inaugural venture capital funds, gleaned from a sizable investor base.

Worldpay On Modernizing Security Defenses To Foil eCommerce Fraud


The European Union’s long-anticipated 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (5AMLD), which modernizes security rules to reflect the needs and threats facing today’s economy, took effect in mid-January, and its impacts are already being felt across the payments space.

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USAT: Unattended Retail’s (Dawning) Age Of Self-Serve Ubiquity


Evolution is the hallmark of everything that survives over a long period of time — and so it should come as no surprise that unattended retail has evolved, too, over more than a century since the first coin-operated vending machines made their debut in the late 1800s.

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Mastercard And VamosPay: Accelerating The Path Toward Financial Inclusion


In the best of partnerships, each member contributes strengths and expertise to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. The partnership model — for example, card networks linking up with FinTechs — can bring such outsized firepower to digital innovation through cross-pollination.

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PayPal, UnionPay Deal Builds New Commerce Bridges Into And Out Of China


This week, global luxury brands have seen their stock prices take a sharp hit as reports emerge that a coronavirus with origins in China’s Wuhan region is spreading rapidly and has made its first appearance on U.S. shores.

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Helbiz eScooter Sharing App Taps Alipay For Mobile Payments Offering


Micro-mobility giant Helbiz announced a partnership with mobile payments platform Alipay , which will allow customers a wider breadth of access to Helbiz’s eScooters, eBikes and other devices for easy riding through Italy.

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WeWork Unloads Business Software Company In Pursuit Of Profits


WeWork has sold its business management software company Teem and also the minority stake it had in startup The Wing, to focus its business going forward. The real estate company has also been gradually selling off shares in its side ventures as it tries to maximize its profits.

EU Countries Gain Ability To Exclude ‘High-Risk’ 5G Suppliers


New guidelines from the European Union (EU) allow for countries to restrict or exclude “high-risk” 5G providers from important parts of their telecom networks, according to Reuters. The news means that Chinese 5G provider Huawei Technologies could be affected. .

Visa Tap To Phone Expands POS Acceptance For Retailers


The mPOS landscape got more interesting today (Jan. 12), as Samsung has unveiled its Galaxy XCover Pro, an enterprise-grade smartphone that comes pre-installed with Visa’s Tap to Phone app.

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China Finalizing Laws For Digital-Only Banking 


China is finalizing its first rules for online-only banks, striving to reduce financial jeopardy and lure pivotal participants, Reuters reported on Monday (Jan. 13), citing three sources.

Credit Unions Place Big Bet On Biometrics


A new decade — and for credit unions (CUs), might this be the decade of data as a conduit of trust, a way to cement customer loyalty?

Nigeria Turns To FinTechs To Boost Financial Inclusion


In an effort to expand access to financial institutions (FIs), the Central Bank of Nigeria is planning to license more payment providers, Bloomberg reported on Saturday (Nov. 30). . The goal is to improve Nigeria’s financial inclusion rate by 20 percent, bringing it to 80 percent by the end of 2020.

Big Brands Are Cutting Ties With Amazon


IKEA has announced it is cutting ties with Amazon, a move that other brands like Nike, Birkenstock and PopSockets have also done recently. However, according to a report by CNBC , the move could backfire, as Amazon completely dominates the online shopping market, with 38 percent under its control.

Tesla Invites Hackers To Find Flaws For Prizes At Competition


To challenge hackers to find flaws in its vehicles, Tesla , the electric automaker, is returning to the Pwn2Own hacking competition run by Trend Micro ’s Zero Day Initiative (ZDI), electrek reported. Some Model 3 vehicles and approximately $1 million are said to be for the taking.

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Visa Says Tokenized Transactions Hit $1T Mark, Sets Click-to-Pay Transition


For tokenized payments, $1 trillion and counting. Visa said on Tuesday (Jan. 14) that participants in its Visa Token Service have processed eCommerce volumes of $1 trillion since the service’s debut in 2014, and that its transition of Visa Checkout merchants to click-to-pay will begin on Jan.

Spanish Food Delivery Startup Glovo Shutters In Four Markets


Glovo , a Spanish food delivery startup, has exited several Middle Eastern countries in what it has said is a strategic move to help the company grow in a smarter way, according to reports on Tuesday (Jan.

As Virtual And Augmented Reality Rise, Retail Use Cases Come Into Focus


Don’t look now, but virtual reality and augmented reality are starting to make bigger gains in the retail world.

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Luxury Brands Vacate Hong Kong Leases


As the retail luster of Hong Kong dissipates, luxury fashion retail brands LVMH and Prada are dropping their leases.

Colombian Regulators Order Uber To Shut Down


Uber will cease operating in Colombia at the end of the month, the company said in a statement. The decision — the latest blow to the rideshare company — comes after protests from Colombian taxi drivers that Uber was breaking the rules of the country’s taxi market.

Shopify Supports Startups With $200 Loans


Canadian eCommerce platform Shopify is helping people start online businesses with an initial starter loan of $200, Forbes reported on Tuesday (Jan. Loans will be offered through Shopify Capital , giving new merchants $200 when they join Shopify and link a bank account. .

Retailers Increasingly Turn To AI For Security And Efficiency


Artificial intelligence (AI) is moving from cool concept toward everyday consumer reality, and signs of that innovation are increasingly appearing in the retail space. Take the issue of retail security as one example.

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Wells Growth Hampered By Outdated Systems, Tech Failures


Wells Fargo is striving to revamp its approach to technology to ensure systems stay online, satisfy regulators and block cybercriminals, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on Saturday (Jan.

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Amazon To Funnel Fake Product Data To Authorities


Amazon is cracking down on the sale of counterfeit goods, saying it will now cooperate more intensely with law enforcement on those matters. According to a source who spoke to Reuters , the worldwide eCommerce retailer will now report counterfeit goods directly to U.S.

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LA Looks To Boost Taxi Industry With Rideshare-esque Revamp


As Uber, Lyft and other ridesharing companies continue to prosper, California is seeing a reckoning with the question of their need for regular taxis. To fight back against the dominance of ridesharing apps, the City of Los Angeles is enacting sweeping changes to its taxi system.

Afterpay CEO: How ‘Contact Us’ And The Kardashians Ignited Afterpay In The US


Never underestimate the value of the “Contact Us” form that every merchant and service provider places somewhere on its website — because no one knows who is going to end up on the other side of it.

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Why The Future Of Brick-And-Mortar Isn’t About Sales


In 2014, it was hard to pick up any article about retail and not end up reading an obituary for the mall.

Amex Cleared To Operate In China


The central bank in China said it has accepted an American Express application to start working in the country, according to a report by Reuters. The news was released in a social media post by the official People’s Bank of China (PBOC) account on Wednesday (Jan.

Israeli Tech Startups Closed $8.3B Investment Deals In 2019


Israel’s technology sector had a banner year in 2019, raising $8.3 billion in 522 deals, a 30 percent growth over 2018, ZAG law firm announced Tuesday (Jan.

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