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4 trending social media tips to know

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Illustration by miakievy/iStock. The Social Bankers, a collective of community bank marketers, offers inspiration, information and professional development advice to community bankers focused on marketing and social media. We asked them for their need-to-know social tips. By Julie Kendrick.

Brad M. Bolton: Retaining the best

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Photo by Chris Williams. The people behind a community bank make it what it is. Our relationships with our customers begin and end with us, so it’s our obligation to ensure our employees embrace our values and care about the community.


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Rebeca Romero Rainey: Budget prioritization

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Photo by Chris Williams. The road ahead feels uncertain. Between growing inflation and fluctuating interest rates, the future may seem more clouded than ever, leaving us to ponder, “Where’s the crystal ball when you need it?”.

Brad M. Bolton: Community continuation

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Photo by Chris Williams. Community continuation is not about checking a regulatory box; it means putting a name to the people who will be the future of our banks.

How to Choose the Best Automated Documentation System for Commercial Loans

Not all automated loan doc prep solutions are created equal. That is why we have put together a checklist to help you evaluate potential partners and find the best-automated documentation system for your requirements and needs.

Efficiency now: 8 smart strategy tips

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Illustration by Jill DeHaan. Fallout from recent global events presents an obstacle to generating revenue for community banks. How can they counteract these effects and maximize financial efficiency? As we enter budgeting season, the answers might be found in a mix of strategies. By Elizabeth Judd.

Lindsay LaNore: Strategic training initiatives

Independent Banker

Illustration by Sesame/iStock. The workplace is in constant flux, business goals are growing and employee preferences are evolving.

2022 Best Community Banks to Work For Award

Independent Banker

Be recognized as one of community banking’s best employers. In a tight labor market, companies need to do all they can to attract and retain the best and brightest.

Brad M. Bolton: Working through difficult times

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Photo by Chris Williams. Working through any difficulty or crisis at your community bank won’t be a walk in the park, but it may lead to an experience for which you’re truly grateful. As a community banker, you’re either going through a crisis or you’re preparing for one.

The ICBA 22/23 executive committee is all in

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Photos by Chris Williams. From credit union overreach to onerous overregulation, the 2022/23 ICBA board of directors has plenty on its to-do list.

Digitally Transforming the Engagement Experience for Financial Institutions

Customer experience has become a key differentiator. Learn how to launch your digital transformation by incorporating two customer experience trends into your digital transformation strategy: self-service & personalization.

Who were ICBA’s Top Lenders of 2022?

Independent Banker

The Peoples Bank helped the Jones family of Legacy Dairy in Hiseville, Ky., relaunch their business. From left, Ally Jones; bank chairman, president and CEO Terry L. Bunnell; and Doug, Genelle and Jagger Jones. Photo by Linkes Photography.

How community banks can help young homebuyers

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Photo by Ridofranz/iStock. As house prices skyrocket, student loan debt grows and wages stagnate, many Gen Zers and millennials are watching their homebuying dreams move out of reach. But there are ways community banks can help mortgage-seekers get on the property ladder. By Beth Mattson-Teig.

Rebeca Romero Rainey: Shifts in lending

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Photo by Chris Williams. Loan providers are multiplying, and we cannot underestimate the need for a frictionless loan, one that removes hoops for our customers and feels simple, efficient and effective.

The effect of nonbanks in the mortgage space

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Josh Prejean (right) of Bank of Zachary, here with mortgage client David Rozas, says community banks must compete through customer service. Nonbank institutions continue to be serious contenders in the home lending space.

Digital Commercial Lending Technology Case Study: Increasing Loan Volume and ROI

In this Commercial Lending Case Study, you'll discover how to leverage digital lending technologies to accelerate growth and leapfrog the competition in the private lending market. A new and innovative approach to mortgage lending — growing lending volume by orders of magnitude.

Charles Potts: Fueling growth through innovation

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Image by Antonio Solano/iStock. By Charles Potts, ICBA. Demand for digital solutions continues to accelerate, making innovation an imperative for community banks looking to excel in today’s evolving market.

Lindsay LaNore: Getting more out of virtual learning

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Illustration by z_wei/iStock. By Lindsay LaNore, ICBA. When the pandemic started in early 2020, virtual learning received an unexpected boost. It not only provided a safe learning environment; it also proved convenient and economical and allowed for wider training options.

Rebeca Romero Rainey: The power of discussion

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Photo by Chris Williams. Healthy debate helps us achieve an outcome where we’re all pushed to think beyond what might be readily in front of us. When’s the last time you left a meeting and found yourself saying, “I never thought about it that way before”?

Lindsay LaNore: Managing remote employees

Independent Banker

By Lindsay LaNore, ICBA. As life settles into a new rhythm, you may find that some team members continue working remotely permanently, or that they shift to a hybrid model in which they can work remotely at least some of the time.

The Non-QM Market Experiences a Remarkable Comeback: Check Out the Industry Guide

As the commercial lending market evolves, non-QM loans are becoming increasingly popular. Check out this eBook for a detailed look at the benefits of non-QM loans, how to maneuver your way through, and what the future may bring.

Unexpected Allies

Independent Banker

Meeting serendipitously at a ThinkTECH Accelerator showcase, Fintel Connect and Finzly prove that the best relationships allow both partners to complement each other’s strengths. By Colleen Morrison.

Jim Reber: Floating rate assets are back

Independent Banker

Photo by nicomenijes/iStock. The financial press, economic commentators and social media sites have used a collection of terms this year that convey a certain image of market values for investment securities: “Plummet.” Underwater.” Leaking oil.” Nosedive.” I think you get the picture.

Lessons Learned from ICBA’s Karen Thomas

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By Lindsay LaNore, ICBA. Karen Thomas. This year, after almost 30 years at ICBA, Karen Thomas is retiring. As the leader of our government relations and advocacy team, she has built an exceptional legacy and garnered industrywide admiration for the depth of her knowledge and her remarkable humility.

How community banks can address cybercrime

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Illustration by Cnythzl/iStock. Fraud and cyber attacks are on the rise, and at great expense to the industry. Community banks have a choice about addressing the problem: Remain vulnerable or be vigilant. Here are some ideas for strengthening fraud defenses. By William Atkinson.

A Comprehensive Guide to Construction Loan Issues for the Commercial Loan Market

Understand how to mitigate risk & protect the interest of all parties with this exclusive, must-have guide outlining important issues for commercial construction lending & best practices.

Community banks are thriving in Texas

Independent Banker

Ken Finley, president of Johnson City Bank, in downtown Johnson City with Shannon Sultemeier, executive vice president (left); and Brenda Haynes, vice president/cashier (right). Photo by Dennis Burnett.

Texas 171

The top-performing community banks of 2021

Independent Banker

Illustration by Eight Hour Day. Independent Banker’s annual listing top-performing community banks of 2021 alongside interviews with some of the winners. In true community bank fashion, each has its own story to tell and its own path to success.

Brad M. Bolton: Educating future leaders

Independent Banker

Photo by Chris Williams. Focusing on the ‘whys’ helps employees see how decisions fit together in a perfect puzzle for high-performing success, and it motivates them to be contributors to that success. In community banking, we’re not ones to rest on our laurels.

Is commercial lending on the rise?

Independent Banker

Ashley Horner (right), senior vice president and SBA loan administrator, shown with portfolio manager Melanie Elmore, says Summit Bank is on track to make $30 million in SBA loans this year. Photo: Jon Christopher Meyers.

CMBS Lending on the Rise: Uncover 10 Common Myths of Securitized Lending

CMBS Lending is an established and growing industry that is, once again, rising to the top as a significant source of permanent loan financing. Learn the truth about CMBS lending and why it might be the best financing solution.

Fighting fire with funding

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Plumas Bank CEO and delegate for ICBA’s Federal Delegate Board Andrew Ryback (right) assesses the Dixie Fire’s damage to downtown Greenville, Calif., with Donavon Beatty from Beatty Construction. Photos courtesy Plumas Bank.

Nevada 144

Brad M. Bolton: Advancing our communities

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Photo by Chris Williams. My bank’s tagline is ‘Where dreams meet solutions,’ and it serves as my guiding inspiration at the bank and, now, at the national level. As community bankers, our customers depend on us to keep their dreams alive.

Charles Potts: Being comfortable with discomfort

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By Charles Potts, ICBA. As ICBA’s chief innovation officer, it’s my job to push the envelope, to make people uncomfortable. And while this may sound counterintuitive to fostering successful collaborations, research suggests discomfort is normal when tackling new challenges.

3 business payments trends to watch

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Photo by Ridofranz/iStock. Mobile transactions. Multichannel experiences. Heightened data privacy awareness. As consumers’ changing preferences prompt community banks to deliver new technologies, here are some of the top trends to keep your eye on. By Mary Yerkes.

Trends 144

The 5 Stages of Account-Based Marketing — and How to Win Them All

Successfully complete the five stages of ABM: define, identify, engage, convert, and connect. We’ll show you how to create a unified system with your sales team to help them land more qualified opportunities and connect with prospects like never before.