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Samsung Pay And PayPal Power In-Store Payments


Brick-and-mortar retail has spent the last decade building bridges to the digital world so a new generation of digital consumers can move fluidly between them. What’s been largely left behind, however, is a payments experience that moves just as seamlessly between those worlds. There have been many attempts to bridge the gap, but consumers haven’t really taken the bait. Using NFC mobile wallets in stores has seen lackluster adoption despite their slick and convenient user experience.

The evolution of the mainframe continues with Citi and IBM

Insights on Business

For over a generation, IBM and Citi have collaborated on a number of projects bridging the gap between technology and financial services among two long-established industry leaders. IBM 701 Electronic Data Processing Machine.

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Mobile wallets: Are US consumers on the verge of increased use?

Mobile Payments Today

A TSYS study reveals mobile wallet users intend to use mobile payments more at brick-and-mortar retailers. But intent and actual use could vary based on a number of factors such as a smooth experience and security concerns

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Your Members Hate Keeping You In Business

Credit Union Geek

“Free is the greatest product never sold.” – Me, just now Did I just come up with some crazy insight? Who knows. I just heard quotes at the beginning of an article lead some to get “hooked” and continue reading. You’re reading. Back on topic, what do you offer for free at your credit […].


Top 5 Banks #Winning Social Media

Bank Innovation

EXCLUSIVE - For all the talk about appealing to millenials, not that many banks or FIs out there have figured out social media.

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The Top 20 Corporate Venture Capital Firms

CB Insights

For the past three years, we’ve partnered with The New York Times to compile a list of the Top 100 Venture Capital Partners from around the globe.

Standard Chartered Opens Fintech Innovation Center in Hong Kong

Bank Innovation

Standard Chartered has officially open its eXellerator facility, a center designed to promote the innovation of fintech, in Hong Kong, the bank announced today. The bank will operate the innovation center under its SC Ventures arm, which invests in emerging fintechs and other startups.

TRENDING: Vending Machines Come To The Dessert Aisle


No one likes to be kept waiting — especially hungry consumers. And should a restaurant fail to meet their expectations, patrons are likely to head to a faster competitor to get their fill.

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Cash should be in a museum

Chris Skinner

I have many bad habits. The main bad habit is collecting. I collect lots of things. Old comics, old books, old people. Well, maybe not the last one, but one of my really bad habits is collecting money. I have this thing that I call the money museum at home, … The post Cash should be in a museum appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Digital Bank Grid History Opinion

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a2ia Mobility Fact Sheet

Mobile Payments Today

Bring diversity and breadth to your product-suite with our patented technology, enabling a seamless and sim­pler user experience. Available for Android, iOS, and Windows, let A2iA take your mobile document processing steps beyond where it is today

Could payments innovation revolutionize how we travel?


The speed, convenience and security with which people are able to pay for things is playing an increasingly important part in their lives. Payments technology is evolving, and consumers are becoming increasingly accustomed to making secure, seamless transactions in real time.

Goldman Sachs Buys PFM Clarity Money Adding One Million Users to Marcus

Bank Innovation

Goldman Sachs today announced it acquired PFM fintech Clarity Money for an undisclosed amount. The Wall Street Journal first reported that the two were in talks regarding the deal in February.

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KKday And Building For The Instagram Traveler


When it comes to getting customers to their destinations, there are no shortage of options available all over the world. Travel was one of the first verticals the internet disrupted, and today there are not only countless platforms aggregating hotel rooms, cruises and flights; there are also an almost equally countless number of platforms that aggregate other travel platforms to make sure the customer can get the best value for their holiday booking.

Lloyds and JPMorgan: a tale of two strategies

Chris Skinner

It’s interesting looking at banks’ strategic updates and how integral digital is to everything in the banks now. Now I don’t have time to read all of these updates and reviews, but two did catch my eye recently: Lloyds Banking Group in the UK and JPMorgan Chase in the USA. … The post Lloyds and JPMorgan: a tale of two strategies appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Digital Bank Fintech Grid Numbers Opinion

The challenges facing cashierless shopping

Mobile Payments Today

While Amazon preps to expand Amazon Go, its cashierless retail shopping strategy, Berkeley Research Group leader Keith Jelinek offers insight on what's ahead with cashierless checkout and why consumer response is a key part of potential success

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It’s Tax Season: How Big Data Is Transforming The Filing Process


People all over the United States have been preparing themselves for the impact of tax reforms passed in 2017. Of course, some of these changes provide massive benefits to businesses and individuals, while others remove certain deductions we’ve become accustomed to.

Crypto Exchange Coinbase Buys Earn for $120M

Bank Innovation

Coinbase, one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States, has acquired Earn.Com in a deal valued at $120 million. The deal will also place Earn co-founder and CEO, Balaji Srinivasan, in the role of Coinbase chief technology officer, the first CTO the exchange has had.

Grocers Can Tap Into Price Comparison Apps


The initial inner workings of a price comparison tool called Basket began when Neil Kataria was a kid. He loved to optimize his mom and dad’s shopping trips by clipping coupons and spotting sales. Years later, he found himself spending a ton of baby products and groceries when he had a family. And comparing prices between grocers wasn’t an easy feat. As a result, Kataria founded Basket.

Digital smartphone banking is used by 97% of Asia’s developed market consumers

Chris Skinner

Over the weekend, I received a couple of interesting emails about things happening in Asia. The first is a translation of an announcement from the People’s Daily, the most official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, discussing digital currencies. The article is fairly high level and makes no commitment to … The post Digital smartphone banking is used by 97% of Asia’s developed market consumers appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

Case Study: AVEO Group Reaches Major New Multi-Million Euro Agreement with TNS | France | Dial | POS | PSTN

Mobile Payments Today

This case study reveals how TNS is helping AVEO Group, on behalf of its Credit Agricole Group entities, to strengthen its payments infrastructure. The TNS solution has been designed to deliver all types of transaction traffic and provides real-time visibility, monitoring and reporting

The Top 20 Venture Capitalists

CB Insights

For the third consecutive year, we worked with The New York Times to identify and rank the top 100 venture capital professionals from around the globe.

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JPMorgan Chase and National Bank of Canada Complete Blockchain Test

Bank Innovation

JPMorgan Chase & Co. and the National Bank of Canada (NBC) announced today that they tested a debt insurance simulation on a new blockchain platform.

A Quantum Leap For Data Security


Change sometimes comes to technology at the speed of light. Literally. In news that bowed from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in March, strides are being made in developing a high-speed quantum internet. The developments in Moscow come even as companies are racing to develop quantum computers. Those machines would be fast enough, should they fall into nefarious hands, to shatter today’s hardiest encryption codes.

The Finanser’s Week: 16th April 2018 – 22nd April 2018

Chris Skinner

The main blog headlines are … Digital banking? Isn’t that just an app? I meet a lot of senior executive teams of large banks. Some are visionary, many are committed and a large number understand that life is changing. Few understand how. I talk to them about the fintech world … The post The Finanser’s Week: 16th April 2018 – 22nd April 2018 appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Blog Index Grid Reading

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Data is the New Growth Currency

Mobile Payments Today

Analytics is at the core of innovation and differentiation in payments. With the growth of digital payments, banks have a plethora of data available from an increasing number of digital payment sources including issuance and acquiring systems

US Health Care: The $2.8 trillion opportunity

Daily Fintech

A couple of weeks ago, there were rumors of Walmart purchasing U.S. Health Insurer Humana. I’ve written about the U.S. healthcare market a few times and thought this news was rather interesting. As I started researching this topic, I decided to take a look at the U.S.

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Visa and Mastercard Will Combine E-Commerce Payment Buttons

Bank Innovation

Payment providers Mastercard and Visa will combine their online checkout experiences into one, in an attempt to make e-commerce payments as simple as PayPal or Amazon.

How Subscription Services Are Changing The Video Game Industry


Video games have grown into a massive real-world business, bringing in $36 billion in revenue in the U.S. per year. In fact, the industry saw some 7,600 games released in 2017 alone — roughly 21 games per day.

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What does crusty old bread, jumping off a cliff and King Canute have to do with financial services?

Chris Skinner

I get invited to lots of different events from speaking and moderating conferences to joining via Skype or WebEx to running webinars and tweetups. I had one of those the other day with Oracle, and they kindly wrote a summary of what we discussed. Enjoy and for the record, the … The post What does crusty old bread, jumping off a cliff and King Canute have to do with financial services? appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Grid Humour

Bank Transformation: The New Multi-Channel Reality

Mobile Payments Today

As consumers adopt new online banking and payment methods, retail banks will have to follow

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Digital currency can be an valuable experiment – a comment from People’s Daily in China

Daily Fintech

People’s Daily, the official newspaper of Chinese Communist Party and the most authoritative official media in China, has released a commentary on digital currency on April 16th.

Number of EMV-Enabled Cards Reaches All-Time High

Bank Innovation

Most cards across the globe are EMV-chip enabled, according to a report by EMVco. According to the report, released yesterday, the number of EMV-chip enabled cards in global circulation increased by 1 billion in 2017. In that year, there were about 7.1

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IHOP Turns To Mobile Technology To Keep Up With Digital Joneses


When it comes to keeping restaurant customers happy, convenience is king. Modern diners want what they want, right when they want it — and if they can’t get it from one restaurant, they have no problem walking into another that offers a speedier or more convenient experience.

Things worth reading: 23rd April 2018

Chris Skinner

Things we’re reading today include … Zelle, the Banks’ Answer to Venmo, Proves Vulnerable to Fraud Bank of England ‘dangerously ill-equipped’ for next recession, says IPPR Barclays boss Jes Staley faces £1m hit after hunt for whistleblower Mifid II rules failing investors, warns City veteran TSB customers report online problems … The post Things worth reading: 23rd April 2018 appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Reading

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